Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1132 – The End of the Demon Kings

Chapter 1132 – The End of the Demon Kings

The End of the Demon Kings

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“Both of you will become my faithful followers. You will be called Ah Da and Ah Er.”

Said Jiang Chen. The name Ah Da and Ah Er were used on the two dark souls that he had edified back in the Devil World. Today, he decided to give these two subordinates the same name.

“Yes, master.”

Both of them bowed before Jiang Chen.

“Ah Er, come over here, let me help you treat your wounds first.”

Said Jiang Chen. Ah Er had received some injuries in the fight and was needed to be treated as soon as possible so that he could join his brother to deal with the other demon kings. Only then could Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da absorb those demon kings’ Qi and blood essence, condensing the Fourteenth Level. After that, they would need to head back to One-Line Mountain.

Large amount of wood spiritual Qi had been transferred into Ah Er’s body. He had the similar shocked expression as his elder brother earlier. It only took a moment before all of its injuries were healed, returning to its peak condition. Because his injuries weren’t as severe as his brother, his injuries took much lesser time to heal.

“Master’s means is truly marvellous. I surely will be able to soar and succeed in the future.”

Ah Ern’s word were filled with grat.i.tude, just like his elder brother. This was the effect of the edifying light. There was only obeying and following in their minds now.

“Ah Da and Ah Er, both of your injuries have been fully healed. We will now go and eradicate the other five demon kings. Which do you think should we eradicate first?”

Asked Jiang Chen. He didn’t want to waste any more time. Once he decided to do something, he had to finish it fast.

“Both of us are enough to conquer this desolate Land. The Silver Lion King is closest from here. We can deal with him first.” Said Ah Da.

“That’s right. Although that Silver Lion King has a very powerful combat strength, however, neither of the demon king could outmatch the others. Now that both of us are joining hands in the fight, the Silver Lion King won’t stand a chance.”

Ah Er said confidently.

“Alright, we will start with the Silver Lion King first then.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Under the lead of Ah Da and Ah Er, he flew towards the territory of the Silver Lion King.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the Silver Lion King’s territory. Almost instantly, both of them unleashed their Qi to draw the Lion King’s attention.

A strong wave of Qi rose from the mountains ahead before a silvery cloud emerged. On top of the cloud was a middle-aged man in silver robe, and with a head of silver hair, st.u.r.dy physique and tall nose, the nose of a typical lion.

This was the powerful Silver Lion King that has a unique bloodline. Although it wasn’t considered a n.o.ble demonic beast, it was incomparable to any ordinary demonic beast. Otherwise, it wouldn’t become the king of this territory.

“Humph! What are you two stupid bulls doing in my place? Are you two here to have some drink?”

When the Silver Lion King saw Ah Da and Ah Er, he immediately spoke in an unfriendly tone.

“Silver Lion King, we are both here to take your life.” Ah Da spoke straightforwardly.

“Haha! This is a joke. Haven’t you two brothers have enough of it yet? This desolate mountain range is conquered by us, the seven demon kings. We have never crossed each other’s line, but today, you two have broken into my place and spoken some offensive words, are you trying to break the peace of this area?”

The Silver Lion King laughed loudly. The seven demon kings must knew each other very well. After so many years of struggles, none of such preposterous incident had ever taken place. So, it didn’t concern him much even when these two twin bulls emerged in his place at the same time.

“Silver Lion, we brothers have casted our past feud aside and had decided to deal with you together.”

Said Ah Er, unleas.h.i.+ng his killing intent straightaway, and locking on the Silver Lion King’s Qi.

Only Ah Da and Ah Er were present in front of the Silver Lion King. Jiang Chen currently was hiding inside the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, observing everything ahead closely. There ought to be an earth-shaking battle amongst them. It was imaginable that the Silver Lion King was no match for Ah Da and Ah Er, but because of the Silver Lion King still being very strong, it was very likely that he would escape if it was in a critical situation. Jiang Chen’s purpose of concealing himself was to prevent this from happening. He would launch a deadly strike at this demon king when the time came.

Although the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had wonderful functions, Jiang Chen still needed to launch his attack at the Silver Lion King personally. As he couldn’t attack inside the paG.o.da, he needed to get out of the paG.o.da to launch a sneak attack at the most crucial moment, when the Silver Lion King was about to escape from the battle. The reason that he couldn’t get involved in the battle now was to stay hidden from the Silver Lion King. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was indeed a very solid s.h.i.+eld, there was no guarantee that the Silver Lion King couldn’t damage the paG.o.da once it found their coordinates. This was a mistake that Jiang Chen couldn’t afford to make as it might jeopardize their plan of stealing the Regenerative Lotus.

When the Silver Lion King sensed Ah Da and Ah Er’s killing intent in the void, its facial expression darkened. He was smart enough to realise that these two barbaric bulls were serious today. This kind of killing intent indicated that they were going all out in this battle.

“Humph! I’m not having a good mood today, see you.”

The Silver Lion King made a cold humph, then turned and left. He was indeed very shrewd to know that he was no match against the two barbaric bulls.

“You are leaving, Silver Lion?”

Ah Da clamoured. He had already antic.i.p.ated Silver Lion King’s action before this, so how could he allow his target to leave? Immediately, he flew towards the Silver Lion King, blocking him at the front and his younger brother was at his back. Even though these two twins didn’t have a very good relations.h.i.+p before this, they were after all blood brothers. They still had a tacit understanding of each other which allowed them to cooperate flawlessly. Both of their divine sense and Qi had already sealed this area, not giving the Silver Lion King the slightest bit of chance to flee.

“You two foolish bulls! Could it be that you two really want me dead? In that case, I will just go all out with you two as well.”

The Silver Lion King was enraged. He had never thought that these two barbaric bulls were true to their words and so relentless.

“Stop your nonsense, Silver Lion. Younger brother, now! Unparalleled Barbaric Bull.”

Ah Da didn’t continue conversing with the Silver Lion King. He ordered his brother to strike, then struck out with his strongest technique along with his brother. For a moment, two 300 meters size unparalleled barbaric bulls emerged in the sky, like ma.s.sive black mountains that could make any bystander s.h.i.+ver in fear.

*Roar!* *Roar!*

The barbaric bulls raged, charging at the Silver Lion King from both directions frenziedly. This attack contained a very destructive might. If it was a direct hit, the target would either be seriously injured or dead.


The Silver Lion King didn’t dare neglect their charging attacks, it quickly transformed into its true form.

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