Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1149 – The Skycloud Pavilion

Chapter 1149 – The Skycloud Pavilion

The Skycloud Pavilion

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“Alright. Since brother Han Yan prefered to have a free life and has already left, I’ll then put his matter aside. Brother Jiang, let’s head out for the Skycloud Pavilion now.”

Said Fu Hui. It would be a great contribution on his side if he was able to bring a potential genius to his pavilion.


Jiang Chen nodded. It had been his biggest objective to enter the Skycloud Pavilion. Now that Fu Hui was bringing him personally to the pavilion, he was now one step closer to his main objective.

Fu Hui rose to the air while Jiang Chen sat on Big Yellow’s body as they flew towards the direction of Skycloud Pavilion. Given Big Yellow’s early Heaven Immortal cultivation, he could easily travel in the air without using his sparkling wings. As for Jiang Chen, he hadn’t even reached the half-step Heaven Immortal realm yet, so it was better for him to keep a low-profile.

Fui Hui could only bring one person into the pavilion considering his status, so it would be impossible for him if Han Yan had to come along, but Big Yellow was a different case. In the eyes of outsiders, Big Yellow was merely a pet of Jiang Chen. He wouldn’t be regarded as a disciple in the pavilion.

“Brother Fu, since we haven’t reached Skycloud Pavilion yet, why don’t you tell me something about it so that I’ll know what to expect from it.”

Said Jiang Chen. He was joining a totally new and foreign sect after all, so it was more advantageous for him to know more information about the sect.

“Although Skycloud Pavilion is just a sect, it operates like a country. It has a complete system of its own, dividing the whole sect into countless of sections. As for the disciples, it is just like the other sects, divided into three categories, namely outer sect disciples, inner sect disciple and the core disciples. All outer sect disciples are Earth Immortal experts. Once an outer sect disciple breaks through to the Heaven Immortal realm, he will be promoted to an inner sect disciple unconditionally. Similarly, if any inner sect disciple breaks through to the Divine Immortal realm, he will become a core disciple automatically.”

He continued. “There’s always a fierce compet.i.tion in the pavilion among the disciples. It could be an open rivalry or a veiled and ferocious fight. So it isn’t as peaceful as the other people think. It’s very common for them to form gangs of their own. If one doesn’t know how to deal with people in the pavilion, he will end up badly.”

Fu Hui’s words was without a doubt, warning Jiang Chen indirectly. He implied that Jiang Chen should stay modest in the pavilion and not get impulsive. After all, there were too many geniuses inside and all of them were young and aggressive. If Jiang Chen happened to provoke any one of them, his life would surely be in danger.

“So with my cultivation, am I able to enter the inner sect directly?”

Asked Jiang Chen. His current cultivation had already reached the late Earth Immortal realm. According to the rule, he was only eligible to be an outer sect disciple, but he was reluctant to waste his time and energy with those shrimp-like outer sect disciples. With his current strength, he wouldn’t have a problem achieving some things in the inner sect.

“No, because there’s a strict hierarchy between the disciples in the pavilion. Experts who are below the Heaven Immortal realm could never become an inner sect disciple, but there were once some gifted talents who came in the pavilion. They possessed the strength even higher than any ordinary Heaven Immortal expert even though they were only at the Earth Immortal realm, so the sect made an exemption for those geniuses by letting them in the Iron Dummy Array. As long as they could get out from that array, they would be directly promoted to an inner sect disciple regardless of their cultivation base.” Said Fu Hui.

“Iron Dummy Array? What kind of array is that?” Asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“I have never seen the concrete structure of the Iron Dummy Array. There are only a few experts in the sect who had witnessed such an array before. There were also some of them who claimed that they could defeat the array, however, all of them ended up being defeated and humiliated by the array instead. It was said that there were twenty eight dummies built out of special materials in this dummy army. The combination between the dummies and the array was flawless. Anyone who entered the array will be attacked by the dummies. According to the rule, as long as the disciple is able to persist for ten minutes, it will be counted as a success. But there were only few who managed to stay inside the array for ten minutes.” Explained Fu Hui.

“What are the cultivation base of these dummies?”

Jiang Chen asked. He was intrigued by such an array because this would provide him a chance to go straight to the inner sect.

“It should be early Heaven Immortal realm, but I heard that these dummies would adjust their combat power according to the enemy’s. As they were all supported by the array, they basically couldn’t be destroyed. Brother Jiang, don’t tell me that you are thinking of challenging the array as well?” Fu Hui stared at Jiang Chen with curiosity.

“I do have such thought. My current strength has exceeded any ordinary Heaven Immortal expert after all . I don’t want to waste my time in the outer sect.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Brother Jiang, I’m afraid that you will only be disappointed.” Fu Hui shrugged.

“Why did brother Fu say so?”

Jiang Chen wondered. Given his present strength, he would never put any ordinary array in his eyes.

“Because the sect has a stipulation that a disciple who has been in the sect for less than a year isn’t qualified to challenge the Iron Dummy Array. So even if brother Jiang is up for the challenge, there’s no way other than staying in the outer sect, unless you are able to advance to the Heaven Immortal realm within a year. Once you have entered the inner sect, you will gain access to plentiful of cultivation resources that outer disciples could never get.”

Said Fu Hui. He knew what Jiang Chen was thinking and talent, but he couldn’t change the rules of Skycloud Pavilion. Of course, if it was an elder who personally suggested Jiang Chen to be promoted into the inner sect, no one would raise a question about it, but Fu Hui obviously didn’t have such power.


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and swore on the bulls.h.i.+t rules that any disciple must be in the sect for a year and above to be qualified to challenge the Iron Dummy Array. Currently, he hadn’t even reached half-step Heaven Immortal realm yet and making breakthroughs couldn’t be done overnight. Would he really be stuck in the outer sect for a long period of time?”

“You don’t have to be so anxious, brother Jiang. Given your ability, no one in the outer sect will dare to offend you. However, many of them have the support of inner sect disciples, so they aren’t people to be trifled with either. So, it’s better that you stay mindful at all times and not to provoke any of the inner sect disciples, any outer sect disciple who offended an inner sect disciple had never ended up well. I’m just hoping that I can warn you about this first.” Said Fu Hui.

“En, thank you for your warning, brother Fu.”

Jiang Chen smiled. A sharp ray of light flashed past his eyes. It must be a joke for him to be stuck in the outer sect. It would be impossible for him to do that. Since he was restricted by the rules of the pavilion, he would find his ways to break them. In his eyes, there were no rules that could hold him back.

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