Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1136 – The Moment of Crisis

Chapter 1136 – The Moment of Crisis

The Moment of Crisis

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Frankly, even Jiang Chen was about to give up at this moment as he saw no chance of stealing the lotus and daybreak was approaching. The eight Golden Immortal experts were still staying too close to the lotus. There was no way Jiang Chen could execute his plan.

However, in this critical juncture, an elder from Huangfu Family suggested such an unexpected idea. This had immediately improved Jiang Chen’s impression of him, he had just provided Jiang Chen a great help.

“Brother Huangfu’s right. The way we are guarding it right now makes us look greedy in front of our patriarchs. Besides, we have already obtained quite a lot of benefits from the Regenerative Lotus. So this few hours of time won’t make much difference. Furthermore, our duty is to guard the Regenerative Lotus. Now that it has almost reached the end of the period, our task should be considered done by now.”

An elder from Skycloud Pavilion nodded approvingly. After all, they were the peak figures in One-Line-Sky. All of them attached very high importance to their face. They would never do things that would jeopardize their reputation. If news of these eight experts absorbing the Qi exuded by the Regenerative Lotus was spread out, it would surely put their face to shame.

“With our presence, who will dare to rob the Regenerative Lotus? I’m afraid no one in One-Line-Sky is stupid enough to provoke the four major powers.”

An elder from Yun Family spoke arrogantly.

As a matter of fact, they didn’t need as many as eight peak Golden Immortal experts to guard this lotus at the same time. But the fact that all four major powers sent these dignified elders here to guard indicated that they weren’t afraid of other people stealing the lotus, but to act as a deterrence against themselves, particularly amongst themselves.

Subsequently, the eight of them removed their Qi from the Regenerative Lotus together, landed from the sky. They had finally lowered their guard at the last moment. In fact, they weren’t as vigilant as they seemed because the people they wanted to guard against were just in front of each of them.

“Little Chen, our chance has come.”

Big Yellow’s eyes glittered. They had waited for almost one night for this rare chance to pop out. If these old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds still refused to lower their vigilance, they would certainly despair ever coming here.

“This was what I’ve been waiting for. Get ready.”

A cold smirk was seen at the corner of his mouth. Then, he willed the paG.o.da to move forward in such a slow speed that it didn’t even cause movement in the airflow. He needed to be extra careful in a such crucial time like this. One single carelessness might lead to their extinction.

Sure enough, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da didn’t let Jiang Chen down. The eight experts continued with their chit-chat as Jiang Chen got close to the Regenerative Lotus.

Soon, the dust-like paG.o.da appeared above the Regenerative Lotus. It sure was a nice plant seeing it from such a close distance, especially its heart at the centre. It had the size of a fingernail, a transparent body and a plain-looking liquid moving within. One glance at it and you could already tell that it was an invaluable treasure of the Heavens and Earth.

At such a close distance, Big Yellow and Han Yan became incomparably excited. Both of them knew that this was the most critical moment. Jiang Chen just needed to stretch his hand out to get it, but what concerned them the most was how would they run away after that.

Currently, the eight experts had already landed below. Each of them seemed bored, totally putting away their attention on the Regenerative Lotus.

Jiang Chen was watching every one of them with caution. Then finally, a ray of cold light was shot out from his eyes.

“We can’t wait any longer. Let’s do it now.”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. He concealed all of his Qi, stuck out his large palm towards the Regenerative Lotus speedily.

“Who is it?”

The moment Jiang Chen revealed his hand, the eight experts below became alert. An elder from Huangfu Family clamoured as the eight of them turned around at the same time, looking at where the Regenerative Lotus was and saw a palm had suddenly emerged out of nowhere, s.n.a.t.c.hing the Regenerative Lotus with lightning speed. The lotus vanished in the next instant.

“Not good, someone is stealing the Regenerative Lotus.”

“Dammit! Who actually has the guts to steal the Regenerative Lotus?”

“Who are you, thief?! Leave the Regenerative Lotus here!”


The eight of them were enraged. They had guarded the unparalleled herb for so long. They couldn’t accept that someone would actually stole it right under their very noses. They wouldn’t be able to come up with a reasonable explanation for their patriarchs if the lotus was really stolen by some unknown individual.

*Hong Long……*

In almost an instant, the eight of them simultaneously unleashed all of their peak Golden Immortal Qi. Waves of Qi from eight different experts rolled out and combined with one another, enshrouding the entire One-Line Mountain.

“Quickly, look. What’s going on there? Why is there such powerful Qi?”

“My G.o.d! The whole One-Line Mountain is encompa.s.sed by that Qi. What happened? It seems like this Qi is coming from a Golden Immortal realm expert at least and there is more than one. Could it be that some experts exist on top of the mountain?”

“The pressure is too strong. We have to distance ourselves from it more, or else we will suffer unnecessary casualties or injuries. The experts on top are too powerful.”


The bystanders who had come to watch the grand ceremony were shocked by the scene. All of them thought that the top of the One-Line Mountain was empty. They didn’t expect that so many Golden Immortal experts were hiding there. Now that every one of these experts had unleashed their powerful killing intent, something big was about to happen.

Above the One-Line Mountain, the eight Golden Immortal experts were standing at different positions, sealing the entire void of the area, giving no chance for the thief to escape, but what annoyed them was that they still couldn’t find where the thief was.

The situation made the eight of them slightly nervous because only experts who had reached the Immortal King realm or above could penetrate the void casually.

Presently, Jiang Chen and the others had fallen in a real crisis. Although they were able to conceal themselves in the paG.o.da, there was no way that the paG.o.da could leave this place in a matter of seconds. Plus, the void was already fully sealed by these eight experts which made it even harder for them to escape.

“Dammit! Peak Golden Immortal experts sure is difficult to deal with. Their response is too fast.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but swear. He had concealed his Qi while stealing the Regenerative Lotus. It should have been a stealthy move, but that move couldn’t escape the senses of these experts. This wasn’t because of his incompetence. It was just because peak Golden Immortal experts were too powerful. This scenario made them worthy to be called existences who had comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo.

*Hong Long……*

At this time, the eight of them launched an attack cooperatively at the place where Jiang Chen appeared just now. The energy from these attacks were destructive. If the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was struck directly by these attacks, it would be crushed instantly despite of its extraordinary defensive strength.

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