Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1172 – The True Disciple

Chapter 1172 – The True Disciple

The True Disciple

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“What did you just say?”

Li Zhong was stunned, doubting his ears had heard it wrongly. It must be a joke for Jiang Chen to claim that he could restore the broken Iron Dummy Array. How could a n.o.body fix the array that was created by Ouyang He?

“It’s ridiculous. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d must only be bragging. The fact that he can break the array is already a miracle of miracles. I firmly believe that he can’t restore the formation. I don’t think his attainments in arrays is even higher than Master Ouyang’s.”

“That’s right. This man is just overly arrogant. He should give it a second thought before bragging it out. To think that he can fix the broken Iron Dummy Array by himself? That’s absolutely impossible.”

“I don’t think that Jiang Chen is lying. Maybe he really has the means to repair the array. Before this, did anyone of you believed that he could destroy the array?”


Most of them thought that Jiang Chen was just boasting about his abilities and it was just a joke. How could fixing the array be so easily done? however, some felt that Jiang Chen wasn’t lying. After all, he had already created miracles. What’s impossible to other people might be possible to him.

“There’s no need to be so surprised, elder. Disciple does have some knowledge in formations. Otherwise, disciple wouldn’t be able to break it. As long as disciple is given a day’s time, disciple can guarantee the complete restoration of the array. I have already fully grasped the features of the array. If I can’t restore it to its usual state, I’m willing to receive any punishment that’s deemed necessary.”

Jiang Chen said, holding his fists. His tone was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. If he relied only on himself to restore the array, it might be somewhat difficult, but with the help of Big Yellow, everything would be quick and easy. He believed in Big Yellow’s knowledge regarding formation as that dog had mastered everything in the Formation Holy Book, which made him incomparable to Ouyang He. If one claimed that Ouyang He had the advantage over Big Yellow, it would only be the advantage of a higher cultivation base.

Jiang Chen believed that after the modification, the whole Iron Dummy Array would become even more sophisticated than ever before.

If he brought Big Yellow along with him into the array, he wouldn’t need to waste so much effort to break the formation.

“Good, Jiang Chen. You have truly amazed me. I hope you aren’t just bragging this time. If you can really repair the Iron Dummy Array, the sect will certainly reward you. Every genius who can walk out of the Iron Dummy Array will receive some prizes. With your talent, your future achievements are bound to be immeasurable.”

Li Zhong nodded and praised. He had totally changed his view on Jiang Chen. Not just him, but many people’s point of view of Jiang Chen had been changed by Jiang Chen’s actions as well. Jiang Chen was the creator of miracles, the unbelievable miracles that petrified the bystanders. At this point in time, almost everyone was sure of one thing – Jiang Chen’s talent had reached an unparalleled point. Although they didn’t dare say it out loud, they knew that Jiang Chen’s potential was even higher than Tian Muyun. In other words, this new genius was going to surpa.s.s Tian Muyun one day and became a super genius in Skycloud Pavilion.

Suddenly, a silhouette zipped past the mountains from the core region and landed on the scene. The instant this man emerged, the whole summit was enshrouded by a faint pressure, making the others feel uncomfortable.

Everyone’s eyes had fallen on the elder that suddenly appeared. He wore a clean robe, looked fifty plus years old, had a pair of bright sparkling eyes and a demeanor that drew the awe and respect from other people.

After his arrival, he ignored the other people around and locked Jiang Chen with his gaze. When he looked at Jiang Chen’s face, he didn’t feel that this Jiang Chen was the same as the one he saw in the crystal ball. What he felt from this young man was his calm posture, exuberant blood and Qi and a unique and vague aura that radiated from his body. He was sure that this young man was the son of Heavens, a genius with a boundless future.

“It’s Elder Tianji Zi. My Goodness! Why has he appeared? Could it be that Jiang Chen’s performance has alerted this mighty elder?”

“Even Elder Tianji Zi has come. He’s a first generation elder in One-Line-Sky, the elder with the highest rank in Skycloud Pavilion. He is considered the deputy master of our sect. Besides, Tianji Zi has the hobby of isolating himself. I have been in Skycloud Pavilion for so many years and I have only seen him once, and this is only my second time.”

“Elder Tianji Zi can see through the Heaven’s will by means of divination. He’s very close with Master Ouyang. Even Master Tian will have to pay his respect to him.”


The appearance of Tianji Zi caused a wave of restlessness among the crowd, but none of them would dare to speak loudly in front of someone like Tianji Zi. They needed to be extra careful even if they were only muttering, in case it annoyed or offend the elder. It was normal for the elder to kill someone on the spot without any reasons.

“Greet Elder Tianji.”

Li Zhong and the other elders hastily moved forward and bowed before Tianji Zi with utmost respect. Although they were curious about why the supreme elder appeared here all of a sudden, they were certain about one thing, the elder was here for Jiang Chen.

This could be seen from Tianji Zi’s actions. Currently, he had already put all of his attention on Jiang Chen and ignored everyone around, like they were just a mist of invisible air.

While Tianji Zi was studying Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen too was studying Tianji Zi. He only felt that this old man was unpredictable. There was a dimly discernible and unfathomable aura exuded from his body. It was like this old man was a master monk who had attained enlightenment and a banished immortal that had transcended the law of the world.

More importantly, he was a Golden Immortal expert, a mighty Great Luo Golden Immortal.

“Jiang Chen, quickly greet Elder Tianji Zi.”

Li Zhong said to Jiang Chen with a frown, then whispered to him using divine sense. “Jiang Chen, your great luck has arrived. Elder Tianji Zi is the most respected and n.o.ble elder in the sect. He lives an isolated and proud life. He’s the best friend of Master Ouyang. Although Elder Tianji Zi only has the cultivation base of a peak mid Golden Immortal realm, his status isn’t lower than those late Golden Immortal elders. He is proficient in divination and calculation and good at reckoning on something. Even Master Tian feels compelled to show respect to him. It seems like your performance in the Iron Dummy Array has aroused his attention. If Elder Tianji Zi is here to accept you as his true disciple, you have won the jackpot. From then on, you will soar to the top, having privileges even greater than your fellow inner sect disciples.”

Li Zhong told everything about Tianji Zi to Jiang Chen. It showed that Li Zhong also attached great importance to Tianji Zi . He was advising Jiang Chen, implying that he shouldn’t miss this rare opportunity.

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