Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1153 – Being Filled with Indignation

Chapter 1153 – Being Filled with Indignation

Being Filled with Indignation

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“What’s going on? How could the Immortal Qi be gone all at once?”

“Who was it that did this? It’s like all the Immortal Qi has been extracted clean from the room.”

“Could it be that something’s wrong with the formation? Could it be the formation that cause all the Immortal Qi to vanish at the same time?”


Many outer sect disciples from the other rooms were startled. This wasn’t the first or the second time that they cultivated in Martial Palace. There had never been such a thing that happened before. If there were some modifications in the formation, the sect would definitely give prior notice first.

Furthermore, this situation didn’t stop. The Immortal Qi in countless of rooms were being sucked out. This made many of the outer disciples think that it had to the problem of the formation. They all knew that the Immortal Qi in the palace was way richer compared outside. It wasn’t logical for a cultivator to absorb all of these Qi in such a rapid speed.

A dozen of minutes later, the entire palace was filled with sounds of banging when the rocky doors were pushed open by all the disciples inside the rooms. They rushed out but couldn’t find the cause of all of these.

At this time, Jiang Chen pushed open the rocky door, walked out along with Big Yellow who was wagging his tail flamboyantly and vanished in just a brief moment.

“Kaka! You are a vicious a.r.s.e! Those disciples won’t know what just happened.” Big Yellow shouted excitedly.

“This is just the first day.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He had to admit that the rich Immortal Qi did bring some benefits to him. Although it didn’t help him condense any new dragon marks, it had strengthen his foundation a bit.

“If you continue like this every day, you won’t be able to stay peacefully in the outer sect.” Said Big Yellow.

“That was why I said that I wouldn’t be stuck in the outer sect.” Replied Jiang Chen.

The inside of the Martial Palace had turned messy. Plenty of outer sect disciples had gathered together to discuss about the previous incident.

“What’s the matter here? Nothing like this has ever happened since the establishment of the Martial Palace. If there were some problems with the formation, the elders ought to inform us about it. Plus, even if there’s really something wrong with the formation, there should still be some Immortal Qi left in here. How could all the Immortal Qi be sucked off in an instant?”

“Look, there’s nothing wrong with the formation. The Immortal Qi seems to be gathering inside the palace again. This is the effect of the formation, but at such speed, it will take at least one day for it to restore to its previous concentration, which means we can only return here tomorrow.”

“Since there’s no problem with the formation, what has happened just now? Could it be that something has sucked up all the Immortal Qi here?”

“Not possible. The Immortal Qi in here is too rich. No one in the outer sect have such capability.”


Everyone started discussing about it, but neither of them could find the key reason. At first, they thought it was because of the formation, but now that the formation was still circulating at high speed and constantly collecting Immortal Qi in here, it proved that nothing was wrong with the formation. So, the situation had gotten stranger.

“Guys, come and look.”

Someone saw some disciples lying in the room where Jiang Chen was at just now. When the others approached the room, they were shocked to see roughly twenty people lying on the floor. Each had one of their arms broken. And they also seemed to be beaten up quite badly because they couldn’t even stand properly.

“What happened? Who has beaten you all up?”

A half-step Heaven Immortal outer disciple asked with a frown. He was called w.a.n.g Tao, one of the best disciple in the outer sect. With his current cultivation, he only needed one more step to advance to the true Heaven Immortal realm. He was also the one who was most likely to advance to the Heaven Immortal realm in the shortest possible time and become a genius in the inner sect.

“It’s…it was the newcomer…Brother w.a.n.g have to seek justice for us.” Someone cried.

“What? A newcomer dared to beat up senior disciples? That’s outrageous!”

“And the attack was apparently vicious. However, I think that that man was still holding back. Although their arms were broken, it’s just a fracture, like a scratch on the skin, it can be healed in just a short period of time.”

“That man has serious guts! How dare he respond so viciously even if there was a disagreement?”


A commotion sounded from the crowd. They were shocked by the vicious attack and the strength of this unknown newcomer because there were few amongst the victims who were late Earth Immortal experts. In other words, the attacker must be at least a half-step Heaven Immortal expert.

“By the way brother w.a.n.g, all the Immortal Qi here was sucked dry by that newcomer as well.”

Someone spoke. They had been in this room all the time. They saw how Jiang Chen did it clearly. There was no doubt about it.


This time, everyone exclaimed, this had answered all of their doubts, but none of them believed it. Even if that man was a half-step Heaven Immortal expert, he wouldn’t be able to absorb all the Immortal Qi of the palace within such a short period of time. There was an immense Immortal Qi in here because of the constant circulation of the formation that kept on collecting and compressing the Immortal Qi from outside. That was the reason why so many disciple had come here for cultivation and why the Immortal Qi here wouldn’t be depleted.

“Are you serious?”

w.a.n.g Tao frowned. This incident was after all too hard for anyone to believe.

“It’s the truth. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d brought a dog along with him. He has a very powerful strength, he even robbed my ha.s.sock. Because of one disagreement, he knocked all of us to the ground, then used some kind of means to absorb the Immortal Qi in the room in an instant and the entire palace as well. That man’s body was like a bottomless hole. It’s scary now that I think about it.”

Someone felt chills running in his skin while recalling the previous event.

“What was that man’s cultivation?” Asked w.a.n.g Tao.

“I didn’t notice it. However, the fact that he could enter the palace for cultivation proved that he possessed an ident.i.ty jade card, which means that he must be an Earth Immortal expert.” One of them said.

“Impossible. There’s no way for an Earth Immortal expert to be so powerful.”

“The Immortal Qi in Martial Palace is extremely rich. Not even a half-step Divine Immortal would be able to suck all the Immortal Qi away within minutes, let alone an Earth Immortal newbie.”


No one believed such an abnormal Earth Immortal, because they had never seen it in their lives.

“Where’s that man now?” Asked w.a.n.g Tao.

“He has left before you all came in, and I have no idea where he has gone to.” Someone answered.

“Where else can a newly-arrived disciple go to? It has to be the dormitory area. Let’s head over there and check him out. This abnormal newbie shouldn’t be this selfish. After sucking away all the Immortal Qi, what else can we do in Martial Palace?”

A disciple said indignantly. Under the lead of w.a.n.g Tao, a large number of outer sect disciples headed towards the dormitory area.

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