Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1160 – Grand Elder Yuan Kui

Chapter 1160 – Grand Elder Yuan Kui

Grand Elder Yuan Kui

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Niu Mang made another sigh. He could only turn and leave. He didn’t take Jiang Chen’s arrogance personally as he knew that geniuses were born with this proud behaviour. As an elder of the outer sect, he had seen too many of such geniuses. Jiang Chen was considered as the one who had given a lot of respect to an elder. Although Niu Mang was an elder in the Inst.i.tute of Elders, he wasn’t qualified to represent the inst.i.tute.

“Why didn’t you tell the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d your conditions just now?” Big Yellow asked, puzzled.

“What difference will it make? Does Niu Mang have the power to decide for the inst.i.tute? I have to wait for the one who is in charge of the inst.i.tute to come and look for me.”

Jiang Chen smiled casually. He knew Niu Mang’s position in the inst.i.tute very well. It wouldn’t change anything even if he stated his conditions out. His demand to enter the inner sect by pa.s.sing the Iron Puppet Array wasn’t something that Niu Mang could decide. That was why he skipped all the unnecessary c.r.a.p with this elder.

After Niu Mang returned to the inst.i.tute, he told those outer sect disciples that Jiang Chen had already agreed to him and that he wouldn’t absorbed all of the Immortal Qi, but that didn’t seem to satisfy them. They, after all thought that Jiang Chen had to receive some kind of punishment.

However, they understood that geniuses would always have special privileges. As long as Jiang Chen didn’t absorbed all the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace and disrupting all of their cultivation, it would be fine even if he becomes the king in the outer sect. They just needed to remember not to provoke this ruthless genius.

However, things weren’t going as smoothly as they had expected. It turned out that Niu Mang was truly not significant enough to suppress a lawless newcomer.

The next day, when a large number of outer sect disciples rushed to the Martial Palace, the same situation happened. It left all of them dumbfounded. Many of of them hadn’t progressed, they weren’t able to cultivate in the past three days, most of them wanted to recover their lost time by cultivating as much as they could.

“Argh…it’s that b.a.s.t.a.r.d again. He sucked all the Immortal Qi dry again! This is driving me crazy!”

“Lawless! It is truly lawless! Does this son of a b*tch really think that the outer sect belongs to him? He didn’t even listen to the elder.”

“What now? This man has gone completely insane and has no scruples in his actions at all. He has robbed all of our cultivation resources.”


The outer sect was thrown into turmoil once more. Many of them had the urge to find Jiang Chen immediately and shred him to pieces, but they wouldn’t dare to do so because they were still sane people, and could imagine the consequences.

Likewise, they blocked the front gate of the inst.i.tute again. There was no one else that they could rely besides the Inst.i.tute of Elders.

Unfortunately, the elders were reluctant to interfere in this matter anymore, so the gate didn’t open.

In the following three days, Jiang Chen became even worse. Every day, he was the first to arrive the Martial Palace and sucked away all the Immortal Qi, leaving nothing for the other disciples. What he did had completely angered them.

This time, the whole outer sect was in chaos, a tremendous chaos. Swearing and cursing could be heard everywhere. The huge number of outer sect disciples had made the area outside the premise of the inst.i.tute congested.

“Help us chase away that Immortal Qi sucker, elders!”

“I beg the elders to return the peaceful outer sect to us and get that Jiang Chen out of here.”

“We can’t live like this. We absolutely can’t. If the Inst.i.tute of Elders still refused to resolve this issue, we will kill ourselves in front of your gate.”

“That’s right. We will commit collective suicide. My blade is already ready to do so. I’ll be the first to end my life.”


Frenzy. The entire outer sect had gone mad.

There were more than twenty elders gathering inside the inst.i.tute which was very rare because there wouldn’t even be a meeting every year.

The blaring voices of the outer sect disciples were crystal clear. It caused each and every elder to frown and have a headache. Nothing as difficult as this had ever happened since they took charge of the outer sect.

“What’s with that Jiang Chen? Why didn’t he learn from the previous incident? Isn’t he deliberately stirring the whole situation up?”

An elder in a large robe spoke with great displeasure. He was sitting on the seat of honour. His cultivation had already reached the peak of late Heaven Immortal realm, one more step to hit the half-step Divine Immortal realm. He was the Grand Elder of the outer sect, Yuan Kui, the person who was in charge of the whole Inst.i.tute of Elders. Given his ident.i.ty, he was also given the right to speak for the inner sect.

As the head of the inst.i.tute, he had never manage things personally. As such, it was imaginable how serious the trouble Jiang Chen had caused this time to force the Grand Elder into emergence.

“Grand Elder, this matter must be resolved quickly. Or else, I’m afraid that the chaos in the outer sect will be spread to the higher ups.”

“It’s true, Grand Elder. That Jiang Chen is too arrogant to begin with. Regardless of how talented he is, he still needs to show some humility. Presently, he has infuriated all the outer sect disciples. So if we don’t settle this matter quickly, our inst.i.tute will suffer a huge loss in reputation.”


All the elders agreed that the matter had to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, the chaos would only grow larger and disturb the higher ups as well.

“Elder Niu Mang, go and summon Jiang Chen here. I would like to see if the genius who destroyed the ore mine has three heads and six arms.”

Yuan Kui spoke to Niu Mang. At this critical moment, he felt compelled to meet this Jiang Chen personally.

“Yes, Grand Elder.”

Niu Mang held his fists at Yuan Kui and left the compound. As soon as he stepped out of the gate, he was surrounded by the disciples.

“Don’t panic, all of you. This time, the Grand Elder has agreed to resolve the matter on behalf of you all. He has ordered me to bring Jiang Chen back to see him.”

Said Niu Mang loudly. And then, he flew towards the dormitory area.

“Good, Grand Elder has finally intervened in this matter this time. He will surely be able to solve our problem.”

“There must be a settlement today. Or else, we will continue to block the gate of this premise.”

“Count me in. We can’t let this problem go unresolved. Our cultivation has already been severely affected.”


Commotion and uproar sounded from the crowd, but they felt a lot more secured after hearing that the Grand Elder was taking this matter into his own hands. In the outer sect, the Grand Elder had very high reputation. None of the monstrous geniuses would dare to disrespect this elder unless that genius had decided to leave the sect.

In the dormitory area, Niu Mang had already found Jiang Chen in the previous place. But this time, Jiang Chen wasn’t lounging on the rattan chair. He was standing with his hands behind his back and smiling at Niu Mang’s arrival, as if he had been expecting him. Jiang Chen had never missed anything in his calculation.

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