Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1152 – It Was All Sucked Dry

Chapter 1152 – It Was All Sucked Dry

It Was All Sucked Dry

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Jiang Chen led Big Yellow into the Martial Palace. The interior of the palace was incomparably broad and it was divided into many rooms. There were plenty of cultivators cultivating in each room. It was true that the Immortal Qi in here was many times denser compared to outside.

“The Immortal Qi in here is several times denser compared outside. They are absorbed and compressed by the formation. It’s true that cultivating here will be more beneficial than cultivating outside.” Said Big Yellow.

“Let’s find a place first before we talk.”

Jiang Chen selected a room randomly and went for the door. Currently, the rocky door was shut tight. Anyone could sense the other disciple’s Qi and various noises from the inside. However, it didn’t concern him much. He also didn’t care if his actions would disturb the other disciples inside the room. Immediately, he pushed open the rocky door with force.

Anyone who came late would usually carefully push open the door in case someone in there was reaching the most critical moment of their cultivation. That person would be in serious trouble if such an event happened.

Too bad, Jiang Chen wouldn’t care so much about it as his mind had already been equipped with a plan. The way he pushed open the door was rude and violent which naturally created a loud noise. It was impossible for such a disturbance not to affect the disciples inside.

Such an action immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the disciples inside. Nearly 20 of them opened their eyes wide, glaring at the man and the dog who just walked in. They wanted to take a good look on who actually had such a nerve to ignore the rules of the palace, that person must have gotten fed up with living.

Allowing twenty disciples in a room was the privilege of being an outer sect disciple. In the inner sect, three disciples were the maximum number in a room, whereas core disciples only allowed one. This was the obvious difference of rank.

“Who are you? Are you a newbie? Did you know that you have to come silently and carefully in an occupied room?”

Someone shouted at Jiang Chen. In their point of view, Jiang Chen was a stranger. None of them had ever seen him before, however, he was here in the palace, it only proved that he also had the ident.i.ty jade card and was a newly recruited disciple. There were too many outer sect disciples in the sect and new disciples would join the sect every now and then, so it was common for them to encounter someone they didn’t know.

In the face of the angry eyes, Jiang Chen acted as if none of that concerned him. He glanced around the empty room and found no cultivation ha.s.sock left for him. The ha.s.sock was a special kind of thing. Sitting on it to cultivate could calm one’s Qi and mind. It worked very well in helping to condense the Immortal Qi.

Of course, Jiang Chen normally wouldn’t need something like a ha.s.sock, but he needed one today.

“Why did you bring a dog here along with you? Begone! This is the Martial Palace. Who allowed you to bring an animal here?”

A mid Earth Immortal disciple yelled. Jiang Chen’s act of pus.h.i.+ng the rocky door so abruptly irritated them. So the sight of a dog definitely wouldn’t help calm their anger.

Then, Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on that yelling mid Earth Immortal disciple. He must thank this person for submitting himself to him.

Jiang Chen strode forward to that disciple and spoke coldly. “You, get up, this ha.s.sock belongs to me now.”

“What? You just came here to rob a seat?”

For an instant, not only that disciple was dumbfounded, every outer sect disciple in the room was petrified, giving Jiang Chen a look of disbelief. Could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d not be this impulsive? Breaking into the room and robbing their seat? and had brought a dog with him as well? although there were numerous cases where outer sect disciples would fight for the ha.s.sock, none was as shocking and lawless as this.

“F*ck! Are all the newbies so arrogant now? He has come to rob a seat before we have gotten him into trouble.”

“It seems like this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is determined to seek death. He’s surely a newbie that doesn’t know the height of the heavens. He won’t get to reap any fruits for being so arrogant in the Martial Palace.”


Most of them had lost their temper. Some of them stood up directly from the ha.s.sock and besieged Jiang Chen. This room wasn’t short of late Earth Immortal experts, but none of them were half-step Heaven Immortal expert.


The disciple whose ha.s.sock was going to be seized by Jiang Chen stood up abruptly. His face was full of fury. Without saying another word, he lifted his knuckle and smashed at Jiang Chen. “Brat, didn’t you see what place is this? How dare you show your arrogance in this place? Courting death!”


Unfortunately, his punch was just like a circus trick. His knuckle was grabbed by Jiang Chen. With a light exertion of force, a sound of Ka Cha was heard. Then, the victim’s arm was twisted and broken on the spot.


A mournful scream sounded. The disciple’s head was beaded with cold sweat because of the pain, but he felt even more shocked inside. He had never imagined that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d could actually be this abnormally powerful.


Jiang Chen kicked the man, and sent him flying away. Then, he moved to the ha.s.sock and sat on it, preparing to cultivate.

“Dammit! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too arrogant. Let’s finish him together.”

Someone shouted. The twenty of them surrounded Jiang Chen at the same time. All of them had witnessed arrogance before, but not to this extent. How could a newbie not put them in his eyes and had attacked one of their companions the moment he arrived?

“Alright. Since all of you dare to disrespect me, I will then punish you. Each of you will have a broken arm today.”

Jiang Chen said plainly, then moved like lightning. Later, the room was filled with a series of screams and cracking of bones.

After only a dozen of seconds, the twenty of them fell to the ground and howled. Their faces revealed a look of pain. At this time, apart from the angry expression, there was more fear in it. This newbie was too strong, not even a half-step Heaven Immortal expert could cripple so many of them in a dozen of seconds. Their minds were racing fast, finding the answer as to what was the background of this man and when had someone so powerful emerge in the outer sect.

Jiang Chen brushed off the dirt in his hands, ignoring the wailing disciples and sat on the ha.s.sock.

“Big Yellow, do you still remember the scene back in the Refining Tower?” Jiang Chen smiled at Big Yellow.

“Kaka! Of course, you bada.s.s!”

Big Yellow had a face of excitement. He now knew what Jiang Chen was trying to do.

“Absorb it now, dragon transformation skill.”

Jiang Chen uttered a low shout. In the blink of an eye, all the Immortal Qi in the room was sucked into his body. This was only the beginning. After that, the Immortal Qi in the next room was also sucked dry in an instant. Those neighbouring outer sect disciples who were trying hard to absorb as much Immortal Qi as they could suddenly felt like they were sucking in nothing.

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