Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1117 – Fu Hui

Chapter 1117 – Fu Hui

Fu Hui

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After being yelled by Big Yellow, everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention to Jiang Chen and Han Yan. Due to Jiang Chen’s name having risen to fame, it easily caught everyone’s attention.

“This stupid dog does have a keen perception for spotting us even in such a dense crowd.”

Han Yan shook his head helplessly.

Big Yellow who was tied up very tightly on the platform unleashed a surge of powerful force when he saw Jiang Cheng and Han Yan. The iron chains that were supposed to be indestructible were crushed like hemp ropes. The waves shook even the four experts who were armed with sabres.

Immediately, Big Yellow turned into a light and appeared before Jiang Chen and Han Yan with a swoosh.

This scene shocked many people, especially the four Heaven Immortal experts who had been besieging Big Yellow. It seemed like they couldn’t stop this dog if it insisted to leave; they had totally underestimated this dog. “What the h.e.l.l! This dog is actually this powerful? He broke free from the four Heaven Immortals!”

“That’s right. It seems like we’ve all underestimated this dog. He had deceived us by getting himself tied up willingly.”

“So what if he’s very powerful? This is the Prefecture. If Young Master Fu Hui is determined to get rid of him, he won’t have a chance of escaping at all. As for that white-clothed youth, could he be the legendary Jiang Chen?”


Many of them were shocked. Big Yellow’s sudden burst of energy had exceeded everyone’s expectation. They were afraid that not even Young Master Fu Hui had thought that this dog would be this powerful.

“You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! How could you turn and leave Master Dog here to suffer on his own? You two are truly shameless!”

Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen and Han Yan while scolding them angrily. He was angry to learn that they didn’t only refused to help, but also had the intention to leave.

As a matter of fact, he had been searching for traces of Jiang Chen these past few days, but he hadn’t found a clue about him. He was restless and worried for his brother until yesterday, when he heard the news of Jiang Chen raiding the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. After knowing that Fu Hui was interested in Jiang Chen, he directly broke into the Prefecture as he was sure that Jiang Chen would appear. He even ate the people’s pill and deliberately got himself caught. It was all fun and games for him.

Since Jiang Chen was very good at solving problems, he might as well create some problems for him to solve.

What really surprised him was Han Yan. He never thought of seeing Han Yan together with Jiang Chen here because he still thought that it should’ve taken a long time before Han Yan could ascend.

But then again, all of these no longer mattered. The important thing was that they were reunited once more. Although he looked infuriated right now, he felt quite delighted in his heart, especially when he saw Jiang Chen. The bond between the two of them was incomprehensible to ordinary people. It was a bond that represented their life. At that time, at the end of the spatial pa.s.sageway, Jiang Chen was attacked by some unknown expert. As a result, they were separated. He had been worrying for Jiang Chen all this while and was searching for him everywhere. Now that Jiang Chen was still intact in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

“You’ve eaten other people’s things. You deserve some punishment,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. Both he and Han Yan were happy.

After checking Big Yellow’s cultivation, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled with delight. He had to admit that Big Yellow really was the most extraordinary one. Although he had no idea what had Big Yellow experienced during these past few days, Big Yellow’s cultivation base was even higher than his—late Earth Immortal realm.

*Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+*

At this time, the four Heaven Immortal experts flew over, besieging Big Yellow, Jiang Chen and Han Yan. The orders they got from Young Master Fu Hui was to contain this yellow dog. They couldn’t afford to bear the responsibility of letting this huge yellow dog escape under their vey nose.

“Quickly go and tell your Young Master that the one he was looking for is here. He’s no doubt the widely known Jiang Chen,” said Big Yellow proudly.

As soon as his voice faded, the crowd turned shocked. At this instant, Jiang Chen turned into a focal figure. Countless pairs of eyes fell upon him at the same time.

“My G.o.d! It turns out that he is Jiang Chen. He really is young, but he was able to cause so much of damage to Profound Sun Sect despite being only an early Earth Immortal expert. He is really the most monstrous genius I’ve ever seen. Plus, his audacity is beyond ordinary. He is the first man throughout One-Line-Sky who dared to do such a thing.”

“Ever since Profound Sun Sect issued the order to kill, this Jiang Chen has risen to fame. I never thought of seeing his true appearance today.”

“He’s too young, a real genius. It would really be a good thing if Skycloud Pavilion could get this talent.”

“Can’t believe that this stupid dog is a friend of Jiang Chen. Fortunately, Jiang Chen is here, otherwise, Young Master Fu Hui would flay this dog to death.”


Comments and remarks filled the air and Jiang Chen had become the centre of attention. Anyone knew that Jiang Chen’s reputation had already spread across the entire One-Line-Sky like a gale the moment Profound Sun Sect issued the order to kill. Even this city was filled with gossips and topics about Jiang Chen. Naturally, it was a big thing to be able to see Jiang Chen’s true self here.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

One of the experts looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief.

