Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1116 – The Dog that Courted Hate

Chapter 1116 – The Dog that Courted Hate

The Dog that Courted Hate

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Ouyang He’s unfinished matter had been Jiang Chen’s worry ever since. The only way to get rid of this concern was to eliminate Tian Muyun, so that Ouyang He could rest in peace in the world of the dead. Besides, it made Jiang Chen feel unworthy and aggrieved for Ouyang He after learning how popular Tian Muyun had become and how he had been treated like a legend.

However, the only way to get close to Tian Muyun was to enter the Skycloud Pavilion. In front of him was the best springboard that he could ever have, Fu Hai, the Young Master of Cloudmist City.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan walked all the way to the Prefecture. Due to the large size of the city, they were afraid that would take them at least two hours to reach their destination at such a slow pace, but time wasn’t Jiang Chen’s concern anyway.

In the Cloudmist City, he didn’t need to worry about Profound Sun Sect taking revenge on him. Although the Profound Sun Sect had a very big influence in One-Line-Sky and there had been disciples of Profound Sun Sect in Cloudmist City, they wouldn’t dare act brazenly and arrogantly. After all, this was a hostile territory to them. A slight mistake could cost them their life.

The closer Jiang Chen and Han Yan got to the Prefecture, the denser the crowd. It seemed like they were heading for the Prefecture as well. When they reached the end, they saw some cultivators began to jog towards their destination, as if something big had happened there.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan couldn’t help but be stunned. It seemed like not only had they obtained enormous amount of information in their first day of arrival in Cloudmists City, they could also watch some lively show.

“Could it be something big has happened in the Prefecture? We have to catch up with them at the right time.” Said Han Yan with curiosity.

“Let’s go over there and find out.”

Jiang Chen strode forth with a quickened pace. He approached a running cultivator and asked. “Brother, do you know what is happening in front?”

“I have no idea. When I see the others running towards the Prefecture, I just followed them.”

That cultivator said solemnly.


Both Jiang Chen and Han Yan were shocked. Such reason gave them no room to retort, because they were like those cultivators who knew nothing about it. They were just following the crowd, expecting to watch a show.

The Prefecture of Cloudmist City had the roughly the same scale as the Prefecture in Yan City. Similarly, in front of the gates was a large open square. Currently, this square had been occupied with a sea of people. Everyone’s attention was focused on the high platform at the center. Then they saw a big yellow dog the size of an elephant being tied up like loops of golden iron chain.

Beside the big yellow dog stood four powerful experts. Every one of them were early Heaven Immortal expert. Their hands were holding large sabre, seemingly ready to chop off the dog’s head at any time.

The crowd below pointed their fingers at the big yellow dog and were gossiping about him.

“For Heaven’s sake! What are you looking at? Is Master Dog really so handsome?”

The big yellow dog was baring his sharp teeth at the crowd. Although he had already been tied up pretty badly and his head was aimed by the four big sabers that could end his life instantly, his face didn’t have the slightest bit of nervousness, like all these sharp sabers were harmless to him.

“d.a.m.n! Where has this mangy dog came from? He still dares to act so arrogantly in the face of death.”

“That’s right. This dog is too abhorrent. He dares to steal even the things of the Prefecture.”

“This dog has offended Young Master Fu Hui. It seems like he is going to be executed by means of Ling Chi* today.”


Discussions were all over the place. These cultivators must have lots of leisure time to just come and watch a dog being executed.

At this time, Jiang Chen and Han Yan had already reached the scene. When they saw the big yellow dog being bundled up like a dumpling, both of them staggered backwards, and almost fell to the ground.

The two of them exchanged a glance. It went without saying that this dog had either eaten or stolen some people’s things. It was all because of this dog that the Prefecture was so bustling today.

If Jiang Chen was described as the man who brought no peace to anywhere he went, Big Yellow was worse than that. He would never be Big Yellow if he didn’t create a spotlight for himself with his conduct.

The both of them weaved into the crowd and saw a cultivator discussing about the current matter. It seemed like this man knew what was going on here.

“Brother, what has happened? Why is that dog over there tied up?” Asked Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Tied up? It’s going to be beheaded soon. This dog has eaten something in the Prefecture.” The man said.

Sure enough!

Jiang Chen and Han Yan couldn’t help but sigh. This had always been Big Yellow’s style of action.

“Brother, the Prefecture is such a big place and is short of nothing. Even if that something inside the Prefecture has been eaten by the dog, can’t they just put up with this dog once?” Said Han Yan.

“You know nothing about it. Tomorrow is the birthday of the City Lord. I heard that Young Master Fu Hui has paid a high price for the elder of Skycloud Pavilion to concoct a Transmogrification Pill. Not only could this pill lengthen one’s lifespan, it could also increase one’s strength. Young Master Fu Hui intended to give this pill as a birthday present for the City Lord, but he had never thought that it would be eaten by this dog yesterday night.”

The man seemed to know exactly what had happened.

“Dammit! I can’t believe that the highly precious Transmogrification Pill was eaten by a dog. This old man suddenly feels that a large part of my life is worse than a dog.”

