Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1162 – Jiang Chen’s Condition

Chapter 1162 – Jiang Chen’s Condition

Jiang Chen’s Condition

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Looking at the melancholic expression that was shown on these elders’ faces, Jiang Chen was pleased. Everything went according to his plan. The current situation was what he wanted the most and was one of his plans.

“Jiang Chen, you are right about the nature of the matter, but the fact remains that you are the main cause of the chaos in the outer sect. I think that you’d better not go and practice in the Martial Palace in the future so that the outer sect can return to its peaceful days.”

Yuan Kui took a while contemplating before he made a decision. The current outer sect was in disorder. He needed to figure out a way to resolve this matter quickly, finding the root cause of the problem and came up with a solution, which was to prevent Jiang Chen from entering the Martial Palace.

All of them had to admit that they were astounded by Jiang Chen’s ability to absorb all of the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace in such a short period of time. They couldn’t imagine how he did that, but they knew there were some geniuses in this world that couldn’t be measured using common sense. This type of geniuses always had their own trump cards and means.

“I can accept that option, but the Grand Elder has to find another place for me to cultivate.”

Said Jiang Chen. His tone was calm and respectful, not showing any signs of opposing the Grand Elder’s decision. What he said was reasonable. If he wasn’t allowed to enter the Martial Palace, he needed to cultivate somewhere else. So it wasn’t excessive for him to request another place for cultivation.

After listening to Jiang Chen, the Grand Elder exchanged glances with the other elders. Eventually, they couldn’t help but shake their heads. It must be a joke. The Martial Palace contained the richest Immortal Qi in the outer sect and that wasn’t enough for Jiang Chen to absorb. Where else could he go to cultivate?

If they failed to provide a place for Jiang Chen’s cultivation, he certainly wouldn’t accept it. When the other disciples could cultivate, but he couldn’t, it would be no different than what he did to the others previously.

This was something that all the elders understood. A monstrous genius like Jiang Chen would have immeasurable achievements in the future. As an outer sect elder, they knew very well what their position was. Even the most honourable Grand Elder, Yuan Hui wouldn’t be willing to offend a genius like Jiang Chen.

Then again, where else could Jiang Chen cultivate? For a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen, only the inner sect had the capacity to accommodate him.

“I see that every elder is finding this matter difficult to deal with. So, I would like to suggest a solution to you all that can guarantee fairness to all.” Jiang Chen said when he saw the opportunity.

“Oh? Why not you tell us more about your solution?” Yuan Kui looked at Jiang Chen with curiosity.

“It’s very simple. Let me challenge the Iron Dummy Array. As long as I can join the inner sect, the outer sect will return to its peace. This will not only give the other disciples the chance to cultivate, but also me. It is a win-win situation. I suppose that every elder here is already very clear that the outer sect can no longer keep me given my current strength. Although I’m just an Earth Immortal expert, I already possess the combat strength of a Heaven Immortal expert.”

Said Jiang Chen. As a matter of fact, he had done all those things just to create a chance to challenge the Iron Dummy Array, because there was no way that he could enter the inner sect by following the rules of the sect.

“No way. You have just gotten to Skycloud Pavilion. According to the rules, you aren’t eligible to challenge the Iron Dummy Array yet or you will violate the rules.”

“That’s right. Any disciple who is in the sect for less than a year aren’t qualified to challenge the Iron Dummy Array. This is the rule of Skycloud Pavilion. Your idea isn’t plausible, Jiang Chen.”


Several elders shook their heads disapprovingly. They thought that Jiang Chen would come up with a good solution, but what he said was going against the very rule of the sect.

“Rules are dead but people are alive. Plus, if I continue to stay in the outer sect, I’m certain that I will go to the Martial Palace every day.” Said Jiang Chen.

After hearing this, most of the elders couldn’t help but roll their eyes, but judging from the development of the situation, if Jiang Chen really stayed in the outer sect for another year, the result would be beyond imagination. Furthermore, they had no reason to ban him from entering the Martial Palace to cultivate. According to the rules, every disciple in the outer sect was qualified to enter the Martial Palace, and the absorption of the Immortal Qi would depend entirely on the disciple’s ability.

If one claimed that Jiang Chen broke the rules by challenging the Iron Dummy Array, one should also realise that banning Jiang Chen from entering the Martial Palace to cultivate was also another rule-breaking act.

“Jiang Chen, the Iron Dummy Array isn’t an easy task. You are new here and surely don’t know the scariness of the array. In the history of the sect, only very few geniuses succeeded.” Said the Grand Elder.

“This is my choice.” Said Jiang Chen resolutely.

“Alright, I will allow you to challenge the Iron Dummy Array.”

The Grand Elder contemplated for a moment and said.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He had never thought that the Grand Elder would be so a.s.sertive in making decisions. This had instantly improved his impression of him.

“Grand Elder, this has never happened before in the history of the sect.”

“That’s right. Moreover, the Iron Dummy Array is under the control of the Inst.i.tute of Inner sect Elders. Anyone who ever challenged the array will be personally supervised by the inner sect elders.”

The other elders began to voice their concerns out, which made Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly in his heart. This bunch of old men were surely stubborn and lacked an open mind. People like them wouldn’t achieved anything great wherever they went to. The Grand Elder on the other hand was a shrewd person. He knew how to weigh the problem of the frenzied outer sect disciples outside and Jiang Chen. If he could get Jiang Chen into the inner sect through the Iron Dummy Array, it would be good for either them. Sending Jiang Chen away was akin to sending a big trouble away.

Yuan Kui waved, gesturing the others not to speak anymore. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze at Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, I will allow you to challenge the array. As for the Inst.i.tute of the Inner sect Elders, I will handle them personally, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“No problem. If I failed the Iron Dummy Array, I will never step into the Martial Palace, disrupting the other disciples’ cultivation.”

Jiang Chen was intelligent enough to take the words out of Yuan Kui’s mouth before he spoke. As for the Iron Dummy Array, although he was very curious about it, he didn’t put that array in his eyes. He had very strong combat power after all. With his dragon-form, he could easily kill Yuan Kui if he used his full strength.

Yuan Kui’s eyes began to be filled with admiration when he looked at Jiang Chen. It was always a very pleasing thing to converse with smart people because there were some words that you didn’t have to speak directly.

“Alright. Since you have already agreed to it, you can return to your dorm now. Tomorrow, come over to this compound and I will bring you to the Iron Dummy Array in the inner sect.” Yuan Kui waved, gesturing Jiang Chen to leave.

“Thank you, Grand Elder.”

Jiang Chen held his fists and brushed his robe, he then turned and left the main hall, heading towards the front gate of the compound.

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