Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1155 – He’s Jiang Chen!

Chapter 1155 – He’s Jiang Chen!

He’s Jiang Chen!

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No one wasn’t surprised by it. The whole scene had become silent. A half-step Heaven Immortal expert was one of the most powerful disciple in the outer sect, however, he was still sent flying away by just a single slap, totally powerless. How could this thin and weak-looking newbie have so much power?

“How did this happen? Who the h.e.l.l is this guy? How could such a powerful man come to the outer sect? Is the sect trying to bring us trouble?”

“That’s right. He’s should be in the inner sect. Why is he competing with us in the outer sect?”

“There must be a reason for him coming here. A newbie would always be a.s.signed to different departments according to their cultivation. The fact that this man came to the outer sect proves that he hasn’t reached the Heaven Immortal realm yet. In that case, this showed that he is a very scary expert. How could a mere Earth Immortal be so powerful?”

“Correct. He’s just too strong. Even Master Tian wasn’t this powerful when he just arrived here. What is the origin of this guy?”

“There’s no need to be concerned about his background. He has already affected our normal cultivation and he must compensate us for that loss. Let’s attack together, I don’t believe he can handle all of us.”


These outer disciples were frightened and angry at the same time. Some of them were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth. Even w.a.n.g Tao had dispelled the idea of lunging at Jiang Chen. Although he was a little stronger than the half-step Heaven Immortal disciple who attacked just now, it couldn’t guarantee that he won’t end up just like the previous disciple.

“Brat, do you know what you are doing? You are making the whole outer sect your enemy. This won’t do you any good.”

w.a.n.g Tao said ruthlessly, cracking his fists, but didn’t dare to attack.

“I didn’t seem to have done anything wrong, did I? You took the initiative to provoke me. It was him who attacked me first. I just defended myself against his attack. About the absorption of the Immortal Qi inside the Martial Palace, it was because of my ability. Didn’t you guys also absorb the Immortal Qi when you enter the Martial Palace? The thing was I could absorb faster and capacity is greater than you. So was that against the rules of the sect?” Said Jiang Chen plainly.


After hearing his explanation, the outer disciples were petrified. Their faces were full of astonishment. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had sucked away all of their Immortal Qi and hurt their comrades, but none of them could rebut the points he said. The purpose that the Martial Palace was built was for disciples to absorb as much Immortal Qi as possible in the building. Jiang Chen could absorb all of them at once, he only displayed his competent ability and that didn’t violate the rules of the sect at all.

“So, you guys better not provoke me when I didn’t provoke you, because I’m not the kind of person that can be trifled with.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Big Yellow was grinning and laughing next to Jiang Chen. He was really impressed by Jiang Chen. If one was trying to find the description of smartness, this scene would be a good example for it. Jiang Chen was able to back his actions with rationale. Even if this news was brought up to the inst.i.tute of elders, it wouldn’t concern him as he had more than enough justification for his own actions. When someone attacked a person, the person surely had to defend himself instead of standing there waiting to be beaten up like a dummy.

“Brat, what’s your name?”

w.a.n.g Tao gritted his teeth. It seemed like he had no solution for today’s incident. He couldn’t use force on this man as they couldn’t even measure how powerful this man was. It seemed like he would need the help of some inner disciple to teach this ignorant newcomer a lesson, but he had to know the name of this culprit first.

“Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen declared his name loudly. There was nothing else for him to hide as he had already become an official disciple of Skycloud Pavilion.

“Jiang Chen? This name sounds somewhat familiar to me.”

Someone frowned as if the name sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen or heard it.

“Jiang Chen! He’s Jiang Chen! The one that made Profound Sun Sect issue the order to kill.”

Finally, someone remembered Jiang Chen’s name and exclaimed on the spot.

“What? He was the one who destroyed the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect and managed to escape the pursuit of a late Heaven Immortal expert? How did he come to our sect?”

“There’s no doubt about it, it has to be him. No wonder he’s so powerful. I heard that he was able to fly even though he was only an Earth Immortal expert, he could even fight against Heaven Immortal expert. I had never expected that this monstrous genius will join our sect. Oh, the Profound Sun Sect must be hunting him down everywhere. There’s no other place that he can go aside from our sect.”

“This evil star must be a very ruthless guy to have the guts to destroy the ore mine of the Profound Sun Sect. At last, we have finally witnessed how powerful he is today. None of us is going to be a match for him.”


A commotion was heard from the group of disciples. It instantly changed the way they looked at Jiang Chen. Their glaring eyes slowly displayed traces of respect. That was right. All of them were youngsters. The earth-shattering incident that Jiang Chen did drew their admiration. If Jiang Chen was replaced by them, even if they were capable of doing so, they might not have such a nerve.

After leaving his name behind, he turned and headed towards the dormitory area, ignoring all of the disciples on the scene. He had already achieved his objective in his first day of arrival. There would be more good shows to watch later on.

Looking at Jiang Chen’s fading back, hundreds of outer disciples were dumbfounded. They were supposed to seek justice from Jiang Chen for the disruption in Martial Palace, however, they had suddenly encountered a problem that was beyond their imagination.

“Brother w.a.n.g, what do we do now? I can’t believe this disastrous star has come to our sect. If we allowed him to cultivate with us in Martial Palace, we won’t have a chance to cultivate anymore.”

“Agreed. Given his strength, he should’ve already entered the inner sect. It’s unfair for us to compete for cultivation resources with such a genius in the outer sect.”

“What else can we do? We can only seek the inner sect disciples for help. There’s no one in the whole outer sect that is a match for him.”


The disciples began to discuss the matter, agreeing to ask the help of inner sect disciples to suppress Jiang Chen. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would become the ruler in the outer sect and all of them would be oppressed by him.

“Don’t go to the inner sect yet. Let me bring this matter to the inst.i.tute of elders first and see whether they would be able to handle this matter.”

w.a.n.g Tao said. He naturally wouldn’t want to provoke Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen’s existence would harm the interests of all other disciples. He had no other choice but to take action. It would be best if the inst.i.tute of elders agreed to handle this matter on behalf of them, because things wouldn’t be controllable anymore when the matter was spread to the inner sect disciples.

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