Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1134 – The One-Line Mountain

Chapter 1134 – The One-Line Mountain

The One-Line Mountain

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“How long does it take for us to reach One-Line Mountain from here?” asked Jiang Chen.

“If we travel by flying, we’ll reach there in half a day’s time. If we travel by foot, it will take two days’ time,” replied Big Yellow.

“We can’t travel in the air. The matter of the Regenerative Lotus is a big one. We have to be extra careful about it. We have to keep a low-profile and approach stealthily. The Regenerative Lotus has matured two days ago while the grand ceremony will be held three days later. We will still reach our destination a day before the actual ceremony if we travel by foot. I suppose that those Eight Immortals won’t be there until the actual day of the ceremony. Logically, those Golden Immortal guards would lower their vigilance before the crowd start to converge on the summit, which means our chances of success will be higher,” said Jiang Chen.

He had always been meticulous. With the difficulty of stealing the lotus, he couldn’t afford to make one mistake. Although he couldn’t guarantee that his plan was foolproof, he would make sure he did whatever he could.

Commencing their plan the night before the grand ceremony was undoubtedly the best time as none of the One-Line Eight Immortals would show up at that time. Meanwhile, those Golden Immortal experts would lower their vigilance after days of constantly being on guard. This was included in Jiang Chen’s calculation.

“Little Chen, are you really sure?” asked Han Yan, still feeling incomparably worried. He had disapproved this idea from the very beginning. It was too dangerous, a thousand times more dangerous than s.n.a.t.c.hing a food out of the tiger’s mouth. In the event of any mishaps, none of them could surely bear it.

“I have to do it whether I’m sure or not. I won’t change the things which I have already decided. You and Big Yellow can return to Cloudmist City to meet Fu Hui. I alone will go to One-Line Mountain,” said Jiang Chen.

“I’m not going back. I want to see what One-Line Mountain is all about.”

Big Yellow declined Jiang Chen’s good intention on the spot.

“Good brothers will bear hards.h.i.+ps together. Moreover, you are stealing this Regenerative Lotus partly because of me. I will follow you and hide in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.” Han Yan spoke.

He and Big Yellow naturally understood Jiang Chen’s intention. After all, this task was too risky. Jiang Chen asked them to return to Cloudmist City for the sake of their safety.

Ah Da and Ah Er were standing at one side, silent. Their task would be to listen to Jiang Chen’s command. They would never speak without their master’s permission.

After eliminating all the demon kings, Jiang Chen let Ah Da, Ah Er, Big Yellow and Han Yan hid inside the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The environment inside the paG.o.da was not bad. In fact, it was conducive for them to cultivate. Only Jiang Chen was outside the paG.o.da by himself. He left the Mountain Range and headed towards One-Line Mountain.


One-Line Mountain was the most famous part in One-Line-Sky. It was the tallest mountain in One-Line-Sky, at least three times or more taller than the other mountains. One couldn’t see its top, like it was directly connected to the sky.

The Regenerative Lotus grew on top of the mountain. After spending two days travelling, they finally reached the mountain. By deliberately slowing down his speed, Jiang Chen arrived in the mountain at dusk.

Tomorrow would be the grand ceremony. Presently, people had already started to gather in a hundred mile radius outside the mountain. One could even see black moving things if one observed the crowd from the top.

“The grand ceremony is truly grand. So many of them have gathered here before the ceremony even began.” Jiang Chen said with a sigh.

“That’s of course. It’s only held once every two years, it’s a big event in One-Line-Sky. Who doesn’t want to see the true appearances of the Eight Immortals? To most of the Human Immortals, seeing these overlords’ faces is the thing they longed for. As such, it’s common that the crowd is extraordinary,” said Han Yan.

“Little Chen, when will we execute our plan?” Big Yellow asked.

“I will scout the peak of the mountain to check the situation first,” said Jiang Chen.

He then drilled into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The paG.o.da had now integrated with Jiang Chen’s body. Though it was perfectly suited for concealment, there was still a flaw within this paG.o.da – the limitation of movement.

In order words, if Jiang Chen was inside the paG.o.da, he could only use the paG.o.da to conceal himself or move a short distance. Otherwise, he would’ve use it to conceal himself while flying.

But Jiang Chen was already pretty satisfied with these functions. After all, the 14th Level was just too weak compared to the peak – 99th Level. There were still many functions that the paG.o.da had yet to reveal.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da turned into a tiny particle in the void, like the dust particle in the universe, and moved slowly towards the summit of the mountain. Even powerful Golden Immortal experts couldn’t notice this movement, except those Immortal King experts who had mastered the spatial law.

Despite that, Jiang Chen was being very careful because those guards were after all the mighty late Golden Immortal experts, a bunch of peak figures who were only a step away from the half-step Immortal King realm among the four major powers. So naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

Han Yan and Big Yellow didn’t even dare to exhale, afraid that one small breath will notify the guards.

The paG.o.da had already been moving for an hour, but it hadn’t reached the top yet.

“This mountain is too tall and the paG.o.da is moving too slowly.” Han Yan couldn’t help blurting it out.

“This is the highest mountain in One-Line-Sky. We are only half-way through it,” said Big Yellow.

After another hour, the light in the sky was gone and was taken over by the darkness. Tonight’s sky didn’t seem like a pleasant one. It was unusually dark due to the dark clouds that had obscured the moonlight and the stars. This was what they called night was dark and the wind was strong. Usually, something bad would happen during this period.

But the mountaintop didn’t seem as dark. There was snow everywhere. The mountains still looked the same during day time. It was like a fantasy and a painting. In other words, this mountain would stay as beautiful no matter if it was day or night.

In such a large place, it wasn’t easy to find the Regenerative Lotus under the condition of not being able to use divine sense, but Jiang Chen was sure that the place where the Regenerative Lotus was at would have the Qi of the experts.

The four major powers have sent those Golden Immortal experts to guard here not because of the mountain nor to create dominance before the grand ceremony, but solely because of the Regenerative Lotus. Now that it had matured, the eight of them surely wouldn’t put their eyes away from it.

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