Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1123 – The Yellow Poisonous Scorpion

Chapter 1123 – The Yellow Poisonous Scorpion

The Yellow Poisonous Scorpion

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There was still one more day until the Regenerative Lotus matured, and Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry. He just needed to get his hands on that lotus before the day of the grand ceremony. Therefore, he still had ample time to prepare.

However, the two days after the Regenerative Lotus matured would have the tightest security compared to any of the days. The eight late Golden Immortal experts would certainly put all of their focus on the Regenerative Lotus and this wouldn’t be in his favor.

Unwittingly, they had entered the central region of the desolate mountain. Comparing this place to the edge of the mountains, it was an extremely dangerous for an expert to be at. No ordinary mid Heaven Immortal expert would dare to step into this region, there were horrifying late Heaven Immortal demons living there. Once they provoked these demons, death would be definite.

Ahead of them was a desert. The size of the land was merely a hundred miles which wasn’t considered large. It was calm and quiet. Apart from the yellow sand, there was nothing else here, but Jiang Chen and the others could smell the stench of danger, the stench of blood.

There were huge skeletons scattered all over the place. There were also some human bones. It could be seen that the silent atmosphere concealed an extreme amount of danger. These skeletons were enough to tell that lots of intense bloodshed had happened on this barren land.

The law of the Immortal World had always been cruel. The same went to the demonic beasts. A barren land was also a world and the law here was even crueler. It was equivalent to the law of jungle that was full of killings and tyranny.

“Be careful, this desert isn’t as calm as it seems.”

Jiang Chen warned and strode into the desert.

*Sha…* *Sha…*

Just as they entered the barren land, they heard a rustling sound from below. It sounded like it came from the netherworld. In addition, the sound was revolting. When it reached people’s ears, it made people feel sick and unpleasant.

*Hong Long……*

The earth began to shake violently. Yellow sand was moving like waves. Neither of them had any idea what was hidden beneath the sand. It looked like an earth dragon.


Immediately, a terrible howl was heard from the ground. Then, a monster that had the same color as the sand emerged. Although this monster was moving in a very swift speed, Jiang Chen was able to see it clearly. It was a huge scorpion with bristly body and yellow skin that illuminated netherlight. This yellow scorpion had fixed on its target. It charged at Jiang Chen, opening its huge mouth the moment it appeared.

Jiang Chen used the True Dragon Palm to enshroud the yellow scorpion and heavily slam it to the ground, pulverizing it instantly.

Countless of black liquid oozed out of its body, creating sizzling sound. As the black liquid got in contact with the yellow sand, white smoke was produced.

When the same black liquid touched Jiang Chen’s hands, similarly, it produced a sizzling sound, seemingly trying to corrode Jiang Chen’s palm completely.

“It has a very strong toxicity.”

Jiang Chen was a little shocked, but that didn’t really concern him as he was immune to hundreds of poisons. These poisons were nothing to him. He could instantly get rid of it in a matter of seconds.

“It was a venomous scorpion.”

Han Yan’s facial expression changed slightly.

“This is the yellow poisonous scorpion. It lives in harsh desert and is called the king of the desert. Aside from its ability to camouflage, it is good at sneak-attacking. The scary thing about them is its ruthless poison. The poison of this scorpion is very different from any ordinary poison we know. We are able to identify normal poison at first glance, but because of the scorpion’s camouflage, it made it hard for anyone to identify the poison that it is carrying. Normally, these scorpions have their own territory. The other demonic beasts will never deliberately provoke them. They are already considered lucky if this poisonous scorpion didn’t go and hunt them.”

Explained Big Yellow. Apparently, he had quite an understanding of this demonic beast.

“This desert is only a hundred miles wide. It seems like there isn’t only one scorpion underneath this soil.” Said Jiang Chen.

“That is of course, yellow poisonous scorpion live in groups. They are also good at besieging attack besides sneak-attacking. We have already entered the deep region of the desert. If I’m not mistaken, I’m afraid that we have already been surrounded by them.”

Said Big Yellow, but his face was relaxed and didn’t seem the slightest bit tensed. Although the yellow poisonous scorpions were a very scary kind, they had lost their advantage when they met Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were both immune to any poison, they would instead become their nourishment. When these venomous living things lost their edge, it would then be turned into their disadvantage.

“Ah Yan, you must have careful.”

Jiang Chen uttered a warning. It was true that he and Big Yellow weren’t afraid of the lethal poison, however, Han Yan didn’t have such an advantage. If he was. .h.i.t by the poisonous liquid, it surely wouldn’t be a joke.

