Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1122 – Mid Earth Immortal realm

Chapter 1122 – Mid Earth Immortal realm

Mid Earth Immortal realm

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*Chi La!*

Han Yan’s devil blade slashed on the devilish ape’s palm, creating a ma.s.sive spark. But the sparks were nothing because Han Yan’s devil blade was far beyond anyone’s imagination. It was an indestructible blade. Not only could it cut through the energy sent out by the devilish ape’s palm, it had left a gash on its palm, causing blood to flow out.

“Dammit! You dare to wound me?”

The devilish ape was astounded. How could it, an early Earth Immortal beast be harmed by a late Human Immortal human? How could he possible accept this fact? It wanted to devour this human so badly straight away, but unfortunately, the devil nature exuded from Han Yan’s body had suppressed it greatly. Under this suppression, it wasn’t able to fully exert its power. Right now, all it could do was to express its extreme grievance with its roars.

Han Yan on the other hand wasn’t at ease while dealing with this beast directly. Although he had injured the devilish ape, he staggered a dozen steps back before regaining his balance.


Han Yan lunged over once more. He leaped into the void 50 meters high from the ground, exceeding the height of the devilish ape.

“Nine Layers Devil Waves, One Layer Devil Barrier.”

Han Yan circulated his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline to the maximum. Only by pus.h.i.+ng his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline to the extreme could it create the greatest suppression and impact on the devilish ape and narrow the gap in cultivation between them.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, the devil waves materialized, like a true ocean wave. Black devil clouds were everywhere. Every wave was higher than the previous, rumbling continuously like thunder. Each wave turned into an illusory devil dragon rus.h.i.+ng from nine different directions towards the devilish ape. The momentum of this strike was very powerful, as if thousands of devil army had just descended from the Heaven. It was frightening.

This was also one of Han Yan’s strongest combat techniques combined with the Combat Devil Physique. He was afraid that not even the powerful devilish ape could defend itself this time.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The devilish ape roared with rage, rose to counterattack but was suppressed by Han Yan’s devil nature. It drew fear out of it, restricting its combat power. Even if it used all the skills that it had, it couldn’t stand against Han Yan’s devil waves. The Nine Layers Devil Waves was enough to destroy almost all kinds of enemies.

*Hong Long……*

The raging battle continued. Some of those demonic beast with weaker cultivation base were scared running away by the powerful Qi, fearing that they would be caught in the disaster.

When the devil waves faded, Han Yan returned to his original position, facing the devilish ape which looked fazed. This ape had lost all its arrogant expression. Its robust body was s.h.i.+vering and was covered with wounds and blood. It seemed like it was on the brink of collapse.

The Combat Devil Physique was too powerful. Han Yan’s Nine Layers Devil Waves combined with the Combat Devil Physique was equivalent to Jiang Chen using the True Dragon Combat Technique with his dragon transformation. Of course, despite the powerful Combat Devil Physique, there was no comparison between him and Jiang Chen’s dragon form.

The devilish ape was reluctant to glance at Han Yan, then turned tail and ran. It wasn’t an idiot. It was an Earth Immortal beast with high intelligence. Although it wanted very badly to acquire Han Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, it knew its own capabilities. It knew that it was no match for this miniature devil king. If it didn’t flee now, it was afraid that it wouldn’t have the chance anymore. It would be a great loss if it had to lose its life here.


Han Yan’s mouth revealed a cold smirk seeing the devilish ape running away. If this ape decided to flee at the very beginning, there was no way that Han Yan could catch up to it. But with its current state, it would be an insult if Han Yan allowed it to escape from his grip.


Han Yan made another leap, shooting into the air like an arrow leaving the bow. In a blink, he caught up with the devilish ape. The dark devil blade materialized in his hand out of nowhere and slashed at the ape’s head.


The ape uttered a screech. Its huge skull was cut in half by Han Yan, causing it to die on the spot. Its st.u.r.dy body created a large hole in the ground as it landed.

Han Yan clawed with his hand and grabbed the demon soul from its brain.

“You brat sure is powerful.”

Big Yellow came to Han Yan’s side and praised generously.

“Ah Yan, the demon soul of this devilish ape is highly beneficial to you. Quickly refine it. I think there won’t be a problem for you to advance to the half-step Earth Immortal after that.”

Jiang Chen reminded hastily and at the same time, he used the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to absorb the lying corpse.


Han Yan nodded and started the refinement. If it was an ordinary demonic beast demon soul, he would never refine it directly. But this demon soul belonged to the devilish ape. It contained a large amount of devil essence that was a similar attribute with him.

An hour later, a powerful Qi burst out of his body. Just as Jiang Chen antic.i.p.ated, Han Yan’s cultivation was pushed to the half-step Earth Immortal realm after the refinement.

“Congratulations on your advancement, Ah Yan.” Said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“With my current strength, even without using the Combat Devil Physique, I can easily kill this devilish ape.”

Han Yan’s Qi fluctuated as he said confidently. He was quite satisfied with his continuous progress. The only thing he was lacking right now was his arm. He was moved when he thought that Jiang Chen was willing to get that Regenerative Lotus for his arm.

However, he would never express such an emotion. Not much words were needed between him and Jiang Chen as everything was expressed in their hearts. If their situation was exchanged, he would surely do the same for Jiang Chen. He wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life to save his brother.

In the following days, two men and a dog had been battling demonic beasts constantly, flying deeper and deeper into the desolate mountains. All of them wanted to obtain as much benefits as possible from this tough-training. Han Yan’s cultivation had already reached the peak of the half-step Earth Immortal realm, leaving him only a step away from the true Earth Immortal realm.

Big Yellow on the other hand had advanced to the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. The rapid progress of this divine dog made Jiang Chen and Han Yan speechless.

Of course, it was still Jiang Chen who obtained the most benefits. The thirteenth level of the paG.o.da was about to be completed soon, leaving only one more step. He had also gained huge benefits from the paG.o.da. Twenty thousand of dragon marks had been condensed within these past two days, making a total of around 350 000 dragon marks and pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the mid Earth Immortal realm.

“Very well. I have already reached the mid Earth Immortal realm, bringing my combat strength to another level. By the time we come out, it still needs one more day for the Regenerative Lotus to mature, which is tomorrow. The thirteenth level of the paG.o.da is going to be fully condensed soon. Once it’s completed, we will return.” Said Jiang Chen.

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