Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1130 – The Twin Brother

Chapter 1130 – The Twin Brother

The Twin Brother

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“Yes, master.”

The barbaric bull followed exactly what Jiang Chen said without the slightest bit of opposition even if it was already plotting against his own twin brother. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was the only master or being that he could follow and listen.

It wasn’t the right time to disclose their existence yet, so he asked Big Yellow and Han Yan to enter the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da once more. He realized the wonderful function of the paG.o.da when arrived in the Immortal World. Putting every other function aside, its ability to conceal their existence was enough to make it a treasure desired by countless of experts. It was also this function that had brought plenty of convenience to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen fluttered his Flaming Wings and flew towards the other side of the mountain range – the place where the twin brother resided – under the barbaric bull’s lead.

The barbaric bull’s Qi was arrogant and powerful. Given the fact that his injuries had already recovered and his power returning to its peak form, he was no doubt, one of the demon kings in this desolate mountain range. So he would naturally not stop himself from showing its proud and domineering side wherever he went.

Soon, the both of them arrived at a region. In front of them was a big mountain with a cave at its side, however, the cave was unnoticeable if one didn’t pay close attention to it.

The barbaric bull flew torwards the cave and unleashed its powerful Qi. Every one of the seven demon kings had their own domain. If someone amongst them unleashed his or her Qi in the other demon king’s domain, it would be regarded as a direct confrontation and a big battle would be inevitable.

This type of provocation was even more direct than shouting and yelling.


Sure enough, just as the barbaric bull released its Qi, an angry roar was heard from the inside. The echoing roar was so loud that it shook the entire mountain. Then, a wave of black devil flames rushed out of the cave.

The devil flames danced and turned into a barbaric bull. These two bulls were worthy of being called twin brothers. Both of them looked alike. If they were standing side by side in front of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t be able to discern which was the one he had subdued unless he judged them based on their Qi. The one that was subdued by him has the Qi of the Edifying Light.

“Big brother, what are you doing in my place? Could it be that you want to fight me because you can’t stand the boredom anymore?”

The newly-appeared barbaric bull said in a bad-tempered tone. It showed that the relations.h.i.+p between the both of them wasn’t good.

But immediately, the barbaric bull fixed its eyes on Jiang Chen. A hint of shock emerged in his eyes when he saw his own brother standing together with this human.

“What are you doing with a human? I know, you want to use this human to ingratiate yourself with me so that our relations.h.i.+p would be restored. Unfortunately it’s useless. I can see that this brat does have a very exuberant Qi and blood and also a delicate skin and meat. He might taste quite good. Anyway, just leave him here and go. About you disturbing my sweet sleep, I will treat it as if nothing has ever happened.”

The barbaric bull said casually, treating Jiang Chen as a prey that his big brother had come to give him.

“Shut up, little brother! Don’t be rude to my master!”

The edified barbaric bull raged. He would never allow anyone to be disrespectful to his master and that included his own twin brother. His twin brother could insult him, his big brother, but not his master.

“Eh? What did you just say? Master? Big brother, is your brain fried or what? Are you calling this human as your master?”

Apparently, the young barbaric bull was dumbfounded by his big brother’s words. Although the relations.h.i.+p between the brothers wasn’t a pleasant one, they knew each other pretty well. As a demon king, every one of them had their own pride and dignity. Even if they die, they would never yield to a human, much less to a human with a super weak cultivation base. So what exactly happened?

“Little brother, I now belong to my master. My master is a top grade genius of this world. My future achievements will surely be immeasurable by following him. As courtesy and as your big brother, I have come this time to ask you to become my master’s follower, just like me. I hope you can stop being obsessed in your own world.” The elder bull spoke.

The younger bull was stunned after listening to what his big brother said. His mouth was left open so wide that it could be stuffed with a big basin. He was doubting his hearing ability. He wouldn’t feel so surprised if his big brother had come here to start a fight with him, but what was happening now? His proud and arrogant big brother, also a Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull, had just claimed that a puny human was his master. What was so special about this young human that made his big brother so loyal to him?

He wasn’t a fool. He could see that his big brother had been completely subdued by this white-clothed youth. He couldn’t help but dart another glance at Jiang Chen.

“What your big brother said is true. You will gain great benefits after submitting to me. Don’t resist to avoid getting some physical injuries.” Jiang Chen said to the young barbaric bull.

“Haha! You puny human. What can you do to make this demon king submit himself to you? This must be the funniest joke in the world. I can devour a hundred of brats like you in one gulp.”

That barbaric bull burst into laughter, absolutely not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. Although he was clueless about what had happened to his big brother, he knew that it was impossible for a demon king to submit himself to a puny human even if he was threatened to death.

“Don’t waste anymore time. Proceed.”

Jiang Chen’s expression turned cold. He then ordered his a.s.sistant bull to attack. He had already expected this scene earlier. For a demonic beast like this barbaric bull that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride, it was totally impossible for him to subdue it so easily. This also applied to that big brother of his. If it wasn’t because of the help of the Edifying Light, Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t succeed in subduing this conceited beast.

“Yes, master.”

The big brother bowed before Jiang Chen and unleashed its powerful Qi and combat intent. He turned towards the younger brother. “Little brother, since you are still trapped in your own thoughts, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

As his voice faded, he roared and lunged at the young brother. The Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull had very solid body, even if it was a collision of pure brute force, it could flatten a late Heaven Immortal human to death.

“Dammit! You are crazy big brother!”

The young brother had the urge to cough up blood. He now knew that his big brother was under the full control of this young man. His big brother wouldn’t even frown if it was commanded to kill itself.

*Hong Long……*

Both barbaric bulls collided together. The sky was blotted out by the dark devil waves. It was imaginable how big the movement of the impact was.

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