Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1150 – The Institute of Outer Sect Elders

Chapter 1150 – The Institute of Outer Sect Elders

The Inst.i.tute of Outer Sect Elders

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“Little Chen, so what are you going to do now?”

Big Yellow whispered in Jiang Chen’s head. He understood Jiang Chen all too well, his brother would never let himself be stuck in the outer sect given his brother’s current strength. If anyone insisted to keep Jiang Chen in the outer sect, the whole outer sect would surely lose its peace the moment Jiang Chen entered that place.

“We’ll just move one step at a time.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. They hadn’t even reached the Skycloud Pavilion yet. He could only tell what would be their next move the moment he saw their situation as no one knew when opportunity would present itself.

Given Fu Hui and Big Yellow’s speed, it only took them two hours to get from Cloudmist City to Skycloud Pavilion. In front of them was an endless mountain range. Looking at it from a distance, the mountains were lined with trees, streams, and rivers were running down off the mountains elegantly. The sky was lingered with a thin fog. At this distance, they could already feel the dense Immortal Qi above the mountain range that was at least a fold denser than the Immortal Qi in Cloudmist City.

The mountain range was where the Skycloud Pavilion was located. The closer they got, the clearer they could see the structures on top of the mountains. There were ancient palaces and towering golden paG.o.das that looked grand and magnificent. Such style of architectural design was incomparable to those small sects.

“Brother Jiang, ahead is the Skycloud Pavilion.”

Said Fu Hui. Light was radiating out of his eyes. Every time he came here, he would feel incomparably excited. This was the most magnificent, honourable and greatest sect he had ever seen. Although he had already been here for a few years, he was still astonished by its magnificence every time he arrived here. At the same time, there was a glimmer of pride on his face. It was the pride of being an inner sect disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. It was a symbol of ident.i.ty.

However, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow seemed somewhat calm. They had after all seen things much bigger than this. It was true that the Skycloud Pavilion was regarded as a big sect, but it appeared smaller and inferior compared to the super large sects back in Saint Origin World. Putting the eight families of the Pure Land and Saint Origin Palace aside, the scale of Nebula Sect alone was more than a comparison for Skycloud Pavilion.

Of course, both the pure land, the eight families and Saint Origin Palace lacked the profundity compared to Skycloud Pavilion. And that profundity was the Heaven and Earth’s luck. Even if this was a weak sect, it was after all a sect that practiced Immortal Dao. There was an essential gap between an Immortal and a Mortal.

“Brother Jiang, I will take you directly to the outer sect. I’ll ask the outer sect elders to help you work out your disciple ident.i.ty first.” Said Fu Hui.

“Thank you brother Fu.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Fu Hui and replied gratefully.

Under the lead of Fu Hui, two men and a dog flew to the mountain gate of the Skycloud Pavilion. There were four disciples guarding the mountain. They quickly moved forward to check out who the visitors were. Fu Hui and Jiang Chen landed before them. The mountain gate of the pavilion was 30 meters tall. Two large and majestic-looking words – Skycloud Pavilion were engraved at the top part of the gate.

This was a rule set by Skycloud Pavilion. Anyone besides the Divine Immortal elders and core disciples had to follow this rule. They had to stop in front of the gate for inspection instead of flying directly into the sect.

These four guards were outer sect disciples with Earth Immortal cultivation bases. After seeing Fu Hui, they hastily approached and greeted him. “Oh, it’s brother Fu.”

The four of them had high respect for Fu Hui, it should be said that outer sect disciples always had high respect for inner sect disciple. This was the world where the strong stood on the top and there was an obvious gap between an outer and an inner sect disciple. Plus, Fu Hui was considered quite a celebrity in both the inner and outer sect. There were only very few of them who didn’t know who Fu Hui was.


Fu Hui nodded casually and strode towards the gateway.

“Brother Fu, I wonder who this is. He doesn’t seem to belong to Skycloud Pavilion, does he?” One of the guards asked.

“He was the Jiang Chen who destroyed the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. It was I who recommended him to join the Skycloud Pavilion. We’re going to be brothers from now on.” Said Fu Hui with a smile.

“What? He’s Jiang Chen?”

The four of them exclaimed simultaneously. Their curious eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. During this period of time, Jiang Chen’s name had been spread across the whole One-Line-Sky. As the opposing force of Profound Sun Sect, they naturally knew a lot of things about this extremely audacious man from the hot topics discussed by their other fellow disciples.

They never thought that the real person would appear before them so quickly. The current young and handsome man who looked like a scholar wasn’t quite the same as the ferocious and ruthless man that they had imagined.

Jiang Chen smiled at them, then followed Fu Hui into the internal part of the pavilion, leaving the four of them in a daze.

“Never thought this guy to be the real Jiang Chen. I heard that this man was able to fight against Heaven Immortal expert while only being an Earth Immortal expert. He has destroyed an ore mine of the Profound Sun Sect and escaped from the pursuit of a late Heaven Immortal expert. He’s truly no ordinary expert.”

“That’s right. He’s truly a rare genius. I didn’t expect brother Fu to win him over.”

“A genius of the geniuses. However, I’m afraid that he has really longed to join our sect. He has after all offended the Profound Sun Sect and they have already given the orders to kill him on sight. Under such circ.u.mstances, only the Skycloud Pavilion in the whole One-Line-Sky can accept his existence.”

“Agree. If this man is really a genius, our place is going to be lively in the future. The last thing that the sect wants is geniuses because there are too many of them. That’s why there were so many intense compet.i.tion happening every time.”


The four of them were commenting on Jiang Chen. They wouldn’t dare look down on him. A person who even dared to offend the Profound Sun Sect would surely not be a friendly person. They were afraid that it was unavoidable for such a being to have some conflicts with the other geniuses all the time.

Under the lead of Fu Hui, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived at the outer sect. With Fu Hui’s ident.i.ty, they could straightaway go into the Inst.i.tute of the Outer sect Elders so that an elder could make an ident.i.ty jade card for him, making him an official outer sect disciple of Skycloud Pavilion.

Today, there was only one elder named Niu Mang in the inst.i.tute. The elders generally had lots of free time, so most of them had gone to cultivate. They rarely managed the tasks in the inst.i.tute and turned a deaf ear to the fights amongst the disciples. The aim of the sect was compet.i.tion. As long as there wasn’t lives involved, these elders would never show up.

When Elder Niu Mang saw Fu Hui, he quickly welcomed him. “What brings you to the Inst.i.tute of Outer sect Elders, young master Fu Hui?

Although Niu Mang was an outer sect elder, he was merely an early Heaven Immortal expert. Due to his old age, there wasn’t much room for him to improve anymore. As such, there was a huge gap in status between an elder like him and an inner sect disciple like Fu Hui.

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