Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1164 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (2)

Chapter 1164 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (2)

Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (2)

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“Brother Jiang, you have really caught me off guard.”

The first thing that Fu Hui did was sigh. He hadn’t paid any attention to the situation in the outer sect in these past few days until the news reached his ears. And immediately, he knew that only Jiang Chen could cause such a record-breaking incident.

Fu Hui was very surprised. He thought that he had already discovered Jiang Chen’s potential. After hearing the news, he found out that he had still underestimated Jiang Chen. There was certainly no genius except Jiang Chen that could suck away all the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace all by himself.

“I have always wanted to enter the inner sect. If I didn’t create some stirring incidents, I doubt that the Inst.i.tute of Elders will allow me to challenge the Iron Dummy Array.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

“Haha! It seems like you have already made up your mind after I told you about the Iron Dummy Array. The current situation is already in your favour anyway. Given your ability, the outer sect certainly didn’t have enough resources to accommodate you, but it isn’t easy to break that array. You have to prepare well, brother Jiang.”

Fu Hui reminded. He now realised that someone like Jiang Chen would never bring peace to any place he went.

“There’s nothing much to prepare. I’ll just let things run their course. I too is eager to experience the legendary Iron Dummy Array, and see how difficult it actually is.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. Skycloud Pavilion was the brainchild of Ouyang He and Tian Muyun was merely a thief that robbed away his fruit. Jiang Chen has two objectives now. One was to avenge Ouyang He’s murder, and lastly, help Ouyang He’s sect s.h.i.+ne and prosper and eventually became the sole ruler in One-Line-Sky.

Therefore, he had to build his own prestige in Skycloud Pavilion, taking every step to the pinnacle until he gained full control over this major power.

However, this was destined to be an incomparably difficult process. Tian Muyun had already a.s.sumed control of the sect for the past two years after all. Additionally, he had a very powerful cultivation base, extraordinary talent and had gained the trust of the majority of experts in the sect. To Jiang Chen, all these experts would be his stumbling stones and enemies.

So, the seemingly peaceful appearance of Skycloud Pavilion was doomed to turn chaotic after Jiang Chen’s arrival.

Of course, this would be his biggest secret. He definitely couldn’t tell that to Fu Hui.

“I believe that brother Jiang will be able to break through the Iron Dummy Array, creating another miracle.”

Said Fu Hui. Jiang Chen’s confident response had subconsciously influenced him. That was the kind of confidence that came from one’s bones.

In the next three days, Jiang Chen didn’t go to the Martial Palace as he was no longer interested in it. If it hadn’t been for his own motive, he wouldn’t have competed with other disciples for the Immortal Qi inside the palace.

This situation was no doubt a great thing for the disciples. They no longer had to worry for their cultivation in Jiang Chen’s absence.

Three days later, many of the disciples had gathered at the border between the outer and inner sect where there was a beautiful scenery of a mountain. There was no building on the summit except for a very ordinary palace. At the top part of the door three big words were engraved – Iron Dummy Array.

This was a very important place in Skycloud Pavilion, because anyone who could walk out of this place would be acknowledged as the genius of the geniuses and leader of the elites.

It had been a long time since someone came and challenge the array, but every time someone tried to break it, it would always attract lots of bystanders, especially the outer sect and inner sect disciples. Once the person succeeded in the trial, he would be recognized and befriended by many, but of course, there would also be some people who envied and would try different ways to humiliate the person.

Apart from that, outer sect elders and inner sect elders would also be present. The Iron Dummy Array was controlled by them. There would be even more powerful elders paying attention to the scene in secret, having a new exceptional genius in the sect was a great news. All of them understood the severity of the array and as long as the candidate broke out from the array, that candidate would be regarded as an extraordinary being.

Some powerful Golden Immortal elders would judge one’s true potential according to the candidate’s performance in the array. If the candidate caught their eyes, the experts would personally appear and probably take the candidate as their true disciple. To the disciple, it was undoubtedly like picking up a treasure that fell from the sky. From that point onwards, the disciple would surely soar to the top.

The front gate of the palace, several elders of inner and outer sect stood by, however Yuan Kui and Li Zhong hadn’t appeared yet. Top figures like them would only normally show up at the most critical time.

There were more and more people gathering on the mountain, eager to see whether Jiang Chen could walk out of the Iron Dummy Array. But according to the ratio of the candidates who succeeded in the past, they didn’t have high hopes for Jiang Chen.

“Why hasn’t that Jiang Chen appeared yet? How could he let us all wait here?”

“That’s right. Could it be that he is too scared to show up now? That’s going to bring him tremendous amount of shame.”

“I don’t think so. He was after all the one who suggested to take on this challenge. So I think he will have his own means in dealing with the array, otherwise he wouldn’t dare insist on this idea.”


Just as the crowd was immersed in their topics, a silhouette flew over them from the direction of the outer sect in a quick speed. All of their attention was attracted to it. Their eyes fell upon the silhouette hovering in the sky. He was a white-clothed youth with a pair of burning wings and dazzling eyes. His presence had drawn amazement and admiration from the other disciples.

“Look, it’s Jiang Chen. Sure enough, he can fly. That’s really admirable for an Earth Immortal to have the ability to fly.”

“No wonder he was able to destroy the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect and escape from the pursuit of a late Heaven Immortal expert. He indeed isn’t a simple youth.”

“Earth Immortal experts aren’t able to control the spatial law yet, so it’s rare that he can fly. Plus, it’s even rarer for him to possess such a flying ability. It made people jealous seeing his extraordinary pair of wings.”


All the exclamations were made by the outer sect disciples. As for the inner sect disciples, they didn’t admire him as much because all of these inner sect disciples were already Heaven Immortal experts. Jiang Chen on the other hand was merely an Earth Immortal expert. Anyone who was at his level or lower longed to have the ability to fly.

The outer sect disciples’ eyes were blazing with excitement. Regardless of how much they hated Jiang Chen before this, they had to admit the huge difference between them and Jiang Chen after seeing his magnificent way of arrival.

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