Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1165 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (3)

Chapter 1165 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (3)

Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (3)

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At this time, there was nothing more for Jiang Chen to hide. His flying ability wasn’t a secret anymore to the public since his clash with Profound Sun Sect. However, it was just that he had never shown his Flaming Wings in front of any outsider before. Now that he was challenging the Iron Dummy Array, he naturally needed to make sure that his entrance was as impressive as possible.


Jiang Chen kept his Flaming Wings and landed from the sky, right outside the palace. He then held his fists to greet the elders. “Disciple Jiang Chen. Greet elders.”

All the elders were nodding their heads subtly. Judging from Jiang Chen’s appearance and demeanour, he was certainly the best of the best and incomparable to any other peers.

Shortly after that, the Grand Elder of inner sect, Li Zhong and the Grand Elder of outer sect, Yuan Kui arrived at the same time, which had attracted a lot of respectful gazes, especially the arrival of Li Zhong. The whole scene turned silent because of the aura that was emitted from the late Divine Immortal Li Zhong wasn’t bearable to all outer sect disciples.

Li Zhong’s eyes s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen and spoke plainly. “Jiang Chen, I have to warn you that all the iron dummies inside have been specially trained. They have no intelligence, are cold-blooded and ruthless. Once you enter the array, you have to bear a tremendous amount of risks. There were some self-proclaimed geniuses in the past that couldn’t bear the array and were crippled in the process. Since then, they have never recovered and turned into useless talent.”

All these words were meant to remind him that every disciple who had decided to challenge the Iron Dummy Array had tried their best and was proud individuals. With so many bystanders watching it today, he couldn’t back down even if he failed. He couldn’t afford to lose his reputation just like that.

“This disciple has already made up his mind.”

Said Jiang Chen. This was his objective. There was no reason for him to shrink back.

“Alright. Give your ident.i.ty jade card to me.” Li Zhong extended his hand.

Jiang Chen turned his palm and handed it to Li Zhong.

He took Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty jade card and walked towards the gate of the palace. He then inserted the card into the centre of the gate where there was a lattice with a size similar to that of the ident.i.ty jade card.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The door creaked all of a sudden and opened gradually. Perhaps it was because it hadn’t been opened for a long time which made it sound particularly harsh and unpleasant. The ident.i.ty jade card of Jiang Chen was radiating a golden light.

“Jiang Chen, after the gate is open, you can enter the palace. The brightness of the jade card represents your situation inside. As long as you can stay inside the array for ten minutes, the dummies inside will stop by itself, but it will only stop for ten seconds, which means that if you don’t come out during that short period, the dummies will continue to attack you and it won’t stop anymore unless you call for help or wait for me to save you when I see your jade card growing dimmer. Of course, if I personally go in there to rescue you, it will mean that you have failed the trial. Do you understand?”

Li Zhong explained every rule of the array to Jiang Chen.

“This disciple understood.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head, then proceeded towards the palace without any hesitation. He had basically understood the principle of this array. The ident.i.ty jade card of every disciple was the key to opening the gate of the Iron Dummy Array. When the jade card was inserted into the lattice, it would connect to the Qi of the array. The golden light on the jade card would represent the status of the candidate inside the array. Strong light indicated a good state while a dim light meant critical state.

After entering it, the gate of the palace closed itself. No one could see the situation inside clearly. The only way to know about Jiang Chen’s status was by observing the brightness of the jade card on the gate outside. No one knew whether he would succeed, but at least they knew that Jiang Chen was still in good shape now.

“Do you think Jiang Chen would be able to come out of the array successfully?”

Asked the Grand Elder of the inner sect, Li Zhong with interest.

“It’s really hard to tell because not many were able to succeed in this trial.”

“That’s right. We all know the situation inside the array very well. The stronger the candidate, the greater the strength of the dummies. There are twenty eight of them that cooperated flawlessly. It is a one versus twenty-eight match. It’s too hard for him to stay inside there for ten minutes.”

“Let’s not draw a premature conclusion. I think that Jiang Chen may be able to succeed in this trial. If that’s the case, another extraordinary genius will be born in our Skycloud Pavilion.”


Many elders were guessing whether Jiang Chen could succeed in this trial, but majority of them didn’t have much faith on him, because it was too hard for one to succeed in this array.

Grand Elder Li Zhong and Yuan Kui were both having a smile at the corner of their mouths, but no one knew what they were thinking.

Inside the palace, after the gate was closed, it was as dark as ink and almost colourless, but that didn’t affect Jiang Chen at all. With his present cultivation level, day and night didn’t have much of a difference to him anymore. He was able to see everything inside the palace clearly.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

There was a cold wind blowing through under this feet, sending chills up his spine. He could see dark dummies everywhere. Every dummy was a humanoid, but was much st.u.r.dier than a normal person and was as tall as 3 meters.

There were a total of twenty eight of them. None of them breathed and moved. They were just standing there silently like motionless statues.

People might find the positions of the dummies normal, but it wasn’t the case to Jiang Chen who was a master in various types of formations. The twenty-eight of them were divided into seven positions and every position was besieged by four dummies.

“What a powerful Iron Dummy Array. The twenty-eight of them have occupied seven different positions, leaving no blind spots when they attack. Once one is trapped within it, one will be attacked consecutively. Because of the formation they have formed, it makes their cooperation more fluid and fluent than a group of experts. I have to study this formation well to find a way to break it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. In order to gain a clear understanding about the iron dummies and the formation, he needed to make a move first, otherwise he would get no result about it.

*Ka Cha!*

The twenty-eight dummies had obviously sensed the presence of someone in their array. All of them lifted their skulls almost at the same time. Their empty eye sockets were staring at Jiang Chen and their stiff bodies flicked, producing a cracking sound.

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