Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1131 – Subduing another One

Chapter 1131 – Subduing another One

Subduing another One

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Jiang Chen didn’t involve himself in the battle, he just stood at a far distance watching the battle. He wanted to see the difference between these two brothers, so that he will know how much power a demon king has from its counterpart.

He had to admit that this pair of twins were equally aggressive. They used the same combat techniques. There was still no clear victor after over a hundred rounds of exchange and smas.h.i.+ng.

“These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds sure are savage. If the both of them stand on the same side, their enemies surely won’t stand a chance.”

Inside the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Big Yellow could clearly see the battle.

“That’s right. If Little Chen is able to subdue both of them, we will have a pair of super powerful hands in our side. Being twin brothers, they both have the similar combat style. Plus, there is tacit understanding between the two of them, making their cooperation flawless. The other demon kings would surely end up in tragedy if they confront these two brothers.” Said Han Yan.

“Fortunately, these two brothers are having a feud with each other. Otherwise, there will be no other territory and demon kings in this desolate mountain range.”

Said Big Yellow, implying that these two bulls would really be powerful once they joined forces together.

“Big brother, are you f*cking crazy?! How can you follow a human? You are putting our ancestors and heavenly devil bloodline to shame.”

The young brother was about to cough up blood. His brother was extremely ferocious today, and fought aggressively than usual. He really wanted to know what skill Jiang Chen used to subdue his proud and conceited brother.

“Little brother, as long as you yield to master, it will be just like last time when the both of us were hunting and living together. We will definitely have lots of harvest in the future by following master.”

The big brother continued to advice his younger brother bitterly, like an elderly.

“F*ck your harvest!” The younger brother coughed out blood.

“How do you f*cuk a harvest?” The big brother’s response made the younger brother spewed out blood once again.

“You son of a b*tch!”

“Our mum is not a b*tch.”


This pair of brothers didn’t forget to throw insults at each other in the fight which pleased Jiang Chen very much. If this continued, the younger bull would certainly lose the match without Jiang Chen’s interference, not because of its incompetence, but because of infuriation.

There was a technique called infuriation, it could shorten one’s life due to anger.

“Kaka! These two bulls are really amusing!” Big Yellow burst into laughter.

*Hong Long……*

The elder bull was unwilling to give in as he had received Jiang Chen’s command to take down this young brother of his. So naturally, the fight won’t stop unless the other party was willing to give up.

“Little Chen, don’t delay this and finish it now. The commotion created by these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are too big. We still need to deal with the other demon kings later. We can’t afford to delay our schedule of returning to One-Line Summit.” Han Yan reminded.


Jiang Chen nodded. Immediately, he turned into his dragon-form and held the Heavenly Saint Sword that was burning with scorching flames. He lunged at the younger bull, not hoping to severely injure the bull, but to suppress it with his True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flame. In this case, the younger bull’s combat power would be affected. Once the elder bull gained the upper hand over the young bull, Jiang Chen would then take the opportunity to edify the younger bull.

“d.a.m.n! I never thought that this human has such powerful means and incredible transformation technique. What kind of flames are these? How can it suppress my devil nature?”

The young bull’s facial expression changed dramatically. He wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen’s combat power, but the flames really shocked him. He couldn’t exert his full strength under such suppression.

“Unparalleled Barbaric Bull.”

Just as Jiang Chen suppressed the younger brother, the elder brother launched his attack. As a powerful demon king, he had plenty of experience in battle and knew when was the right time to attack. The perfect moment has arrived, it sent a heavy attack towards the opponent.

The elder bull turned into a huge vigorous black bull that looked like a true bull devil. His giant hoof then made a kick on the younger bull.


The younger bull had lost its defence the moment Jiang Chen’s flames and his elder brother’s powerful technique were launched at him.

Under the attack of the peerless black bull, the younger bull was sent flying away. It spewed a big mouthful of blood.

“Receive my slash.”

Jiang Chen’s demeanour was domineering. His sword strike accompanied the elder bull’s attack. In less than ten rounds, the younger bull lost its stance and competence to fight.

“Suppress him, elder bull.” Shouted Jiang Chen.

“Yes, master.” The elder bull unleashed all of its Qi that formed into a large net, enshrouding the younger bull at once.

“Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen picked the timing accurately. The edifying light shot into the younger bull’s body unnoticeably.


Feeling the threat of the edifying light, the younger bull roared hoa.r.s.ely. Both of his hands were holding his head, wailing miserably. At the last moment, he finally understood how his big brother was subdued. It was this ray of light that had entered his brain. Once he yield to the light, he would be fully edified and the human would become his master.

After that, Jiang Chen kept the Heavenly Saint Sword and returned to his human form. He was very confident in his edifying light. He antic.i.p.ated that the younger bull could only hold on for a minute or so before giving up entirely.

Sure enough, the young bull yielded to the edifying light after a minute. The struggle and infuriation in its eyes were replaced by brightness. He approached Jiang Chen and bowed respectfully. “Master.”

“Haha! This is what you should do, younger brother. It’s best to follow master. What you did just now was just some meaningless struggle.”

The elder bull came to the younger bull’s side and patted its shoulder.

“Thank you for your advice, big brother. I almost went astray just now.”

The younger bull looked deeply ashamed. It only showed that the hard feelings between the two had already been resolved.

“d.a.m.n! It can also make them become so grateful and enlightened even after being edified. This light surely is too abnormal.”

Han Yan felt somewhat speechless. In fact, a scene like this could make any bystander speechless. The previous brutal scene suddenly changed to something peaceful so quickly. Truthfully, Buddha Sect was the greatest enemy of the devil race because they can suppress the devils. The edifying light originated from the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra, the number one scripture of Buddha Sect, which explained why the light was so powerful.

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