Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1170 – half-step Heaven Immortal

Chapter 1170 – half-step Heaven Immortal

half-step Heaven Immortal

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Jiang Chen’s blood and Qi continued to stir, falling into a state of frenzy. He didn’t locked on the position of those dummies and block their attacks. Sometimes, he would let the dummies’ knuckle to pound on his body, causing his dragon scale to bleed.

But these injuries didn’t seem to bother him at all. He had immersed himself in the fast-paced battle. The potential inside his body was incessantly being stimulated and new dragon marks were forming non-stop.

In the blink of an eye, twenty minutes had pa.s.sed. It had been half an hour since Jiang Chen entered the Iron Dummy Array. To Skycloud Pavilion, this was a miracle of miracles.

“Dang! It has already been half an hour. Is he still a human? I feel that his ident.i.ty jade card hasn’t changed for a bit. It’s still as bright as it was in the beginning. He is still maintaining the peak state after half an hour. How could that be possible?”

“He’s a beast. He’s truly a beast. I have never seen such an abnormal being. Staying inside there for half an hour? Is he still human?”

“I don’t know how long he is going to stay inside. Half an hour has pa.s.sed. Do you all think that he will stay for another half an hour?”

“That’s hard to say. I won’t be surprised if such a monstrous genius has created another great miracle.”


At the current moment, many people were feeling numb. Some were speculating about the duration that Jiang Chen could stay inside, but none of them were able to give a conclusive answer. Although they had already been waiting for half an hour, none of them was feeling impatient. Conversely, they all looked energized. It was very rare for them to be able to witness the birth of a miracle.

Tian Jizu’s attention was entirely glued to the crystal ball. The longer he watched, the more shocked he felt. Given his eyesight, he was able to clearly see that Jiang Chen wasn’t affected by the wounds despite him being injured continuously. Tian Jizi felt that this was an intentional move of Jiang Chen. If he used his full force, those dummies wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

Seven thousand dragon marks had been condensed inside his body, leaving only 3000 to go before hitting the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. To him, it was an extremely rare opportunity. His potential hadn’t been exhausted yet, so he was sure that he would achieve this advancement in the array.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, but in fact, it pa.s.sed in blinks. Despite that, Jiang Chen still didn’t come out of the array. The jade card was still as brilliant as before, without the slightest bit of dimness.

At this time, even Li Zhong was losing his patience. He rolled his eyes from time to time. Such an incident was really hard for people to accept. How could there be such an abnormal being in the Heaven and Earth?

“Oh my G.o.d! It’s already been an hour now! I can’t take it anymore.”

“We can ignore the fact of an hour, but how could his current condition be the same as before? Could it be that he didn’t consume even a bit of his energy inside?”

“I can’t take it anymore. I really have no idea how long he can stay inside.”

Most of them were getting restless because it was just too scary. No one could stay inside the Iron Dummy Array for an hour.

After exactly an hour, Jiang Chen had achieved his objective. His Qi Sea started to stir. Three thousand dragon marks were fully condensed. Adding the previous seven thousand, it made the total of ten thousand. Therefore, the total number of dragon marks inside his Qi Sea was 450 000.

450 000 dragon marks was the requirement to reach the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. The instant he made the advancement, he regained his senses and recovered from his frenzied state. Tremendous amount of Immortal Meta Stones were consumed extravagantly. Then, he took a deep breath.

“He has advanced?”

Tian Jizi couldn’t help but be shocked by the situation inside the crystal ball. He instantly understood that this had been the intention of Jiang Chen. He wanted to exploit the dummies to stimulate his potential, helping him break through the bottleneck and made a new advancement.

“He’s bold and crafty. Not bad.”

Tian Jizi praised Jiang Chen once more, but he was more curious about how would Jiang Chen be able to leave the Iron Dummy Array. Though he had made the advancement, the dummies wouldn’t stop and their strength would continue to rise based on Jiang Chen’s strength.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The dummies had no intention of stopping and continued to attack their target, but now, Jiang Chen had lost his interest in battling these non-living things. He casted a ma.s.sive spiritual power, using the Great Soul Derivation Technique to instantly enshroud the whole formation.

“It seems like I must get rid of these dummies in order to get out of here. These dummies are able to fight incessantly because of the support of the formation. Once I break the formation by finding its critical spot, all these dummies will be destroyed without a doubt, giving them no chance of reforming.”

Muttered Jiang Chen. As his goal had been achieved, he wanted to leave the place now, but he had already missed the ten second chance earlier, so the only option left was to eliminate all these annoying dummies.

Probably not even Ouyang He himself would think that an outer disciple would break the formation some day. No matter how much potential the outer sect genius has, it was impossible to break it. Unfortunately, the genius today was Jiang Chen.

Using the Great Soul Derivation Technique, he was able to grasp the trails of the formation quickly. This array had seven positions that interacted with each other flawlessly. So it was virtually impossible to find the weak spot among them. Even Jiang Chen failed to find it.

“This formation incorporated the profound meaning of stars’ changing position. Each position is linked with the other. It can be both significant and insignificant. There’s no way to break them.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, started to respect the person who invented this array. It indicated that the inventor must have great attainments in arrays.

He circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique once more, began to spread his attention across and onto the dummies. In his opinion, there would always be a flaw in a formation no matter how flawless it was. Since the formation didn’t consist of such weak spots, he would have to find it in these dummies.

The Great Soul Derivation Technique turned into an invisible storm and swept across the palace back and forth, inspecting every dummy thoroughly.

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