Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1161 – Difficult! That’s Too Difficult!

Chapter 1161 – Difficult! That’s Too Difficult!

Difficult! That’s Too Difficult!

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“Greet Elder Niu.” Jiang Chen held his fists and greeted Niu Mang without waiting for the elder to speak.

“Jiang Chen, this old man has already warned you before this, asking you to be modest, but you became worse, causing an unprecedented turmoil in the outer sect. All the disciples in the outer sect have gathered outside the front gate of the inst.i.tute. This matter has even alarmed the Grand Elder. Your presence is required by him.” Said Niu Mang.

“Okay, lead the way Elder Niu.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. His response surprised Niu Mang. He thought that Jiang Chen was going to show a face of fear after knowing that Grand Elder had personally intervened in this matter. This young man didn’t show any sign of concern, instead, there was a trace of delight on his face.

Niu Mang couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, saying to himself that it wouldn’t be easy to understand the mind of geniuses.

Jiang Chen arrived outside the inst.i.tute along with Niu Mang. This time, he didn’t bring Big Yellow along because not every place allowed pets entering it.

The outer sect disciples had an expression of joy on their faces when they saw Jiang Chen. In their point of view, the Grand Elder would surely punish Jiang Chen severely for his crimes.

While watching Jiang Chen and Niu Mang entering the inst.i.tute, someone gritted his teeth and said, “You must punish him well. Otherwise, it will be hard to get rid of our hatred.”

“That’s right, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has made us lose a few days of cultivation. It will be unjust if he doesn’t receive the punishment he deserves.”

“Punishment? From the aspect of reason, Jiang Chen has done nothing wrong. Absorbing the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace isn’t going against the rule. I am not confident that he will receive any kind of punishment. I’ll be satisfied as long as he stops making trouble in the Martial Palace.”


Speaking of hatred, neither of the disciple on the scene didn’t hate Jiang Chen. After all, nothing as big had ever occurred in the outer sect. Jiang Chen had affected their normal cultivation and that was why everyone hated him. However, there were some wise disciples amongst them that knew that Jiang Chen hadn’t done anything wrong. What Jiang Chen did was cultivate normally. They couldn’t blame someone just because his cultivation method was a lot stronger than them.

Jiang Chen strode into the main hall, glancing at nearly twenty Heaven Immortal elders. His facial expression remained unchanged.

It seems like there are stronger experts in the inst.i.tute. There’s even a late Heaven Immortal elder.

Muttered Jiang Chen in his heart. The higher the cultivation base of the Grand Elder, the more delighted he was, because high cultivation was equivalent to authority.

The eyes of the elders fell on Jiang Chen the moment he stepped into the main hall. They had already heard about his name a long time ago. They all wanted to see closely how the guy who dared to destroy the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect looked like.

There was surprise in all of the elders’ eyes. Anyone who saw him for the first time would be shocked because he was too young and looked liked a scholar. Judging from his appearance, it was very hard to relate him to the evil and ruthless man.

“Never thought that he’s such a young genius. And his facial expression didn’t even change in the slightest after seeing so many of us. He may have a very rare disposition.”

“This man is indeed an outstanding talent. A genius like him will have boundless of achievements in the future, however, he’s not very good in dealing with people. He has offended the entire outer sect just after his arrival in Skycloud Pavilion. Ai!”

“It’s truly rare for a youth to have such composure. One should know that this is the Inst.i.tute of Elders. Any outer sect disciple who came here became fl.u.s.tered.”


This was the first impression that Jiang Chen had given them, which could be said to be quite good. The inst.i.tute was always pleased to see the appearance of new genius because that will also raise their reputation.

All of them, including Yuan Kui was impressed that Jiang Chen was able to remain to calm despite being in front of so many Heaven Immortal elders. As a matter of fact, none of these people could make Jiang Chen nervous. If they really engaged in a fight, they couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen even after combining all of their strengths.

“Jiang Chen, this is Grand Elder Yuan Kui.” Niu Mang said in a low tone.

“Greet Grand Elder, I wonder what’s the reason the Grand Elder summoned me here?”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at the Grand Elder and said formally.

He didn’t know the reason why he was summoned here? How could his b.a.s.t.a.r.d play dumb at this time?

“Jiang Chen, I see that you are also a clever person. You should already know the reason of you being summoned here. You have offended the entire outer sect just after you arrive, throwing everything into chaos, giving us a hard time to focus on our cultivation. How do you think should we solve this matter?”

Yuan Kui showed a face of solemnity and said coldly. In front of any disciple, he wouldn’t forget to show his authority.

“I don’t quite understand the meaning that the Grand Elder is trying to imply. I definitely don’t wish to see the whole outer sect being thrown into chaos. Ever since I joined the Skycloud Pavilion, I have been performing my cultivation as usual, but due to my special cultivation method, I always needed a ma.s.sive amount of Immortal Qi everytime I cultivate, which means that the other disciples won’t have a chance to absorb any Immortal Qi. You can’t just blame me because of this. And as for the injured disciples, I swear to the Heavens that it was them who attacked me first. I was only defending myself. Likewise, you also can’t blame me for that because it would be foolish of me to just stand there and wait to be beaten by them.”

Jiang Chen said with an aggrieved face. The Inst.i.tute of Elders was a place for reasoning. Since he had grasped the reasons behind his actions firmly, he wouldn’t have any problem explaining the actions that he made.


After the cheap and well-behaved words came out, all the elders who were present were stunned and shocked. They were deeply aware of how shameless this guy was, but what he said seemed to make them unable to refute it, what he just said was the fact. He definitely wasn’t guilty for absorbing the Immortal Qi. He also wasn’t guilty for defending himself.

In that case, what was the reason for punis.h.i.+ng him? There seemed to be no reason for doing so.

Should they impose restrictions on him every time he entered the Martial Palace? That would be too unfair. In the history of Skycloud Pavilion, there had never been a case where they had to prevent a disciple from entering the Martial Palace for cultivation. If restrictions were imposed on those monstrous geniuses, who else would want to join the Skycloud Pavilion?

This was tough. How could such a strange being exist in the outer sect? Punishment was no longer an option, but they couldn’t impose restrictions on Jiang Chen too. So how were they going to deal with the outer sect disciples outside?

No doubt, this was indeed a difficult case to resolve. This was the first time that the Inst.i.tute of Elders ever felt troubled by a small matter. It was ridiculous that they were feeling helpless at the current moment.

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