*Sha…* *Sha…*

As soon as Jiang Chen’s word faded, the sound of sand movement beneath them intensified. The hundred miles of peaceful desert suddenly rolled chaotically, like an earthquake. Cracks began to appear and sullen wind rustled, blowing countless of yellow sand into mid-air.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

A large yellow poisonous scorpion rushed out of those cracks. In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred scorpions appeared, besieging Jiang Chen and the others at the center. All the poisonous scorpions were glaring at Jiang Chen with their vicious eyes. There were several poisonous scorpions which had reached the Heaven Immortal realm and they were hovering in the sky, but they were merely early Heaven Immortal beasts, totally harmless to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Dammit! There are so many of them. They are giving me a headache.” Han Yan couldn’t help but swore.

“Don’t worry. All these poisonous scorpions will become my nourishment. They are going to help me complete the condensation of the thirteenth level of my paG.o.da.”

Not only did Jiang Chen not show any sign of nervousness, a cold smirk was revealed at the corner of his mouth instead.

“Big Yellow, you and Ah Yan should enter the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Let me handle all of these monsters.”

Jiang Chen said, then ripped open a doorway for his two brothers.

Reluctantly, Big Yellow walked towards the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. As much as he wanted to stay and fight these poisonous scorpions, he knew Jiang Chen’s means. He knew that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d would end this quickly to avoid delaying their schedule.

After the two of them entered the paG.o.da, the entire dried desert was left with Jiang Chen alone. He was standing at the center surrounded by numerous poisonous scorpions. His face looked relaxed and calm.

*Howl…* *Howl…*

When these venomous beasts saw the man and dog vanis.h.i.+ng into the void all of a sudden, they let out a wild roar and charged at Jiang Chen frenziedly.

“Eternal Immortal Wind.”

Jiang Chen bellowed, gus.h.i.+ng out the powerful gale out of his body, but it was pulled back into his body the instant it was unleashed.

“d.a.m.n! I almost made a terrible mistake.”

Jiang Chen wiped a trickle of cold sweat. He was thinking of ending this battle quickly by using a large-scale combat technique. It was certain that all of these scorpions would die with just a gale.

However, he had overlooked one important fact – the Eternal Immortal Wind didn’t belong to him. It was gotten from Nan Bei Chao, it was the skill of Nan Bei Chao. Now that Nan Bei Chao was searching for him everywhere, he would most likely be sensed by Nan Bei Chao if he used this skill, and he certainly wouldn’t want that to happen considering the difficulty that he had in refining the soul imprint in his body,. According to Big Yellow, Nan Bei Chao was probably a powerful Immortal Emperor expert that possessed unfathomable means and powers. Given his current level, if he was captured by Nan Bei Chao, it was imaginable what the consequences would be.

Luckily, he was able to recall such an important thing at the critical moment, keeping all the Eternal Immortal Wind with fastest speed. Otherwise, it would be hard to think what would happen next.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Anyhow, Jiang Chen still had his own means of dealing these scorpions. The instant he kept the Eternal Immortal Wind, he struck out using the ferocious Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Dragons with different colors rushed out with roars and world-shaking killing aura from different directions, lunging at those yellow scorpions.

*Hong Long……*

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Ear-splitting shockwaves along with the shrill wails of the yellow scorpions filled the area. Under the impact of the five elemental dragons, chunks of yellow scorpions were annihilated. Some were instantly pulverized. The Qi and blood essence that oozed out from the corpses were absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da on the spot.

Many scorpions that died after the strike unleashed all of their poison, attempting to harm Jiang Chen as much as possible. Too bad, none of this poison could affect Jiang Chen.

The whole desert was turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y scene. Yellow sand had blended with the blood of the dead. This was the most violent and ruthless ma.s.sacre. In just a minute’s time, all the yellow scorpions who were below the Heaven Immortal realm were eradicated by Jiang Chen.

Only those Heaven Immortal yellow scorpions hovering above the sky were still alive as they were petrified. Looking at the sandy land that was filled with the corpses of their kin, it stirred up the fury inside of them.

They had probably never thought that this young man would be so powerful. What surprised them more was that not only were their kins’ attack didn’t hurt this human, but their poison were also ineffective to him. They were extremely confident in their poison. Every demonic beast was afraid of them because of their poison. Even those late Heaven Immortal experts wouldn’t dare provoke them as they pleased. In other words, they had been recognized as the king of this desert. Once they had targeted a prey, whether it was a human or a beast, that prey could never escape from their grip, but today’s scene subverted it all.

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