Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1135 – The Chance Had Finally Come

Chapter 1135 – The Chance Had Finally Come

The Chance Had Finally Come

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Now that they have arrived at the top of the mountain, Jiang Chen had to stay cautious. He couldn’t afford the slightest bit of carelessness. With his control, he slowly moved towards where the Qi of those experts came from. The current Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already become a tiny unnoticeable sand that had completely integrated itself with the void.

At the centre of the summit was a pillar formed entirely from glacier. It was crystal clear and transparent, like a fascinating pure crystal. This place was the coldest of all the mountains, and the Regenerative Lotus grew at the top of this pillar.

It was a full-bloom snowy lotus the size of a palm. Its body also seemed transparent. It radiated brilliant illumination and Qi that could intoxicate people. It was an unparalleled herb and a true treasure. No one could stay indifferent in front of this herb.

Standing around the Regenerative Lotus were eight guards in eight different directions. If one looked closely, the eight of them weren’t standing on the ground. They were hovering in the air, at the exact same height of the Regenerative Lotus. This was one of the tightest security ever.

The eight of them were staring at the Regenerative Lotus with greedy pair of eyes, but none of them was bold enough to steal it.

“The eight of us sure are lucky. Although none of us is able to consume it, the Qi exuded from it is highly beneficial to our cultivation.” An elder spoke.

“That’s right. The Regenerative Lotus is an unparalleled and invaluable herb. I can feel a significant improvement in my Qi and blood after staying close to this precious herb these past few days.” Another man spoke.

When Jiang Chen saw how tight the security was, he couldn’t help but knit his brows.

“Dammit! Why are these old men so serious about their duty?”

It gave Jiang Chen the urge to spurt out blood. The guarding style of these eight experts was like trying to stick their bodies to the lotus. Even if Jiang Chen could get close to the Regenerative Lotus, he wouldn’t have a chance of stealing it. The moment he tried to do that, he would immediately aroused their attention as all eight of them had enshrouded the lotus with their Qi.

“If these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds continue to be on guard like this, we won’t have a chance to steal it. In the end, we will have to give it up.”

Big Yellow shook his head. Judging from the current scene, there was no way that they could succeed.

“Little Chen, I think we shouldn’t take such a risk. It’s still not too late to pull back now.”

Said Han Yan, feeling somewhat apologetic in his heart because Jiang Chen had decided to do this mostly because of his sake. He would regret it even in his death if any accident happened to Jiang Chen.

“There is no bow that can shoot backwards. We’ll wait and see. If this situation continues until daybreak, we will retreat.”

Resoluteness was seen in his eyes. He wasn’t a man who would give up easily. He believed that there would always be a flaw for him to take advantage of, but this unfavourable condition didn’t change until the light appeared, he wasn’t foolish enough to risk his life for this.

In this way, Jiang Chen and the others had waited for another three hours. Although it was already in the middle of the night, these experts still hadn’t shown any kind of loophole for them. Big Yellow and Han Yan were getting impatient. They restlessly paced inside the paG.o.da.

Jiang Chen however seemed composed. It was a kind of composure that would never be affected even if the sky falls down, it was a demeanour that a true superior being should have.

“The most precious part of the Regenerative Lotus is its heart. I heard that it can bring back the dead with its heaven defying effect. Aside from the lotus heart, there are still many other precious parts. Given the good job that I have done, the patriarch of Yun Family will surely reward me with some parts of the lotus. At that time, the chances of me breaking through to the half-step Immortal King will be greatly increased.”

An elder of Yun Family spoke. His eyes were staring at the Regenerative Lotus. Judging from his tone, it sounded as if the Regenerative Lotus had already become Yun Family’s.

“You sure are shameless. How dare you make such indiscreet declaration? In my opinion, the Regenerative Lotus will definitely be acquired by Huangfu Family. After that, I’m going to get a portion of that benefit.”

An elder from Huangfu Family retorted. Huangfu Family and Yun Family had been competing and fighting against each other. Though the experts of both families had been given the same duty, it didn’t help reduce the arguments between the two. If it wasn’t for the Regenerative Lotus, they would’ve surely engaged in constant battles.

“Stop arguing, you two. Our sect master has prepared well for this coming grand ceremony and he’s going to get the grand prize. But if my sect master has a good mood at that time, he may give you all a piece of leaf of the lotus.”

An elder from the Profound Sun Sect said while stroking his beard.

“Haha! Your overconfidence sure is making me laugh. Both of your patriarch and sect master have grown old. Only my pavilion master is truly the strong one. He has already reached the half-step Immortal King realm at such a young age, surpa.s.sing his previous master’s record, which will surely decide victory and defeat at this ceremony.” The elder from Skycloud Pavilion laughed loudly.

“Humph! That Tian Muyun isn’t as impressive as you said.”

Someone snorted coldly. It was quite worrying thinking about this Tian Muyun. As the sect master and patriarchs of the other three major powers belonged to the old generation like Ouyang He, it made Tian Muyun the youngest one. This made the situation a whole lot worse than what they thought because this meant that Tian Muyun was a genius. Anyone should know that a true genius could never be judged by common sense. Besides, Tian Muyun had already surpa.s.sed his previous master, Ouyang He and had taken over the position of pavilion master after the pa.s.sing of his master.Additionally, no one knew how much he had improved within these past two years.

More importantly, the overlords of the three major powers knew each other very well. After years of fights and clashes, they had gained a clear understanding of each other’s means and trump cards, but neither of them knew Tian Muyun’s skills well. They were clueless about how powerful his means and ace cards were. This was without a doubt, a disadvantage for them.

“Gentlemen, we have already guarded the Regenerative Lotus for quite some time and it’s meaningless to continue guarding it so tightly now. Who in One-Line-Sky will have the guts to steal the Regenerative Lotus? Plus, we have already obtained some benefits by absorbing its Qi during these past few days. Since today is the final day of our guarding, we should retreat so that our patriarchs won’t notice the decrease in its Qi and blame us for it.”

At this time, the elder of Huangfu Family suggested.

Listening to this, Jiang Chen, who was about to give up on this theft, perked up.

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