Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1171 – Nobody Wasn’t Startled

Chapter 1171 – Nobody Wasn’t Startled

n.o.body Wasn’t Startled

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Jiang Chen casted the Nine Phantom Wolves once more along with the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. Innumerable images of himself were shuttling back and forth in front of those dummies. His Great Soul Derivation Technique was scanning every dummy like invisible swords, attempting to discover the flaw within them.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen’s eyes locked on the middle of the brow of one the dummy. Although this dummy looked no different than the others at first glance, Jiang Chen’s Great Soul Derivation Technique was able to detect something unique from this dummy. In between its brows was a small dark speck, so small that one could hardly see it.

This was the uniqueness of the Great Soul Derivation Technique – it could discover a tiny difference in something if it wanted to. Plus, Jiang Chen had the experience of an old ancestor after living one life, and this was already his second life. It gave him an advantage that ordinary human didn’t possess.

“There you are.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth, pointed out a finger that radiated brilliant light and touched the spot between the dummy’s brows.


The instant the dummy was touched on the head, its skull exploded. Its huge and majestic body started to disintegrate, quickly turning into a pile of ruins. This time, the dummy didn’t reform. Not only that, the whole Iron Dummy Array stopped circulating, the entire palace returned to its original silence. Those remaining twenty seven dummies halted and stood like statues.

Jiang Chen’s face overflowed with a smile, surprised that it was that easy to find the weak spot of the Iron Dummy Array.

In the private palace, Tian Jizi almost leaped straight into the wall. Both of his eyes were wide and big, staring unblinkingly at the crystal ball in disbelief.

“What an incredible kid! He has actually broken the array. This array is personally invented by Master Ouyang. It was near perfection, but he was still able to break it so easily. Walking out of the array in such a way is really going against Heaven’s will.”

Tian Jizi was unable to remain calm. As a powerful Golden Immortal, he had a very composed disposition. There weren’t many things in this world that could create such a stir in his emotion. The fact that Jiang Chen produced three miracles in the Iron Dummy Array made him uneasy.

“This man is the son of the Heavens. He’s incomparable even to the likes of Tian Muyun. His appearance in Skycloud Pavilion is truly a blessing to us.”

After he finished speaking and making a great decision, he vanished from his private palace.

Outside the palace, everyone was still waiting. The tightly shut gate gradually opened all of a sudden. Jiang Chen emerged from the doorway in his white-robe. He had the same composed face just like before he entered. You could never see a sign of change in his expression.

The aura radiated from his body had totally changed. He had become a miracle inventor. A miraculous being that could still walk out of the array alive after an hour of struggling.

However, everyone wondered: how the h.e.l.l did he come out? The Iron Dummy Array wouldn’t stop circulating and the dummies wouldn’t stop attacking. There was no way that he could walk out from the palace without the help of an elder.

“What’s going on? He just walked out on his own.”

“Ya. What happened inside? Could it be that he never once battled those dummies? Look, you can’t find a wound or anything from his body.”

“Something isn’t right here.”


Everyone was shocked. They weren’t able to see the situation inside, so they had no idea what happened inside, but the fact that Jiang Chen could walk out alive indicated a miracle.

Li Zhong and Yuan Kui exchanged a glance, then flew towards the interior of the palace. The other elders followed. They must find out what had happened. It was impossible for Jiang Chen to walk out of the palace after reactivating the Iron Dummy Array. The result was beyond their imagination, so they have to find out the reason behind it.

When they arrived inside the palace, all of the inner sect elders and outer sect elders were dumbfounded. Their expressions were the same – wide eyes and hanging jaw. None of them could believe what they saw. The Iron Dummy Array had been broken. The formation was no longer circulating. One dummy had turned into ruins while the other dummies were still intact, but after losing the support of the formation, they were nothing more than sc.r.a.p metals.

“My G.o.d, what has he done?”

“He has actually broken the formation and walked out of the array? How was that possible? It’s absolutely impossible.”

“This array was personally built by Master Ouyang. How could an outer sect disciple break it so easily?”


Everyone was astounded. They couldn’t imagine how an Earth Immortal outer sect disciple could break the great formation deployed by Ouyang He. Miracle was no longer the suitable word to describe this event.

“Let’s go.”

Li Zhong turned and left, arriving before Jiang Chen along with the other elders. He studied Jiang Chen from top to bottom in disbelief, but he couldn’t not believe the fact.

“Jiang Chen, you have actually destroyed the Iron Dummy Array.” Li Zhong’s voice was somewhat quivering.

“What? This dude has destroyed the Iron Dummy Array? How could that be possible? That was the creation of Master Ouyang.”

“My Goodness! Is he still human? Breaking the Iron Dummy Array and walking out from it leisurely? I have never seen such a scene before. Not even the outstanding talent, Master Tian could do this.”

“Abnormal! He’s overly abnormal! But the Iron Dummy Array is the symbol of our sect and he has just destroyed it. This is a great crime. He may be punished for that.”


The whole scene burst into commotion, whether it was the crowd of inner or outer sect disciples. Jiang Chen’s performance today was no doubt going to be recorded in the history of Skycloud Pavilion. Putting aside the possibility whether he would be punished for destroying the Iron Dummy Array, no one could possibly imitate what he did.

“Yes, elder. I must break this array in order to get out of it and to prove that I have succeeded in this challenge.”

Said Jiang Chen fluently. This time, he didn’t just challenged the array but also destroyed it. If this wasn’t regarded as a success, what else could be the measurement of his success?

“Jiang Chen, you surely have succeeded in this challenge, but you have destroyed the Iron Dummy Array, it was a mark left behind by Master Ouyang. This is considered as a huge crime.”

Said Li Zhong. If the higher ups dug deep into this matter, the Grand Elder who was responsible for this array wouldn’t be able to run away from providing sufficient explanation for the incident.

“There’s no need to worry at all, Grand Elder. I have the means to destroy the array, it only means that I also have a way to restore it as well. Give me one day’s time and I will return a completely intact Iron Dummy Array to the sect.” Jiang Chen smiled and said with extreme confidence.

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