Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1157 – Being Humiliated by the Dog

Chapter 1157 – Being Humiliated by the Dog

Being Humiliated by the Dog

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Following behind Liang Hong, glimmers of hope started to ignite in their heads. Liang Hong was after all a true Heaven Immortal expert and a n.o.ble inner sect disciple. No matter how arrogant Jiang Chen was, he needed to lower his head in front of Liang Hong.

Without everyone’s surprise, Jiang Chen was still basking in the warm suns.h.i.+ne with his legs crossed in the middle of the square. He was certainly enjoying his leisure time which gave the other disciples the urge to spurt out a mouthful of blood. That was too shameless. How could he sit there and enjoy his time after robbing all of their cultivation resources? although he was also one of the outer sect disciples, the difference between him and them was too big.

“Brother Liang, he’s that Jiang Chen.”

w.a.n.g Tao pointed to Jiang Chen and said maliciously.

“He sure is arrogant.”

Liang Hong harrumphed coldly. How dare this lounging b.a.s.t.a.r.d ignore his arrival? That was akin to ignoring his existence and not putting him in his eyes. There was no way that a n.o.ble inner sect disciple like Liang Hong could accept this kind of treatment.

Liang Hong strode in front of Jiang Chen and yelled. “Get your a*s down here!”

“Big Yellow, who’s making all the blaring noise here? Quickly help me get rid of it. I’m having my own beautiful dream.”

Without lifting his head and opening his eyes, he spoke in a strange tone.

Liang Hong’s expression darkened instantly after hearing this. He felt like his lungs were about to explode. This was his first time seeing this. He had faced many kinds of powerful outer sect disciples, but no matter how powerful or talented those geniuses were, they still hadn’t forgotten to pay their respect to an inner sect disciple.

Big Yellow shook his tail and body while talking towards Liang Hong casually, and said disdainfully. “What is a son of a b*tch like you shouting so loudly here? Is this place your territory? Don’t you know that it’s immoral to bark around like a dog when other people is asleep? As an inner sect disciple, don’t you know that we shouldn’t cross other people’s line?”


The whole crowd was shocked. How could this dog say that Liang Hong was crossing the line when he just said a word? How brazen was this?

Plus, what was this dog? How could this dog be so arrogant that he didn’t even put an inner sect disciple of Skycloud Pavilion in his eyes? there was a saying that said, a dog would always learn what its lord did.

Liang Hong’s face turned red. Everyone could already feel his anger rising constantly. It was beyond his capacity. He was supposed to suppress the target, but instead, he was disdained and humiliated by a dog of Jiang Chen.

That was right. It was a humiliation. He was a dignified inner sect disciple and a Heaven Immortal expert. How could he still live his life after this?

“Dammit! This dog is so arrogant! Is it looking down on us?”

“F*ck! How dare this dog humiliate brother Liang Hong openly? That’s preposterous!”

“Kill and skin him! We will eat dog’s meat today.”


Countless of outer sect disciples were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth, wanting to peel Big Yellow’s skin and eat him raw, but that didn’t concern Big Yellow at all. He was still showing the face of arrogance, just like Jiang Chen.

“Humph! You are surely outrageous Jiang Chen. I heard that you were able to escape a late Heaven Immortal expert pursuit, but I didn’t know your combat power. Your actions have caused indignation amongst the outer sect disciples. You have damaged the benefits of the whole outer sect and became a public enemy. If you apologize and make the necessary compensation now, perhaps you may still have a chance.” Liang Hong harrumphed coldly.

“How can you people be so shameless? I have said not to create disturbance while the other person is still sleeping. How can a dignified Heaven Immortal inner sect disciple have no sense of understanding at all?” Big Yellow continued.


Liang Hong couldn’t stand it anymore. Not even a person that is more patient than him could stand the scolding of this brazen dog.

“Courting death! I will peel your skin off alive first.”

Liang Hong raged. Immortal Qi shot out of his body. Immediately, he struck out a large brilliant palm that looked like a huge cage at Big Yellow.

“Ai! How dare you attack master dog? You must be getting fed up with your life already, isn’t it?”

Big Yellow darted a glare at Liang Hong and charged forward with his head. Seeing Big Yellow using his skull to meet his palm strike, a trace of a cold smile was seen on Liang Hong’s face. This dog sure was barbaric and laughable for using such a destructive way. He was almost certain that Big Yellow’s skull would instantly be broken by his palm strike.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t seen Big Yellow’s hard and solid head before this. Or else, he wouldn’t be able to make a joke about it.


Liang Hong’s large palms landed on Big Yellow’s head, and was instantly crushed. Big Yellow’s speed didn’t slow down. With tremendous amount of force, his head smashed against Liang Hong’s chest in a blink.


*Ka Cha!*

Accompanied by a terrible cry, Liang Hong was knocked off into the air and fell heavily 100 meters away. He spurted out blood, wriggled a few times before pa.s.sing out. Many outer sect disciples could hear the bone cracking sound coming from him. Sure enough, a large portion of Liang Hong’s chest was dented.

He had to thank Big Yellow for holding his power back, or else, the entire body of Liang Hong would’ve been penetrated by Big Yellow’s head. His head was a true divine weapon that was on par with an Immortal Weapon. His current cultivation was already at the early Heaven Immortal realm. It was impossible for him to get a match with anyone who was on the same level as him.


Looking at the motionless Liang Hong on the ground, the sound of countless exclamations immediately rang out. They turned at gaped at the dog, trying to study his dog once more. They all knew that Liang Hong was a powerful Heaven Immortal expert. It must be a joke that he was sent flying by a dog’s mere head.

“What are you all looking at? Do you want to try my power also?”

Big Yellow showed a majestic face and warned them to stop looking at him and leave. w.a.n.g Tao carried Liang Hong and left speedily. This dog was too ferocious, just like Jiang Chen. If they continued to stay here, no one could tell what consequences they would get.

Outside the square was countless of pale-faced outer sect disciples gathering around. The fainted Liang Hong hadn’t woken up yet. Without the help of pills, he would surely take half-a-month to wake up.

“How could that dog be so powerful? I think this was the reason that Jiang Chen acted so arrogantly.”

“Brother w.a.n.g, what do we do now? Not even brother Liang can suppress Jiang Chen. We are out of options now.”

“That’s right. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was too arrogant. We won’t lead a normal life with him staying in the outer sect.”


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