Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1186 – The Ace Card

Chapter 1186 – The Ace Card

The Ace Card

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Even if the G.o.d of death emerged, Jiang Chen will still be as calm as always. There wasn’t the slightest look of panic on his face because neither the scythe of death nor the Qi of death could influence his mind. To him, this Nine Ways to Perish was just similar to a powerful combat technique, it didn’t have the advantage over him.

Jiang Chen pointed out his finger like a sword. It had been a long time since he used the Profound Nine Solar Finger, but there was no denying that it was also a very powerful combat technique and it had the attribute of supreme Yang, which was the natural enemy of the peris.h.i.+ng Qi.

“Profound Nine Solar Finger!”

As Jiang Chen bellowed, the Flaming Wings behind his back began to flutter. At the same time, nine mighty golden light pillars were constructed. They were nine golden large fingers. They let out howls before fusing together speedily, turning into a giant golden finger with an extremely clear fingerprint, like it was a true finger, but no one knew how destructive this golden and dazzling finger was.

*Hong Long…*

The Profound Nine Solar Finger broke past the layer of death Qi and went directly into the reincarnation pa.s.sage, colliding against the giant scythe of death. Under the tense gaze of countless of people, two distinct Qi exploded and intertwined.

Finally, both the scythe and the golden finger vanished into two waves of different color, dissipating in the horizon. Qu Yuan’s facial expression changed once more. He had never thought that Jiang Chen could resist his Nine Ways to Perish so casually, but even if this was just the first style, Jiang Chen must be affected greatly. Even if he was still alive, he would at least suffer some kind of injury and shock. However, Jiang Chen was still as relaxed as before, like he was unaffected by the death Qi at all. As such, there was no way that he wouldn’t be astounded.

“Amazing! See, I knew that Jiang Chen also has his own trump card, but it was truly hard to imagine that he could even resist the Nine Ways to Perish.”

“Jiang Chen indeed has shocked all of us, but don’t get too excited about it. That was after all only the first style of Qu Yuan’s attack. He has cultivated this until the sixth style. Now that Qu Yuan is infuriated and resolute to finish Jiang Chen, he will definitely send out more powerful attacks. I just doubt if Jiang Chen still has ways to take on the next strike of Qu Yuan.”

“We’ll see. This is getting better and better. No matter who’s the winner today, it’s worth watching this match.”


Conversations and comments were getting louder. Innumerable inner sect disciples had utterly changed their views of Jiang Chen. At the beginning, they all paid very little attention to Jiang Chen and had already concluded that he was going to die the moment he agreed to pick a fight against Qu Yuan, but now, it showed an entirely different circ.u.mstance. Even after Qu Yuan had struck out his Nine Ways to Perish, it neither defeated nor wounded Jiang Chen. This fact alone earned Jiang Chen the right to be arrogant. Also, his powerful ability indicated Tianji Zi’s sharp foresight. All along, Tianji Zi refused to accept any true disciple, but after seeing Jiang Chen, he made an exception.

At this moment, Qu Yuan’s heart began to pound hard. Despite being enemies, he too had changed the way he look at Jiang Chen.

This man’s blood and Qi has become so exuberant after the transformation, it’s like the energy in his body is inexhaustible. If I continue to fight him this way, it will do me no good. I have to continuously strike out the Nine Ways to Perish, killing him as quickly as possible.

Qu Yuan muttered to himself. Jiang Chen’s power was greater than his imagination. He could no longer continue the battle in the previous way. This time, he had to act without stopping.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Chilling gale continued blowing. The death Qi from Qu Yuan’s body intensified, tensing up the atmosphere to the extreme. Even Jiang Chen’s expression had turned grim because he had tasted the scariness of the first style and he knew that Qu Yuan was going to bombard him frenziedly this time.

Therefore, Jiang Chen had to do whatever he could to defend himself.

“Nine Ways to Peris.h.!.+”

Qu Yuan clamored once more. The reincarnation pa.s.sage was constructed once again. In the interior of the pa.s.sage, flashes of black light condensed into a new deathly scythe. As Qu Yuan was unceasingly channeling energy into it, the number of scythe increased along with its attack power.

“Look, Qu Yuan is acting seriously this time. He casted out the fifth style of the technique in one shot. This kind of power is unbelievable.”

“We’ll see if Jiang Chen could handle this.”

The scene began to tense up for real!

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Each and every terrifying scythe rushed out. Whether it was in the aspect of number or power, it was definitely stronger than the first style. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to resist these attacks even if he incessantly casted the Profound Nine Solar Finger.

“It’s good that it has come. I like this kind of battle the most.”

Jiang Chen also unleashed all of his Qi. His body was covered with blood-red light, and then a large amount of blood and Qi converged to form a dragon-shaped item. With the roar of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it appeared in his hand. The current Heavenly Saint Sword no longer looked like a sword. It was like a complete blood dragon, a battle dragon and the sword of a.s.sa.s.sination.

“Dragon Sword Storm!”

Jiang Chen displayed one of the best skills he had. His whole body fused together with the Heavenly Saint Sword. 450 000 dragon marks rippled frantically while he’s channeling boundless energy into the sword.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Rays of dazzling sword light exited from him. Powerful long swords were everywhere, flooding the area like a sea of swords. Judging from its momentum, it wasn’t any weaker to Qu Yuan’s Nine Ways to Perish and the number of dragon swords exceeded the deathly scythes.

*Clang…* *Clang…* *Clang…*

The dragon swords clashed together one after another. The intense collisions produced great deal of sparks. The power of the Heavenly Saint Sword was now stronger compared to any kind of ordinary Heaven Immortal Weapon. Plus, it was also his natal weapon. As such, this weapon was able to flawlessly project all of his combat power.

Destructive Qi waves enshrouded the sky above the stage. Every spectator couldn’t help but hold their breaths. Despite the far distance, the shockwaves of the collisions made them palpitate.

It was a formidable match. This type of battle was unimaginable to any ordinary inner sect disciple. In such a violent exchange of blows, even a late Heaven Immortal expert would instantly be turned into dust.

The void rippled and collisions were non-stop. Either to Jiang Chen or Qu Yuan, such a battle would consume immense amount of their energy.

When Qu Yuan saw Jiang Chen withstanding his attack, the shock that he was feeling in his heart sore to an unprecedented level. The thing that he had a hard time to believe was that the peris.h.i.+ng and death Qi hadn’t affected Jiang Chen’s soul and mind even the slightest bit.

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