Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1156 – There’s No Way We Can Live Our Lives like This

Chapter 1156 – There’s No Way We Can Live Our Lives like This

There’s No Way We Can Live Our Lives like This

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On the same day, w.a.n.g Tao gathered some of the half-step Heaven Immortal disciples to go along with him to the Inst.i.tute of Elders. They wanted to let the elders know about the incident of Jiang Chen. The elder who greeted them was Elder Niu Mang as usual. After hearing the news, the elder was dumbfounded. If he remembered it correctly, Jiang Chen seemed to have arrived at Skycloud Pavilion very recently, like two hours ago.

“Ai! A genius is truly a genius. There are some people who couldn’t be restrained by the condition of any environment they go.”

Niu Mang sighed and said to them. “You all should return now. There’s nothing wrong with absorbing of the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace.”

What? That was it? It was true that Jiang Chen wasn’t guilty for absorbing the Immortal Qi, but if this situation continued, their daily cultivation would be severely affected.

“Elder, that man is an abnormal being. He was able to absorb the Immortal Qi of the whole Martial Palace in just a dozen of minutes’, leaving us with nothing. How are we going to cultivate in the future?” Someone wept.

“I think it was because Jiang Chen had yet to understand the rules of our sect in his first day of arrival. Hadn’t you all found him and resolved the matter? I believe he won’t do that again.” Said Niu Mang.

“‘He won’t do that again?’ Elder, that man is extremely arrogant. I don’t think he will ever stop what he was doing. If we were able to resolve it before this, we wouldn’t have come here and seek for your help.”

w.a.n.g Tao was virtually speechless as the elder didn’t seem to care at all.

“Alright, alright. Return now. Jiang Chen didn’t do anything wrong anyway. It’s not necessary for the Inst.i.tute of Elders to get involved with this personally.”

Niu Mang prompted them to leave. The Inst.i.tute of Elders normally wouldn’t care about the strife amongst the disciples. Additionally, Niu Mang had a good impression of Jiang Chen and wanted to befriend this young newbie, because not everyone had the ability to absorbed all the Immortal Qi in the Martial Palace in an instant.

In the end, despite their reluctance, they had no choice but to leave the inst.i.tute.

“Brother w.a.n.g, what should we do now? It seems like the Inst.i.tute of Elders won’t interfere in this matter. In my opinion, we should seek the help of the senior brothers in the inner sect. That Jiang Chen is exceedingly arrogant. We need to get him under control.”

Someone spoke. As a half-step Heaven Immortal expert and one of the top disciples in the outer sect, they had very frequent contact with some of the inner sect disciples. Given the situation where the Inst.i.tute of Elders refused to lend them a hand on this matter, asking the help of some inner sect disciples was the only option left.

“Don’t worry. We’ll wait until tomorrow and see whether Jiang Chen continue his outrageous act. No matter how powerful and talented he is, I don’t believe that he will oppose the will of all outer sect disciples.”

Said w.a.n.g Tao. There had been plenty of top geniuses in Skycloud Pavilion. None of them was foolish enough to make the whole community their enemy as that wouldn’t do them any good.

The next day!

Soon after the level of Immortal Qi in Martial Palace was restored, a large number of disciples went into it, but the situation inside gave them the impulse to cough up blood. The whole tower was empty again. There wasn’t a trace of Immortal Qi apart from common air.

“d.a.m.n it! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d came here again just now.”

“For G.o.d’s Sake! He came here so early to suck away all the Immortal Qi again. This man surely did this on purpose. Motherf*cker! We can’t cultivate in here today and must wait for tomorrow.”

“What if he comes much earlier than us again tomorrow? At this rate, our daily cultivation will be seriously disrupted.”


It was shocking. A hungry wolf had come to their sect and rob all the cultivation resources they needed for daily cultivation. This was akin to giving the other outer sect disciples no chance of survival. If this went on, they wouldn’t be able to make any kind of progress in their cultivation.

On third day, a similar thing happened. It was like Jiang Chen had already calculated when to absorbed all the Immortal Qi right after it was restored, he then ran away like nothing had ever happened.

Even though it was just the third day, plenty of disciples were driven to the edge of madness. The outer sect would be thrown into chaos if this situation was allowed to continue.

“No way. This guy is just too preposterous. He didn’t even leave a bit of Immortal Qi in the palace. We can’t allow it to go on like this.”

“Ai! Never expect that Jiang Chen to be so arrogant. Since he has already sent a clear message to us, we can’t do anything about it. The Inst.i.tute of Elders already mentioned that they wouldn’t take part in this matter, we can only seek the help of the inner sect disciples.”

“Yes. We have to suppress him. Otherwise, our cultivation lives will be negatively affected.”


Jiang Chen’s outrageous actions continued for three days straight which made him the public enemy of the outer sect disciples. He must be suppressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, no one else would have the chance to cultivate, no one in the outer sect was his opponent, let alone suppress him.

“I heard that brother w.a.n.g has a good relations.h.i.+p with brother Fang Hao of the inner sect. Why not we ask him to help us out?”

“Brother Fang Hao is a mid Heaven Immortal expert. He also has a certain status in the inner sect. So it isn’t easy to ask for his help.”

“We can’t care about that anymore. How are we going to cultivate if we don’t get rid of this Jiang Chen?”


At this time, w.a.n.g Tao was elected to represent all the outer sect disciples.

“Okay. I will head to the inner sect now and see what brother Fang Hao has to say.”

After he finished speaking, he raced towards the direction of the inner sect. At this moment, there was no way that he could avoid it anymore.

Shortly after that, two silhouettes were flying back to the outer sect and landed before the Martial Palace. A large number of outer disciples who had already gathered in the Martial Palace were astounded to see the two experts in front. One was w.a.n.g Tao and the other was an inner sect disciple who hovered in the sky.

The incomer wasn’t Fang Hao, but an early Heaven Immortal expert that everyone recognized, Liang Hong. He had been the follower of Fang Hao. So, he must be sent by Fang Hao himself. Everyone could see the rationale behind this. Given Fang Hao’s status, he naturally wouldn’t come personally to deal with an outer sect disciple. Therefore, everybody thought that it was already enough for an early Heaven Immortal to suppress Jiang Chen.

“Greet brother Liang.”

The outer sect disciples there moved forward and greeted with cupped fists. They wouldn’t dare show any signs of disrespect in front of a Heaven Immortal inner sect disciple.

“En, where’s that Jiang Chen?”

Liang Hong asked. He had already heard about the incidents related to Jiang Chen. Today was a good chance for him to meet this man. He was curious to find out what kind of figure Jiang Chen really was.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d must be staying in the dormitory area.” Someone said.

“Come on, bring me there.”

Liang Hong’s Qi shook and radiated out.

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