Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1187 – Fusion of Dragon and Sword

Chapter 1187 – Fusion of Dragon and Sword

Fusion of Dragon and Sword

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The shockwaves of the battle escalated. Jiang Chen and Qu Yuan had always been well-matched in this battle. Even though Qu Yuan had used his powerful Nine Ways to Perish, it still couldn’t deal a damage on Jiang Chen. He started to realize that Jiang Chen’s means was beyond heaven defying. That scary long sword of Jiang Chen had no problem blocking all the strikes of Qu Yuan’s scythe of death!

“Grand Elder, this Jiang Chen is simply a miracle. He becomes more and more aggressive as he fights and his momentum is still in full swing, like nothing has changed since the start, just like what happened in the Iron Dummy Array yesterday. Qu Yuan, on the other hand, has apparently consumed much of his energy after casting the Nine Ways to Perish.”

One of the elders said with astonishment. None of them had ever imagined such a scene at first.

“Jiang Chen is indeed astounding. As long as he doesn’t die, his future will be boundless. Qu Yuan only has one move left. If the sixth style of the Nine Ways to Perish can’t deal substantial damage to Jiang Chen, the winner today will probably be Jiang Chen instead of Qu Yuan.”

Grand Elder Li Zhong’s eyes sparkled. Jiang Chen had brought him too much surprise from the first time he saw him. Given the unique eyesight of a late Divine Immortal expert, he was able to tell that Qu Yuan’s momentum was dropping. If the sixth style still failed to defeat Jiang Chen, it would be Jiang Chen’s turn to strike back because Qu Yuan wouldn’t be able to keep his peak state after such ma.s.sive consumption of energy.

“Nine Ways to Perish, the sixth style!”

Qu Yuan didn’t dare reserve his energy anymore. Immediately, he struck out the sixth style without waiting for the fifth style to subside. Once again, the scene turned chaotic. The power of the sixth style was twice the power of the fifth style. Even the width of the reincarnation pa.s.sage and the number of scythes were doubled.

The interior of the reincarnation pa.s.sage was now filled with a big ocean of scythes. There were even wails and cries of ghosts that raised people’s goose b.u.mps and gave them an unpleasant feeling that couldn’t be described. It was imaginable what the consequences were if someone entered this pa.s.sage.

“Qu Yuan has casted his final attack, the sixth style of Nine Ways to Perish. This strike is going to be many times powerful than the previous strikes. Truly scary, I’m afraid that only a few inner sect disciple could withstand this attack.”

“Ai! I’ve never really thought that Jiang Chen could force Qu Yuan to such an extent.”

“That’s right. Jiang Chen is indeed a miracle, the most heaven defying genius that I have ever seen. He’s such a peerless being in my opinion. It seems like the victor will emerge soon, however, I wonder if Jiang Chen could handle this attack this time.”


At this point, everyone knew that the battle had reached its climax as Qu Yuan had already struck out the sixth style, which was the most powerful strike that he ever had.

On the opposite side, Jiang Chen’s expression turned incomparably grim as he could already sense the power of the Nine Ways to Perish. Even with his pride, he had to admit the terror of this technique.

This truly is a scary combat technique. If Qu Yuan had managed to cultivate the seventh style, I’m afraid that I will be no match for him. However, we are just equally matched and we’ll eventually see who’s stronger.

He was slightly shocked by the scariness of the Nine Ways to Perish, but he wasn’t frightened. The stronger Qu Yuan was, the more compet.i.tive he became.

“True Dragon Emperor, unite the dragon and the sword to fight!”

Jiang Chen let out a dragon’s roar. His body flickered and turned from half-dragon into a real blood-red dragon. The true dragon aura was radiated from his body. This was his first time using the full-dragon form in battle. At this moment, he had become the True Dragon Emperor that disdained the whole world.


The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a howl. It appeared extremely excited after being affected by Jiang Chen’s combat intent. It then turned into a dragon sword and fused with Jiang Chen’s body.

“See, that’s a true dragon. How is that possible? Dragons are divine beasts and legendary supreme beings. How can such a being appear in this world?”

“No, that’s Jiang Chen’s transformation technique, but it looks so lifelike, completely like the legendary dragon in the myths. His technique is heaven defying and divine!”

“However, I really feel that he is really like a true dragon. So, is he a dragon or a human?”


Countless people lost their calm because they had never thought that Jiang Chen could turn into a real dragon. A dragon was a legendary n.o.ble creature and a true Divine Beast. After Jiang Chen’s transformation, the dragon Qi had fully filled the air. While he was still a human, there wasn’t a single trace of beast Qi that could be detected from him. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, he was still a human but his marvelous transformation blew everyone’s mind.

The essence of the dragon transformation skill lay in the process of transforming a human to a dragon. Jiang Chen’s journey would include transforming into a true dragon, a dragon king, a dragon ancestor and a being that surpa.s.sed all n.o.ble creatures.


Dragon roars reverberated in the sky as the dragon charged into the reincarnation pa.s.sage. Countless blood light radiated from his body and formed into sharp swords. Under the control of Qu Yuan, the reincarnation pa.s.sage continuously exerted pressure against Jiang Chen, but it did no harm to him.

Jiang Chen’s body wobbled, smas.h.i.+ng against the scythes of death. Jiang Chen’s physique was originally very solid, and after fusing with the Heavenly Saint Sword, his body became indestructible. Every scythe of death that slashed on his body created sparks that dealt him no harm.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen roared once more. As this was the final moment of the battle, he too wouldn’t hold back. A dozen dragons with different colors exited his body and rushed back and forth in the reincarnation pa.s.sage.

The scene was too frightening. The bystanders were too shocked to speak. There were dragons everywhere, it had totally turned into a world of dragons.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

In the end, due to Qu Yuan consuming too much of his energy, he wasn’t able to support the reincarnation pa.s.sage perfectly. Under the frenzied attack of Jiang Chen, cracking sounds were heard from the pa.s.sage. Lines of cracks became visible and the number of deathly scythes inside began to reduce rapidly.

“My G.o.d! Qu Yuan seems like losing control. How can this happen?”

“He has consumed too much energy. On the contrary, Jiang Chen seems to have limitless energy and his means are too heaven defying. He can transform himself into a dragon and fuse with the sword, and the damage he dealt is astounding.”

“He’s only a half-step Heaven Immortal. How are we going to call ourselves geniuses in the future?”


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