“No wonder Young Master Fu Hui has been so angry. This dog had the nerve to even eat the birthday gift of the City Lord. Flaying it alive won’t be enough for its crime.”

“I have no idea where this dog came from? Look at it, it’s still baring its teeth at us even in the face of death, and seems like having a good time.”


Whatever Big Yellow did made Jiang Chen’s and Han Yan’s scalp tingle. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really was a troublemaker. Jiang Chen intended to befriend Young Master Fu Hui in this trip to the Prefecture and get the chance to enter the Skycloud Pavilion. Presently, even if he hadn’t seen Young Master Fu Hui yet, his reputation would already be affected by this dog.

“Little Chen, look at Big Yellow’s face. Despite being tied up so badly, he doesn’t show the slightest bit of fear. I somehow felt that he let himself got caught on purpose.” Said Han Yan.

“Apparently, this stupid dog is doing this on purpose. Given his capability, if he’s able to steal away the pill, he’s also able to run away. However, he was captured in the end and stayed in their custody for three days. There is only one explanation for this, he didn’t intend to leave.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Others might not understand Big Yellow, but he understood him very well. This dog was a very divine one. He was born with a Dragon-Horse bloodline. He was also an expert in stealing things and running away. If he really wanted to flee after stealing, not even Young Master Fu Hui could stop him.

Judging by the present situation, the only way to explain this was that Big Yellow hadn’t planned to leave in the first place.

“Brother, since this dog has been caught yesterday night, why hasn’t he been executed until today?”

Someone asked, feeling confused. If Young Master Fu Hui really wanted to kill a dog, he wouldn’t need to make such a fuss about it and attract so many people.

“You should know about that rising star Jiang Chen these past two days right? Initially, Young Master Fu Hui intended to end this dog’s life, but this dog claimed that he’s a friend of Jiang Chen. As long as he was here, Jiang Chen would surely appear. The idea has intrigued the Young Master, but he was afraid that this dog was telling lies, so he had ordered to tie it up tightly and gave him three days worth of time. If Jiang Chen didn’t appear in three days’ time, this dog would be executed without a doubt.” The man said.

After listening to this, it relieved Jiang Chen’s concern. It seemed like the things hadn’t reached an irreparable state yet. Since Young Master Fu Hui was so interested in him, it would be in his favor.

“Hey! Where did you get all this information from?” Someone asked.

“I have a cousin who works in the Prefecture. He was the one who told me. He is absolutely right about it.” The man said proudly.

“What you said sounds pretty convincing. Young Master Fu Hui always liked to make friends with heroes. Additionally, that Jiang Chen has become the arch enemy of Profound Sun Sect and had even given the order to kill him on sight. There’s no place in One-Line-Sky for him to stay anymore, which is the perfect time for Skycloud Pavilion to recruit him.”

“It’s still unknown whether this dog is telling the truth. Although we haven’t seen that Jiang Chen before, what he did was really earth-shattering. How can a genius like him befriend a mangy dog?”


For a moment, the topic had returned to Jiang Chen. The current situation had become clear. After Big Yellow stole the Transmogrification Pill of the Prefecture, he got himself caught on purpose to draw Jiang Chen out.

“Little Chen, it seems like everything is under Big Yellow’s control now. Has this b.a.s.t.a.r.d calculated that you will come to Cloudmist City?” Said Han Yan with a smile.

“This stupid dog knew me really well. He knows that after making the Profound Sun Sect my enemy, the first place that I would go to go to seek refuge was the territory of Profound Sun Sect’s enemy, the Skycloud Pavilion. Besides, Cloudmist City is the barrier of the territory of Skycloud Pavilion, a place that everyone needs to go through before reaching Skycloud Pavilion. That’s why he was being so unscrupulous.”

Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile. Big Yellow’s shrewdness wasn’t comparable to ordinary people.

As for Jiang Chen and Han Yan, it didn’t matter what Big Yellow did. What was more important was that the three of them had finally met, especially for Jiang Chen. Ever since they parted from the spatial pa.s.sageway, concerns had been troubling his heart. After seeing how intact and energetic this dog was, he naturally couldn’t restrain himself from feeling happy.

“Shall we show ourselves now?” Han Yan asked.

“What are you panicking about? This stupid dog has eaten someone else’s thing, we have to let him suffer for a bit. We will come again three days later. Let him be tied here for three more days.” Jiang Chen chuckled.


Han Yan nodded solemnly, then whirled with Jiang Chen and walked towards the outside of the crowd.


At this moment, both of Big Yellow’s eyes lit up all of a sudden and fell upon Jiang Cheng and Han Yan who were drifting off the scene. Then, he clamored. “Jiang Chen, how dare you son of a b*tch turn and leave, letting master dog be tied up here?! Don’t you know what shame is?”

Big Yellow had keen a perception. He has already been on the lookout for Jiang Chen all the while. Now that Jiang Chen and Han Yan had appeared, it naturally couldn’t escape his eyes.

Ling Chi* - Death by a thousand cuts.

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