Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1188 – Incapacitating

Chapter 1188 – Incapacitating



When he became aware of the cracks in the reincarnation pa.s.sage and the possibility that it could break at any time, and the incessant reduction of the scythes of death, Qu Yuan lost his calm and exclaimed immediately. He now deeply felt the terror of Jiang Chen, especially after Jiang Chen transformed and his momentum was pushed to its peak. His momentum alone gave people tremendous amount of psychological pressure.

Moreover, Qu Yuan had consumed too much of his energy after casting the sixth style of Nine Ways to Perish. Now, it became strenuous enough for him to hold the reincarnation pa.s.sage, let alone launching another attack.

“Qu Yuan, you can’t hold it any longer. Your reincarnation pa.s.sage has no effect on me, the same goes to your death Qi. Stop it right now!”

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen shouted. His large dragon body twisted violently and innumerable blood-red sword light were launched at different directions inside the pa.s.sage.

The energy was like an ocean of unending tide, shocking everyone around. Of course, they were most astounded by the battle between Jiang Chen and Qu Yuan. No one had ever imagined that Jiang Chen could still cast such a powerful attack at the final stage of the battle.

Anyone should know that a battle would consume lots of energy, particularly in a life-and-death battle like this. Qu Yuan, being a half-step Divine Immortal supreme expert, naturally had more energy stored in his body compared to any average expert, but currently, his energy was already almost depleted. Jiang Chen’s momentum, however, was still soaring. That was to say, he had never consumed a bit of his energy in this intense battle, the energy in his body was inexhaustible. Undoubtedly, this was horrifying and scary to hear.

“Jiang Chen is way too scary. His energy seems boundless. Even at this point, he’s still able to launch such an attack, an attack even scarier than before.”

“Abnormal. He sure is a super abnormal being, even Qu Yuan can’t hold it any longer.”

“If that’s the case, Qu Yuan has virtually lost this battle, which was a shocking result to all of us. If Jiang Chen can really defeat Qu Yuan, who else in the inner sect will dare to offend him?”


Everyone was getting apprehensive because Jiang Chen’s power had become indescribable. If he defeated Qu Yuan while only being a half-step Heaven Immortal, he would be the first and only inner sect disciple who had established a supreme position on his first day in the inner sect.

*Hong Long…*

Finally, Qu Yuan lost his control over his skill against Jiang Chen’s fierce attack. Countless of sword Qi penetrated through the reincarnation pa.s.sage. Then, with a burst, all the deathly scythes were destroyed.


Qu Yuan uttered a wail and spurted out a big mouthful of blood. His body sagged and was blown away by the immense energy, landing on the life-and-death stage with so much impact that it shook the entire platform.

In the sky, Jiang Chen had already returned to his human form. His white clothes fluttered in the breeze. He now seemed no different from the person in the beginning of the battle. He still had a full momentum as he radiated an aura of superiority and majesty.

He glanced below at Qu Yuan coldly, and then flew downwards and stepped him on his face.


Qu Yuan roared out of anger. He struggled violently but couldn’t break free from Jiang Chen’s foot. Being trampled by someone in front of numerous inner sect disciples and elders flooded his mind with boundless humiliation. This was worse than being killed!

“Jiang Chen, how dare you step on me!” Qu Yuan clamored.

“Do you really think that I will just step on you? This is the life-and-death stage.”

Jiang Chen said with an incomparably cold voice. Qu Yuan’s body s.h.i.+vered as Jiang Chen words reminded him of something important.

That was right. This is the life-and-death battle stage. On this stage, Jiang Chen had the right to kill him. So being trampled on was nothing compared to being killed.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill me? Who do you think you are? You have to pay a high price for what you did today!”

Qu Yuan absolutely didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would dare to kill him. He knew his own ident.i.ty. He was a genius in the inner sect, a true disciple of a Golden Immortal elder. Even if Jiang Chen had the guts and even if they were on the life-and-death stage, Jiang Chen would never dare to kill him.

“Not good, it seems like Jiang Chen has already decided to kill him. Do you all think he would dare to kill Qu Yuan?”

“Of course he won’t. Although Qu Yuan was defeated, he is backed by someone powerful. If Jiang Chen really killed Qu Yuan, Elder Yang Shu will never let his matter go. Besides, in Skycloud Pavilion, no one had dared touch Qu Yuan.”

“Agreed, Jiang Chen won’t dare do it. Putting aside the fact that this is the life-and-death stage, Jiang Chen is already very impressive for defeating Qu Yuan. He has already established his prestige in Skycloud Pavilion. No one else will dare to provoke him anymore from today onwards.”


The present result made innumerable people sigh as this was something beyond their imagination. As to whether Jiang Chen would really kill Qu Yuan, plenty of them felt that he wouldn’t dare do it. After all, killing Qu Yuan was similar to waging war against Yang Shu and this would make his life incredibly hard.


Jiang Chen yanked Qu Yuan to the air like a dead pig.

“Jiang Chen, I have told you that you won’t dare to kill me and it’s only a matter of time before I have my revenge.”

Qu Yuan stared at Jiang Chen ferociously and said.

“Qu Yuan, I have to admit that you have a very low intelligence. I can’t believe that you could still speak such words even at this point. I really have no idea where you got all those sense of superiority from. If you begged for mercy just now, I might just spare your life. Unfortunately, you continued to threaten me. In that case, you will definitely die under my hands.”

A trace of a cold light glowed in his eyes. He could never accept someone threatening him, especially his enemies. If he didn’t kill Qu Yuan today, he would have loads of troubles in the future. So, he might as well get rid of the root of the problem today.

“Jiang Chen, you have already won. Give this old man face and forget about everything today.”

Great Elder Li Zhong spoke hastily. What he said was for Jiang Chen’s own good. After all, Jiang Chen wouldn’t get any benefits if he really killed Qu Yuan.

“Alright. I’ll give Grand Elder face. I won’t kill you today, but I will cripple you so that you can put away your nasty sense of superiority from now on,”

Said Jiang Chen, and then his palm was launched towards Qu Yuan’s Qi Sea.

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