Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1148 – The Separation

Chapter 1148 – The Separation

The Separation

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When the door was open, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow emerged at the doorway.

“Ah Yan, your advancement is overly scary,” mocked Jiang Chen.

Seeing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Han Yan felt even better. He stood up abruptly from his ha.s.sock. “The effect of the lotus heart is truly beyond my imagination. I’ve never thought it could bring me such tremendous benefits. Now that I have my arm back, my potential has been unlocked, further enhancing my bloodline. It allowed me to make five advancements in a row, reaching the early Heaven Immortal realm. It’s like a dream gaining this much.”

It was more like a surreal scene for Han Yan. He would never believe it if it didn’t happen on him.

“This is good news. With your current strength, you can now protect yourself. Any average mid Heaven Immortal expert is no match for you. I’m afraid you are competent enough to fight a late Heaven Immortal expert,” said Jiang Chen.

As Han Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil bloodline and physique grew stronger, so did his combat strength. Therefore, he naturally had the ability to eliminate opponents with a higher realm than him.

“That’s right and there are still plenty of medicinal power inside my body which will make my future advancement faster.”

Han Yan nodded, saying that this was not the only benefits he received from the lotus heart.

“By the way, Ah Yan, there’s something I want to tell you. I’m going with Fu Hui to Skycloud Pavilion tomorrow, I’m afraid that we won’t be seeing each other from then on. I’m at ease now that you’ve grown stronger,” said Jiang Chen solemnly.

After listening to that, Han Yan couldn’t help but frown. He was reluctant to be parted with his brothers again after a recent reunion in this world.

“Ah Yan, the news about the Regenerative Lotus has spread across One-Line-Sky. Plus, Fu Hui knew about your lost arm and that you’re just a Human Immortal . If you come along with me to Skycloud Pavilion, your arm alone can raise lots of doubts. At that time, you’ll certainly draw the attention of the higher ups and the consequences will be unimaginable. We will all be exposed.”

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan’s shoulder. He also wanted his brother to follow him to Skycloud Pavilion, but the current situation wouldn’t allow it to happen. Any new disciple who entered the pavilion would be inspected and the one who recommended the new disciple would have to provide information about the new disciple’s background to the pavillion.

n.o.body has the ability to regrow a severed arm and make five advancements in a row within days. This was a miracle by itself. But thinking of the stolen Regenerative Lotus, it wouldn’t be hard for people to suspect Han Yan. Besides, there was still tremendous amount of medicinal energy left in Han Yan’s body. If some experts on the same level as Tian Muyun were to inspect him, Han Yan would immediately be discovered.

This was a risk that they could never afford to take.

“En, I’m well aware of that. Your objective of entering Skycloud Pavilion is for Tian Muyun. In that case, I will leave One-Line-Sky for other bigger places. Once I’m strong enough, I will come back and help you,” said Han Yan.

He understood Jiang Chen’s concerns. This was an indisputable fact. Meanwhile, since he’s strong enough to protect himself, he might be able to achieve something greater in the other larger territory.

In the Ethereal Immortal Domain, there were thousands of territories similar to One-Line-Sky. So, Han Yan wouldn’t have a problem finding one that suited him.

“Alright, the Immortal World isn’t like Saint Origin World where we had our backups and foundations. You need to be extra careful in everything.” Jiang Chen reminded.

“Don’t worry, have we had any lesser experience along our way together? Didn’t we survive whatever waves and storms we encountered? It’s you who should be more careful in Skycloud Pavilion. Tian Muyun won’t be so easy to deal with,” said Han Yan with a smile.

“Be rest a.s.sured. I have my own plans for that. Ah Yan, you should quietly leave now while Fu Hui isn’t here yet. You’d better not let him see your current condition. Although he is a good man, we still need to be very careful so that we won’t be caught,” said Jiang Chen.

Despite Fu Hui being a trustworthy person, he was also a smart person. If he saw Han Yan’s early Heaven Immortal cultivation, he could very quickly link it to the stolen lotus.

It would be nothing but bad luck if someone knew their secret.

“Alright. Little Chen, Big Yellow, take care.”

Han Yan held his fists, left the courtyard and disappeared in the darkness. Now that he’s an early Heaven Immortal expert, flying in the sky wasn’t a problem anymore.

It couldn’t be helped that Han Yan’s departure would make the two of them feel a little down. They had, after all, just reunited. Based on the current situation in One-Line-Sky, no one could tell when they were going to meet again, but they guessed that it would be a long time before it would happen.

“That’s depressing. Back in Saint Origin World, we were the absolute authority. No one dared to disrespect us at that time. But after arriving in this world, we are like disowned and homeless pa.s.sengers,” said Big Yellow glumly.

“Don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time before we have our own place in the Immortal World. Didn’t we begin our journey from the insignificant and tiny Red City last time?”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. He liked pressure, excitement and intensity. The path of cultivation was a never-ending journey. Whether it was the pressure from Nan Bei Chao or Tian Muyun, he liked it very much. And he also like the gradual progress he was making and expectant of the time when he could step his great enemies under his foot.

The next day, early in the morning, Jiang Chen left the courtyard and headed for the residence where Fu Hui lived.

“Brother Fu, how are things in the Prefecture?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Hey there, Brother Jiang. There aren’t really anything here to manage. With my dad and a few brothers here, there are basically nothing here for me to handle. So, I have been waiting for you. How was Brother Han Yan?”

Fu Hui seemed a little perked up when he saw Jiang Chen. He was supposed to return to the pavilion sooner, but because of Jiang Chen, he had waited for days in Cloudmist City.

“Ah Yan has finished his seclusion last night and has left already the city,” replied Jiang Chen.

“Ai! Brother Han Yan still has injuries and he isn’t strong enough. How can he leave all by himself? I have already made arrangements for him in the Prefecture,” said Fu Hui.

“Thanks a lot for Brother Fu’s efforts, but this brother of mine was used to freedom and not bound to anything. I apologize for the disappointment.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Fu Hui. It seemed like this young city lord was really a sincere friend, helping Han Yan arranged his day-to-day duty. This had improved Jiang Chen’s impression of him a lot more.

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