Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1163 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (1)

Chapter 1163 – Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (1)

Breaking the Iron Dummy Array (1)

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In the Inst.i.tute of the Inner Sect Elders.

As the Grand Elder of the outer sect, he was the only one in the outer sect who was permitted to enter the inner sect any time. This was the privilege given by the sect. At this moment, he was seeing several inner sect elders that were essentially different from him, especially their cultivation base.

In the Inst.i.tute of the Outer sect Elders, the lowest cultivation base was early Heaven Immortal realm, while the highest was late Heaven Immortal realm. In the Inst.i.tute of the Inner Sect Elders, the lowest realm was a half-step Divine Immortal realm, while the highest was the Grand Elder’s cultivation base, late Divine Immortal realm.

Therefore, Yuan Kui looked somewhat tensed and excited after arriving here. After all, the difference between them was spectacular. These few inner sect elders in front of him were all Divine Immortal experts, certainly a lot higher than Yuan Kui’s realm. The Grand Elder of the inner sect, Li Zhong was also among them, a scary late Divine Immortal expert.

Whoever reached this realm would gain boundless respect and a high status in Skycloud Pavilion.

“Grand Elder, if you really let that Jiang Chen challenge the Iron Dummy Array, it will break the rules, however, the fact that Yuan Kui has come here in person indicates that there was no other way.”

“Is that Jiang Chen really that scary? If he’s really a rare genius, our sect has to nurture him nicely. It doesn’t matter if it breaks the rules, but I wonder if he really has the ability to defeat the Iron Dummy Array.”

“This man has already become famous ever since the Profound Sun Sect issued the order to kill, but neither of us know how powerful he really is.”


After listening to Yuan Kui’s story, the elders were slightly astonished. They were the seniors in Skycloud Pavilion and had seen countless of geniuses, but none of them could compare to Jiang Chen who was just a newly-recruited outer sect disciple but had already caused trouble even to the Inst.i.tute of Outer sect Elders.

“Alright, we’ll break the rules for him then. If he can really pa.s.s the Iron Dummy Array, the sect will surely nurture him well. If he can’t, it means that he’s a person with extreme arrogance but only have superficial talent. At that time, he won’t be able to enter the Martial Palace anymore.”

Grand Elder Li Zhong spoke. The Iron Dummy Array was in his control. When he said that Jiang Chen could challenge the array, then Jiang Chen could. Plus, even though Yuan Kui was an elder of the outer sect, his status had given him the privilege to talk about the Iron Dummy Array. This was also the reason he could promise Jiang Chen about it.

“Okay, when will the day of the challenge?” Said Yuan Kui.

“Three days later. I’ll activate the array three days later. Frankly, it has never been activated for such a long time. I would like to see whether that Jiang Chen, who has recently caused a commotion across the entire One-Line-Sky can break out from the Iron Dummy Array.” Said Li Zhong with a smile.

On the same day, the words were spread across the whole Skycloud Pavilion’s inner and outer sect, causing a great stir. Every time the Iron Dummy Array was activated, it would be regarded as something big to anyone in the sect.

Whether it was the higher ups or the disciples, they were all very concerned about those who had the nerve to challenge the Iron Dummy Array because anyone who succeeded in breaking the array would be a genius of the geniuses that was destined to have limitless future and would receive personal attention from the higher ups.

In the past, some of those who had broken past the array were taken by those Golden Immortal elders as their true disciples, causing their position and status to skyrocket.

“Have you heard about that Jiang Chen before? He is going to challenge the Iron Dummy Array. How audacious! But this is a favourable thing for us. If he succeeds, he will enter the inner sect, and thus giving us back our peace in the outer sect. Plus, he has already reached an agreement with the Grand Elder, if he fails, he will never step into the Martial Palace to cultivate anymore, and avoid disrupting our cultivation.”

“That’s correct. Such a decision is truly good for us. At least we have already resolved the problem of our future cultivation. However, it was a miracle that Jiang Chen was able to make the Inst.i.tute of Elders activate the array for him.”

“Because there isn’t any solution left. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too strong to stay in the outer sect. Do you want him to be the king of the outer sect? I suddenly realised that he was sucking away all of the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace unscrupulously because he wanted to create a chance to challenge the Iron Dummy Array, forcing the Inst.i.tute of Elders. He’s truly a smart person, all of us have been fooled by him.”

“Who cares? We can’t afford to offend him anyway. It’s better if he joined the inner sect.”


When the people of the outer sect heard the news, each and every one of them was pleased and delighted that the disaster was finally sent away. Even if he failed in the trial, it wouldn’t affect their cultivation at all. They just have to ignore the existence of Jiang Chen if they saw him in the sect.

“This is fun. Someone is trying to challenge the Iron Dummy Array again. Let’s go and watch three days later. I would like to see how this Jiang Chen looked like. He has indeed become very famous recently.”

“What’s the big deal about it? He only came to Skycloud Pavilion to take refuge. If Skycloud Pavilion had refused to accept him, he would’ve already died in the hands of Profound Sun Sect in a matter of days. That man is overly arrogant and surely doesn’t know when to stop. The outer sect has been thrown into chaos because of his recent arrival, which forced the Inst.i.tute of Elders to personally activate the array for him. Humph! I don’t believe that he can break through the array.”

“Don’t underestimate that man. What if he really succeeds? At that time, he will directly receive the attention of the higher ups. He will probably be taken by a Golden Immortal elder as a true disciple as well.”

“True disciple? Don’t joke around. Golden Immortal elders are usually very busy. Why would they waste their effort on him? In addition, do you think it’s that easy to break past the array? That year, I too have gone into the Iron Dummy Array and almost died in it. If it wasn’t for the elder who rescued me at that time, I would have already been torn into pieces by the savage dummies.”


Some people were very optimistic about Jiang Chen, but most of them had little faith in him. After all, not many people could successfully pa.s.s the array. Plus, Jiang Chen’s exceedingly arrogant att.i.tude had left a bad impression on many disciples.

In the dormitory area of the outer sect, the first person who came looking for Jiang Chen after hearing the news was Fu Hui.

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