Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1124 – The Thirteenth Level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda

Chapter 1124 – The Thirteenth Level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda

The Thirteenth Level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da

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All the Heaven Immortal yellow scorpions were infuriated. They locked on Jiang Chen’s Qi, opened their maw and shot out several black venomous arrows at him. These arrows were condensed using their lethal poison. Apart from its deadly toxicity, it could also deal considerable amount of damage.

However, none of these could affect Jiang Chen. With a swoosh of his Flaming Wings, he flew skyward and emerged in the void high above the sandy ground. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand. His dragon transformation wasn’t needed to deal with these few early Heaven Immortal poisonous scorpions.

When he was an early Earth Immortal expert, he needed the dragon transformation to deal with early Heaven Immortal opponents. Now that he was already a mid Earth Immortal expert, he wouldn’t need the dragon form anymore to deal with the likes of them. Plus, the poison of these scorpions were useless to him. Without the threat of the poison, these demonic beasts was no different than a normal early Heaven Immortal expert.

*Hua La……*

Jiang Chen’s speed was swift and fast. The Heavenly Saint Sword combined with True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flame was swiped at one of the scorpions. The Yellow Poisonous Scorpions were originally species with dark attributes, thus, Jiang Chen’s flames could greatly suppress them.


As the Heavenly Saint Sword hit the body of the scorpion, large amount of blood gushed out. The scorpion uttered a miserable wail and flew backwards. Jiang Chen wouldn’t give it chance to recover. Immediately, he turned into a ray of light and reached the flying scorpion in a blink. With such a quick speed, the rest of the scorpions had no chance of reacting, let alone saving their comrade.

By the time they recovered from their astonishment, their comrade had already died under Jiang Chen’s hands, leaving no corpse behind as it had been instantly refined by Jiang Chen.


A few scorpions howled agitatedly. Their skin began to change, from yellow to black which was supposed to be their original form. At this time, there was no need for them to conceal themselves anymore. The few of them lunged simultaneously and at different directions, innumerable poisonous blades were shot out of their bodies. Sizzling sound was heard from the air, as if the air was going to be corroded by the poison.

As a matter of fact, these few scorpions were extremely aggrieved because they had tremendous faith in their poison. Under the attack of such deadly poison, they couldn’t think of how Jiang Chen could still remain intact. Could it be that there were really some human who was fully immune to poison in this world?

Little Chen is truly terrifying. Anyone will admire his immunity to poison. I’m afraid those Yellow Poisonous Scorpions are at the peak of their rage now.”

Said Han Yan with a smile. He naturally felt delighted seeing how great Jiang Chen was.

After realizing how stubborn these scorpions were, Jiang Chen stirred up his combat intent and kept the Heavenly Saint Sword. Sudden wind fluttered his clothes, a golden whirlpool appeared below his feet. That was no doubt the Azure Dragon Five Steps.

Currently, he already possessed three True Dragon Combat Techniques – the True Dragon Palm, Azure Dragon Five Steps and Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Each of these technique could deal substantial damage. The Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal could be used to deal with a group of enemies. If those enemies had converged in one spot, Azure Dragon Five Steps was the most suitable attack to eliminate the enemies.


All the forces had been gathered at one point. Jiang Chen’s big leg landed on the head of one of the scorpions. Under the circ.u.mstances where its poison was useless to Jiang Chen, it could never resist his attack. Its supposedly indestructible head exploded under the pressure of Jiang Chen’s foot like a soft tofu.

With a grab of his hand, that dead corpse was sent into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to be refined.

The remaining three scorpions began to feel nervous when Jiang Chen slaughtered two of their kins consecutively. They were equipped with high intelligence and weren’t idiots. When they realized that they were no match for this human, they spun and drilled themselves into the sand.

“Want to run away?”

Jiang Chen smirked coldly, his Five Elemental Power Spheres was spread across the area , containing the three scorpions. Then, he lunged forth with the Azure Dragon Five Steps.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Two mournful wails were heard when the other two were trampled to death by Jiang Chen and turned into mist of blood. According to their estimation, they shouldn’t be this useless and helpless, but being suppressed by Jiang Chen’s ferocity and immunity gave them no choice but to flee. They could never fight this human.

Naturally, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let the last scorpion go. As Jiang Chen’s deadly step approached the last scorpion, it hastily let out an ear-splitting scream that made Jiang Chen frown. Although he didn’t understand the content of the scream, he knew that it was calling for reinforcement.

It seemed like there were even greater Yellow Poisonous Scorpions living underneath the land.

But he couldn’t care about that now. The scorpion ahead was a must-die target. After killing that last scorpion casually, the Thirteenth Level began to transform. Reddish light was illuminated from the paG.o.da. The body of the paG.o.da was full of ancient and complicated patterns and its Qi was getting denser.

The higher the level that the paG.o.da went, the harder it was to condense it. That was why so many Yellow Poisonous Scorpions were needed to complete the Thirteenth Level.

“Good, the Thirteenth Level has been fully condensed.”

Big Yellow seemed incomparably excited. Han Yan was showing a smile too. After all, this paG.o.da was the key treasure that would help them steal the Regenerative Lotus. The more powerful the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da becomes, the higher their success rate.


Before Jiang Chen could celebrate, a deep voice resounded from below. Subsequently, the center of the sandy ground collapsed and a wave of billowy demonic Qi soared up to the sky along with a nauseating smell.


A hoa.r.s.e howl echoed from below, then a huge yellow scorpion flew out. The size of this scorpion was twice as large as the early Heaven Immortal scorpions. Its body was radiating the nether Qi of poison.

“Mid Heaven Immortal Yellow Poisonous Scorpion. It seems like this is the true king of the desert.

Jiang Chen was astounded but wasn’t afraid. After all, its cultivation base wasn’t a late Heaven Immortal realm. As long as he transformed, he could get rid of it with no problem.

“That’s a very disgusting thing.” Han Yan knitted his eyebrows.

When the poisonous scorpion king emerged, it scanned around the area. When it saw the piles of its kin’s dried corpses, its rage exploded inside of it.


The poisonous scorpion king glared at Jiang Chen with its vicious eyes that contained limitless killing intent. “You puny human! How dare you kill my kins while I’m sleeping soundly?! This is unforgivable. I will send you to h.e.l.l!”

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