“Yes, that’s me.”

Jiang Chen nodded. By now, he didn’t have to hide it anymore. This was the Prefecture. Even if some people of Profound Sun Sect were here, they wouldn’t dare to act according to the order unless they wanted to get themselves killed.

“You wait here.”

The man said, turned and raced towards the Prefecture.

Jiang Chen knew that that man must be going into the Prefecture to inform Young Master Fu Hui. Coincidentally, his purpose of coming here was also to meet Young Master Fu Hui. Although Big Yellow had created a grudge between them, it had also indirectly helped him and Young Master Fu Hui have a meeting.

Shortly after that, two figures walked out of the Prefecture. One of them was the expert who had raced into the Prefecture. The other was a man dressed in pale-yellow robe. He was stately, handsome, had bushy brows and big eyes. He might not seem very tall or strong, but he wasn’t thin either. He looked like a st.u.r.dy person.

Every step he made was imposing. The whole scene became quiet the moment he appeared. The people automatically made way for him as he pa.s.sed. Innumerable pair of eyes fell upon him with awe.

He was Young Master Fu Hui, an inner sect disciple in Skycloud Pavilion. Perhaps that didn’t make him any significant in Skycloud Pavilion, but in Cloudmist City, he was without a doubt a legendary existence. He had already reached mid Heaven Immortal realm at such a young age. A talent like this wasn’t comparable to any average person.

Both Jiang Chen’s and Fu Hui’s eyes met when they looked up.

Fu Hui approached Jiang Chen and studied him thoroughly.

“You were the Jiang Chen who killed more than a dozen outer sect disciples of Profound Sun Sect, destroyed their ore mine and successfully escaped from the hunt of a late Heaven Immortal elder?” asked Fu Hui.

Shock was visible in his eyes. Apparently, this Jiang Chen wasn’t similar to the Jiang Chen he imagined. This white-clothed youth seemed like a bright and approachable boy with no ferocity and ruthlessness. It was hard for anyone to believe that this young man could do such an earth-shattering matter.

“I’m Jiang Chen, greet Young Master Fu Hui.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Fu Hui. Without waiting for Fu Hui to speak, he continued, “Big Yellow is my brother. We were separated not long ago. I heard that he has eaten Young Master’s Transmogrification Pill. Here’s a million low grade Immortal Meta Stones as compensation,” said Jiang Chen and handed over a storage pouch to Fu Hui.

Fu Hui was dumbfounded when he saw this. He had never expected Jiang Chen to be so heroic, quickly smoothing out the matter of Big Yellow stealing the pill. Furthermore, one million low grade Immortal Meta Stones was a tremendous wealth, definitely exceeding the value of the Transmogrification Pill. Even he himself was rendered speechless.

Moreover, Fu Hui intended to befriend Jiang Chen and recruit him into Skycloud Pavilion. In their first meeting, he was already astounded by Jiang Chen’s action. In other words, his impression of Jiang Chen was a pleasant one.

“d.a.m.n! This Jiang Chen is truly rich, giving one million worth of fortune. Although the Transmogrification Pill is precious, one million low grade Immortal Meta Stones are more than enough to compensate for one pill. In this way, the Prefecture wouldn’t suffer any losses.”

“Of course, he’s a rich guy. Don’t forget that he has raided an ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. Although that ore mine hadn’t been fully mined, the mining had already started there and an astronomical amount of fortune had already been mined out before the raid.”

“Rich people are always self-willed. He gives out one million of his fortune so easily like it is nothing to him and he did not even blink when he said that.”


The people around were gossiping amongst each other. Even though those were only low grade Immortal Meta Stones, one million wasn’t a small figure.

“Kaka! Young Master Fu Hui, although Master Dog has eaten your pill, I suppose this one million should be enough for that.”

Big Yellow laughed, not forgetting to dart a praising glance at Jiang Chen.

“Alright, Brother Jiang sure is a heroic person. I, Fu Hui, always like to make friends with people like you. I will keep this one million worth of fortune and the matter of Big Yellow’s theft is settled today. I wonder if Brother Jiang wants to come to our Prefecture and have a seat there.”

Young Master Fu Hui didn’t try to be overly polite. After keeping the Immortal Meta Stones, he invited Jiang Chen to the Prefecture.


Jiang Chen nodded. This was exactly the result he wanted in their first meeting, but this was better than what he expected. The reason he took out one million worth of fortune was to defuse the tension between Big Yellow and this young master. At the same time, he wanted to return the dignity to Fu Hui. The theft of the pill had been spread across the city. If this matter wasn’t solved nicely, Fu Hui would lose his face.

Additionally, one million worth of fortune wasn’t anything significant to a wealthy man like him.

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