Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1151 – The Martial Palace and the Plan

Chapter 1151 – The Martial Palace and the Plan

The Martial Palace and the Plan

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“Elder Niu, I’m here to recommend a person to become a disciple of the sect.”

Said Fu Hui. Then, he continued. “Brother Jiang, this is Elder Niu Mang, one of the outer sect elders.”

“Young Master Fu Hui rarely recommends people to the sect. I think this person must be a genius.”

Niu Mang said with a smile. As an ordinary outer sect elder, he wouldn’t dare offend Fu Hui. Additionally, recommending an outer sect disciple wasn’t any kind of a big matter at all.

“He naturally is a genius, a super genius. Elder Niu, this is the one who has caused a series of uproars in One-Line-Sky, Jiang Chen.” Fu Hui introduced.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s name, Niu Mang’s facial expression changed immediately, it wasn’t any different from the expression of the four guards outside the mountain gate.

“You are that Jiang Chen who managed to escape from the hands of a late Heaven Immortal expert?”

Niu Mang asked, feeling astonished. The incident about the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect had already spread across the whole One-Line-Sky. Adding the fact that Profound Sun Sect had issued the order to kill Jiang Chen on sight, it was hard for anyone not to know about it.

“Little Chen, I didn’t expect you to have gained such a reputation.”

Big Yellow darted a glanced at Jiang Chen.

“That’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? My name will always be famous wherever I go.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

“Greet Elder Niu, I’m Jiang Chen. I have come personally today to show my sincerity in joining Skycloud Pavilion. I suppose Elder Niu has already heard about the matters related to me. I have offended Profound Sun Sect and was left with nowhere to go. I think Elder Niu should already understand my motive of joining the sect.”

Jiang Chen spoke straightforwardly without boasting how talented and powerful he was. There were times when we should lower ourselves a little so that it would be more likely to arouse good feelings from the others. Besides, this was the sect of Ouyang He and had nothing to do with his target, Tian Muyun.

“That’s of course. Given your talent, your future achievements will be limitless. Now that Profound Sun Sect has issued the order to eliminate you, there’s only Skycloud Pavilion in the entire One-Line-Sky that can accept your existence. Plus, you are recommended by Young Master Fu Hui. Therefore, I naturally won’t have a question about your sincerity. I will immediately a.s.sign an ident.i.ty jade card for you.”

Said Niu Mang speedily. He had no doubts about Jiang Chen’s intention. In normal cases, any new disciple who wanted to join the sect must go through a series of strict tests to ensure that the disciple was sincere in joining the sect and didn’t have any other ulterior motives. Skycloud Pavilion after all had numerous enemies outside. Otherwise, their sect would be compromised.

Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty however didn’t need any of these tests at all. The order to kill Jiang Chen on sight given by the Profound Sun Sect was a good proof for Jiang Chen’s sincere intention.

“Young Master Fu Hui, you have introduced a genius to our sect. I will inform the Inst.i.tute of Inner sect Elders about your deeds, you will surely be handsomely rewarded.”

Said Niu Mang. In Skycloud Pavilion, whether it was the Inst.i.tute of the Outer sect Elders or Inner sect Elders or Core Elders, all of them were the same, they were interlinked. The only difference was their position and status, but even if it was only one level of difference, it was humongous.

“Thank you.”

Fu Hui said casually. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t concerned about the rewards. His main purpose was to befriend someone like Jiang Chen. Besides, despite Jiang Chen being a genius, his cultivation base was still too low – a mere Earth Immortal expert. He could at most be an outer sect disciple in the pavilion. As such, he wouldn’t receive a very attractive reward for bringing an outer-ranked candidate in the sect.

Subsequently, the process of handling the ident.i.ty jade card was very smooth. After Jiang Chen got the jade card, Niu Mang found Jiang Chen a place to live and went back to his task. Although Jiang Chen was a genius, he didn’t receive any kind of special treatment. The sect, after all had too many of such geniuses.

The place where Jiang Chen lived was a huge area full of dorms. It raised Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s curiosity that so few people were present in this place despite it being midday.

“Brother Fu, Skycloud Pavilion is a big sect in One-Line-Sky. There should be thousands of disciples in the outer sect, but how come I didn’t see any one of them?” Asked Jiang Chen doubtfully.

“During this period, the Immortal Qi is at its highest concentration. So everyone naturally has gone to the Martial Palace for cultivation.” Said Fu Hui.

“Martial Palace? What is that place?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“It’s a place where disciples went to practice. There are a total of three Martial Palace in Skycloud Pavilion, namely the Outer Martial Palace, Inner Martial Palace and Core Martial Palace. They were built by the experts of the sect. There are large formation condensed inside every palace which makes the Immortal Qi inside much denser than outside. Cultivating in the Martial Palace will bring tremendous benefits. So, naturally you will find lesser people in the dorm area at this hour.” Explained Fu Hui.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with radiance. He had been feeling sulky in his heart about being stuck in the outer sect and there was no way to get into the inner sect yet. But after Fu Hui’s reminder, a plan instantly formed in his mind.

“Brother Fu, can you bring me to the Martial Palace?” Said Jiang Chen.

“Oh? Brother Jiang is going there to cultivate? Isn’t it too soon?”

Fu Hui was stunned. He had never expected that Jiang Chen would be this pa.s.sionate. As for Jiang Chen, it was his nature to keep on cultivating, however, a mere Martial Palace wasn’t the one that caught his real attention. He had some other motives for going there.

“Could it be that I’m still not qualified to enter the Martial Palace for cultivation?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“Not really. You have already gotten the ident.i.ty jade card, which means you have officially become a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. So you are naturally qualified to enter the Martial Palace. Alright. I will bring you there now. However, you will have to cultivate inside on your own as I would have to return to the inner sect after that.”

Said Fu Hui, he then led Jiang Chen towards the Outer Martial Palace.

“Little Chen, what do you have in mind this time?”

Big Yellow whispered in Jiang Chen’s head. Fu Hui wasn’t able to discern Jiang Chen’s intention, but Big Yellow could just by the look of Jiang Chen’s eye. Had this b.a.s.t.a.r.d really figured out a plan so quickly after just arriving in the pavilion?

“If I’m not able to conduct my cultivation in the outer sect normally, they will try to put me in the inner sect.” Jiang Chen chuckled.

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. Although he couldn’t guess what Jiang Chen was planning, he was praying silently for those outer sect disciples. It was very unlucky for them to encounter someone like Jiang Chen.

Soon, they arrived at the Martial Palace. It was a nine-storey golden tower that gave off golden l.u.s.tre. This tower reminded Jiang Chen of the Refining Tower back in the Saint Origin Palace as both of them had the same function – cultivation.

After bidding goodbye to Fu Hui, the two of them went straight into the palace. As he now had the ident.i.ty jade card, he walked through the doorway without being stopped.

“What are you going to do?” Big Yellow asked curiously.

“You’ll know in a moment.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled upwards. This was going to be the prologue of the chaos in the outer sect of Skycloud Pavilion.

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