Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1129 – An Unexpected Harvest

Chapter 1129 – An Unexpected Harvest

An Unexpected Harvest

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“En, keep a lookout for me first. When I recover, I will treat your injuries.”

Jiang Chen darted a glance at the barbaric bull. Now that he and Big Yellow were worn out, they needed to recover as soon as possible. As for the barbaric bull’s injuries, it wasn’t quite a big deal compared to them because it hadn’t affected its origin. With Jiang Chen’s wood spirit, he would certainly heal pretty fast.

“Yes, master.”

The barbaric bull nodded and didn’t dare show slightest bit of disrespect to Jiang Chen’s words. This was the magic of the Edifying Light. Once the target had been edified, it would follow its master’s order without a question. Even if Jiang Chen wanted the barbaric bull to kill itself before him, the bull wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation.

Han Yan walked out of the paG.o.da and saw the big difference between the current barbaric bull compared to the previous ferocious bull.

“This Edifying Light sure is marvellous. With this bull following you, it’s like bringing a half-step Divine Immortal expert with you. Plus, this bull has already reached the peak of Heaven Immortal realm. It’s highly possible for it to break through to the half-step Divine Immortal at any moment. At that time, its power will be equivalent to an early Divine Immortal expert.”

Han Yan marvelled and raised his thumb up to Jiang Chen’s terrifying skill.

“Little Chen, master dog is exhausted to death. Quickly, restore my powers, and where are those Immortal Meta Stones?” Big Yellow said impolitely.

“Don’t worry.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t be calculative with his brother. Immediately, he took out loads of Immortal Meta Stones. This time, Big Yellow was not the only one who wanted the stones, he himself also needed it very much. After spending almost all of his energy wielding that combat halberd, he had to recover fast. There would always be danger everywhere in this desolate land. But with the help of the barbaric bull, any ordinary demonic beast wouldn’t dare approach the area that was filled with its barbaric bull’s aura.

An hour later, both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had completely recovered. They weren’t injured badly. It was just that most of their energy had been spent. Due to Big Yellow’s powerful bloodline and Jiang Chen’s incredible healing speed, they merely took an hour to fully recover. Such healing speed totally shocked the barbaric bull who was standing beside them.

Master is truly a special human. I will certainly gain lots of benefits by following him.

The barbaric bull chuckled to himself.

The first thing that Jiang Chen did after recovering was to treat the bull’s injuries. Now that the bull had become his strongest helper, he naturally needed to restore the bull’s peak performance.

“Barbaric bull, come over here. I’ll help you heal your injuries.” Said Jiang Chen.

The barbaric bull hastily walked towards Jiang Chen respectfully. Although he had no idea how would Jiang Chen heal his wounds, he wouldn’t dare disobey Jiang Chen’s order.

Jiang Chen stuck out his palm. Powerful wood spirit Qi was channelled into the bull’s body through its wounds.


While receiving the energy of the wood spirit, its body couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver with comfort and pleasantness, like a dry wasteland finally being washed by a heavy rain.

In just ten minutes’, all the injuries of the barbaric bull was healed completely. It looked more alive and full of energy, like a vigorous tiger.

“Master’s means is truly amazing. Thank you, master for treating my injuries.”

The barbaric bull was astounded. It was its first time experiencing such a heaven defying skill. If it didn’t experienced it personally, it would certainly not believe it even if it was threatened to death.

“Big Yellow, what were those broken swords just now? Why were they so terrifyingly powerful?”

Han Yan looked over at Big Yellow. It was his first time seeing this kind of technique. The barbaric bull also turned to Big Yellow, feeling curious as well about that treasure.

“I’m not telling you all. Can’t master dog have his own secrets?”

Big Yellow said arrogantly, totally not giving Han Yan face.

“F*ck you!”

Han Yan raised his middle finger at Big Yellow disdainfully.

“Alright, this time we really had a great harvest in this trip, which increased our chances of getting the Regenerative Lotus.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, are we returning now?” Asked Han Yan.

“There is no need to rush. We still have time.”

Said Jiang Chen. Then, he turned to the barbaric bull. “Barbaric bull, how many great demons that have the same level as you reside here?”

Jiang Chen always made sure that there were no benefits left behind in the area before departing.

“Master, there are a total of seven of us, guarding seven different parts in this desolate mountain range, and this is my territory.” Said the barbaric bull.

“Seven? Do you have confidence in defeating all of them?”

Asked Jiang Chen. If he was able to refine all of these great demons, his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would directly reach the Fourteenth Level.

“I don’t have such confidence. The seven of us are on par with each other in terms of cultivation. Although we have competed many times to seize each other’s territory, no one has ever succeeded.” Said the barbaric bull.

“It seems like it isn’t an easy task to get rid of all of them.”

Jiang Chen frowned. One Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull was hard enough to handle. Plus, this was done by suppressing it with the skills that they have. If it was replaced by a demonic beast that they couldn’t suppress using their skills, it would certainly be hard for them to take the beast down.

“Is master thinking of getting rid of them? I do have an idea.” Said the barbaric bull.

“Speak.” Said Jiang Chen.

“I have a twin brother that was also from the Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull race. But because of some trivial matters, he initiated the idea of the seven of us dominating only our own territory. If master and I could combine our strength together and edify my brother, it won’t be a problem for us to deal with the other demon kings.” Said the barbaric bull.

After listening to what the bull said, their eyes glittered. They had never thought of this unexpected harvest. Subduing a Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bull was already good enough for one trip’s harvest, but adding another demon king into the picture, it seemed like a treasure that had fallen from the sky.

With these two barbaric bulls eradicating the other demon kings, Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da would surely advance to another level and thus, increasing their chances of getting the Regenerative Lotus. This was no doubt a really pleasant thing.

“Little Chen, it seems like you are going to raze this mountain range to the ground.” Han Yan revealed a cold smirk.

“Since we have come here, we will make sure we didn’t come in vain. Barbaric bull, bring me to your twin brother now so that I can subdue him.”

Said Jiang Chen. He might not be that confident in subduing an ordinary demonic beast, but confronting a devilish barbaric bull just like this current a.s.sistant of his gave him the advantage because of his flames and dragon transformation skill. Besides, he will also have the help of this powerful barbaric bull, the twin brother of the other barbaric bull. Therefore, this hunt would surely be easier compared to the previous battle where he and Big Yellow had almost wore themselves out to death just to subdue a single demon king.

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