Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1169 – The Primitive Collision

Chapter 1169 – The Primitive Collision

The Primitive Collision

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Tian Jizi was a little unsettled. He already understood Jiang Chen’s intention. Apparently, Jiang Chen had obtained plenty of benefits from the previous battle. Therefore, he had decided to pump up his combat strength to pursue greater advancement.

In other words, these dummies were no longer a meaningful trial to him as if it was only a piece of cake to him. What he wanted to pursue was higher level of stimulation. He had totally treated the Iron Dummy Array as his training ground.

When ten minutes had pa.s.sed, many people outside the palace let out a sigh of relief while some were feeling incomparably excited, including Fu Hui. He had been paying all of his attention to Jiang Chen’s jade card. He never thought that Jiang Chen would actually succeed. It had shocked and at the same time, exhilarated him.

I sure didn’t pick the wrong person. Brother Jiang’s future is going to be immeasurable. Surely, there will be boundless of benefits for me if I become his follower.

Fu Hui muttered in his heart, feeling delighted for his sharp eyes.

“d.a.m.n! This dude actually broke through the Iron Dummy Array. That’s amazing! It has been a long time since someone had succeeded in this array. Jiang Chen has created another miracle.”

“Indeed. The brightness of his jade card remained unchanged from the beginning until now. It has never dimmed once, which is very rare. It’s only a matter of time before he receives the attention of the higher ups.”

“I envy him so much now. Anyone who can survive in the array is destined to be extraordinary. Additionally, the fact that he can join the inner sect is favourable to us. Finally, he has been sent away from the outer sect. We never had a peaceful day ever since he arrived in the outer sect.”


Many disciples were sighing with joy, especially the outer sect disciples. Although they hated Jiang Chen very much, they were still relieved that Jiang Chen had succeeded. It was an event worthy of celebration as the disastrous being was finally sent away.

However, the front gate of the palace didn’t open yet after ten seconds and Jiang Chen was nowhere to be seen.

“What happened? Ten seconds have pa.s.sed. Why isn’t this dude coming out yet?”

Grand Elder Li Zhong was the first to change his expression, as if he had noticed something unusual.

“That’s right. Ten seconds have already pa.s.sed but why isn’t Jiang Chen out yet? Could it be that he wants to continue battling with those dummies? That’s insane. Did he not know that once the dummies initiate another attack, it won’t be a 10-minute-duration anymore, but a never-ending attack?”

“What the h.e.l.l? Why hasn’t he come out yet? Could it be that he’s feeling very comfortable, staying in the Iron Dummy Array?”

“Time is already over and Jiang Chen isn’t out yet. The dummies will definitely continue the attack. It’s highly possible that this dude isn’t coming out anymore.”


Before everyone could react from the shock of Jiang Chen’s success, another wave of shock hit them. Nothing like this had ever happened since the establishment of the Iron Dummy Array. In the past, any genius who had successfully pa.s.sed the array would immediately leave the palace within ten seconds. Plus, those geniuses all looked exhausted, bruised and wounded. None of them were willing to stay in the array any longer after personally experiencing its terror.

But today, Jiang Chen had chosen to continue staying in the array. To many, this was an act of suicide.

“Grand Elder, what should we do now?” Asked Yuan Kui to Li Zhong.

“I guess this Jiang Chen must be trying to advance himself with the help of the dummies inside. We shouldn’t be overly panicking. His ident.i.ty jade card is still s.h.i.+ning brightly. I’ll wait until he can’t take it any longer to save him. I would like to see how long this kid can stay in there.”

Said Li Zhong. He was feeling extremely curious about Jiang Chen as this had never happened before. Not just him, the others also wanted to find out how long Jiang Chen could actually stay in there. No matter how long Jiang Chen stayed in the array, it would surely be recorded as a miraculous incident in the history of Skycloud Pavilion. They were also certain that no one would be able to break this record anymore.

The whole scene turned tense once more. The seemingly ending incident had become an all-new event. All the elders and disciples s.h.i.+fted their attention to Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty jade card again.

Ten seconds later, inside the palace, the dummies launched their attack on Jiang Chen once again. The formation of the array was circulated at a speed even faster than before.

*Hong Long……*

After turning into his dragon-form, he felt as if he had entered a primitive state. The dragon bloodline inside his body was pounding continuously. Every punch he sent contained a dense ancient Qi. In just a moment, six to seven dummies were blasted to pieces, like a vulnerable trash can.

But in the next moment, those incapacitated dummies reformed once again and turned into new dummies. When they perceived Jiang Chen’s change in power, the formation began to change again. Rays of light started to radiate from the dummies’ bodies as they lunged at Jiang Chen once more.

In the private palace, Tian Jizi’s facial expression changed. At the beginning, he didn’t pay too much attention to the strength of these dummies, but after Jiang Chen’s transformation, he began to notice the combat strength of these dummies and it had shocked him.

“This kid surely is a monstrous genius. The combat strength of these dummies have already reached the late Heaven Immortal realm and this kid’s cultivation base is only a late Earth Immortal realm. He hasn’t even reached the half-step Heaven Immortal realm yet. After he enhanced his combat strength by tenfold, he’s able to stand strong against twenty eight opponents of late Heaven Immortal strengths. He’s truly a monster.”

Tian Jizi couldn’t stay calm. As a high-rank elder in Skycloud Pavilion and a famous figure in One-Line-Sky, he had seen numerous geniuses. Tian Muyun was an example of an excellent genius, but comparing him to Jiang Chen created a significant distinction.

He had already developed a strong interest in Jiang Chen and even made a decision that he had never made before, accepting an outer disciple as his true disciple. Of course, this was just a tentative idea. It would all depend on Jiang Chen’s following performance and see whether he had the fortune of being accepted as Tian Jizi’s true disciple.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Constant collisions were taking place in the array. Every collision was like two big mountains smas.h.i.+ng against each other. This kind of battle was a primitive and barbaric way of fighting. If the combatant didn’t have an extremely strong physical body, he wouldn’t be able to withstand such an impact. Normally, the geniuses who went into the array only used their powerful combat techniques. Jiang Chen on the other hand had been solely using his physique to fight those dummies.

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