Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1118 – Regenerative Lotus

Chapter 1118 – Regenerative Lotus

Regenerative Lotus

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In the Prefecture, Jiang Chen was treated by Fu Hui nicely. Given Fu Hui’s ident.i.ty, he would never put an early Earth Immortal cultivator in his eyes. But Jiang Chen was different. Not only was Jiang Chen capable of killing half-step Heaven Immortal experts with ease, he could also run away from a late Heaven Immortal expert’s hunt. It would be a lie if Fu Hui didn’t admit that this young man was a unique one. Also, this was his first time seeing someone like Jiang Chen. There was no way he couldn’t stay indifferent about it.

“Brother Jiang is truly young and has a promising future. I admire Brother Jiang for being able to do such a world-shaking thing at such a young age. But I wonder what are the conflicts between Brother Jiang and Profound Sun Sect.” Fu Hui asked.

In his perspective, Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t do a thing without a good reason. No one would wish to offend Profound Sun Sect if they had no feuds or grudges against each other. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was merely a rogue cultivator without any big forces backing him up.

“To be frank, Profound Sun Sect has captured a group of cultivators as slaves to work in their mine and my brother was one of them. He had been tortured and insulted, and they even cut one of his arms off. So how could I not take such deep revenge? They must pay for what they did,” said Jiang Chen.

There was nothing about Han Yan to hide anymore. After all, Han Yan was the center of all these events. Given Fu Hui’s manpower and resources, it was impossible for him not to find anything about this.

“Good. Doing something by hook or by crook. You sure are ruthless. Now that Profound Sun Sect has ordered to kill you, does Brother Jiang have any plans for that?” asked Fu Hui in a tone full of admiration.

He himself was regarded as a heroic figure. If his brother was insulted by someone, he surely would do the same thing by making the person pay for what he or she did. This was what he considered a courageous and upright person. Therefore, his impression of Jiang Chen was getting better.

“Naturally, I will seek refuge in Skycloud Pavilion. Given my current circ.u.mstances, I got no other choice than seeking refuge in Skycloud Pavilion,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

Jiang Chen’s words had dumbfounded Fu Hui. He initially thought that Jiang Chen would beat around the bush, waiting for him to take the initiative to recruit him. Jiang Chen’s forthrightness surprised him. This indicated that Jiang Chen was a smart man who had clear understanding of his present situation. In One-Line-Sky, only Skycloud Pavilion could protect him from Profound Sun Sect’s wrath.

Jiang Chen took the initiative to join Skycloud Pavilion by lowering himself and this had improved Fu Hui’s impression of him. A straightforward person would never stall on the topic and make people bored.

“Brother Jiang’s right. With you current situation, you have to get Skycloud Pavilion’s protection in order to survive in One-Line-Sky. Besides, Skycloud Pavilion will never refuse a genius like Brother Jiang.” Fu Hui said with a nod.

“Then, I will need Young Master Fu Hui to recommend me to the pavilion. Here’s ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stones, I hope Young Master can keep them as an appreciation for recommending Jiang Chen and making Jiang Chen your friend.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, and a pale yellow storage pouch materialized. This time, he seemed even more generous than before. He was able to fork out ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stones so easily like he was giving away invaluable raw materials.

“The generosity of a rich man.”

Big Yellow and Han Yan exchanged a glance and smiled helplessly. The way rich men spend their fortune was always incomprehensible to ordinary people.

After being a cunning expert for two lives in the mortal world, Jiang Chen had mastered the code of conduct among humans. Putting it bluntly, he was now asking for Fu Hui’s help. What else in this world was better than real material rewards? Jiang Chen straightaway took out ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stones without expressing any hesitation. Such action of his fully subdued the recipient.

Sure enough, Fu Hui couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw Jiang Chen taking out another storage pouch for him despite his composed disposition. One should know that Immortal Meta Stones were the most basic and indispensable resources in cultivation for a cultivator in this world.

Fu Hui knew very well how much ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stone represent. That was an impressive and rare fortune even to Heaven Immortal cultivators. Who would give away this much of fortune to other people so casually? And Jiang Chen even compensated Big Yellow’s misconduct with one million worth of fortune! One should know that ten thousand middle grade Immortal Meta Stones were equivalent to one million low grade Immortal Meta Stones, but no one would be willing to trade ten thousand middle grade stones for one million low grade stones. The Immortal Qi inside a middle grade Immortal Meta Stone couldn’t be compensated by the amount of low grade stones. Moreover, the quality of a middle grade stone was obviously higher than a low grade one.

“Brother Jiang, given your talent, I can unconditionally recommend you to Skycloud Pavilion. You don’t have to bribe me with these,” said Fu Hui.

“Brother Fu must be joking. This is not a bribe, this is what you deserve. Plus, as long as you and I are in good terms, you will get more in the future. Whether it is wealth or status, you will get it.”

Jiang Chen looked at Fu Hui and said with a faint smile. Although Jiang Chen’s eyes were narrowed, the brilliant light his eyes were radiating couldn’t be concealed. His calm eyes were sharp and incomparably dazzling. The confidence that he exuded was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Fu Hui felt a tremble in his heart and a boundless shock arose inside of him. In that instant, he was subconsciously subdued by Jiang Chen’s invisible charisma, the aura of a superior being, like Jiang Chen was born to be a conqueror.

What Jiang Chen said gave no doubts to his followers. Despite him being merely an early Earth Immortal expert, Fu Hui truly believed in what he said.

This man is an extraordinary and monstrous talent. Judging from his Qi, his future achievement is immeasurable. I must build a good rapport with him. Like he said, it’s likely that I will obtain more from him. Those things wouldn’t be just these Immortal Meta Stones, it might even include advancement and status.

Fu Hui had made up his mind. Although this was their first time meeting, he had already regarded Jiang Chen as an important person in his life. Skycloud Pavilion was one of the major powers in One-Line-Sky and he knew very well how intense the compet.i.tion inside the pavilion was. Although he was an inner sect disciple, he was considered the most ordinary amongst his peers. He was too insignificant to be compared to those monstrous geniuses. If it wasn’t because of his uprightness, pleasant style of action and ability in making friends, he was afraid that he couldn’t get to what he was now in Skycloud Pavilion.

“Okay, since Brother Jiang is being so forthright, I won’t refuse these Immortal Meta Stones anymore. I will bring Brother Jiang to Skycloud Pavilion after my father’s birthday tomorrow.”

Fu Hui skipped the formality, kept the stones, and said.

After hearing what he said, Jiang Chen felt a relief. Since his departure from Yan City, arriving in One-Line-Sky was his first objective and using Profound Sun Sect to join Skycloud Pavilion was his second objective. The following goal would be to improve his cult.i.taion as much as possible so that he could get closer and closer to Tian Muyun.

“There’s no need to rush it. I heard that there will be a grand ceremony that’s held every two years in One-Line-Sky half a month later. At that time, the One-Line Eight Immortals will converge on the peak of One-Line Mountain to have a battle and decide who the final winner is. This will be a great opportunity to witness the best experts in the world. Naturally, I can’t miss that. I think we’ll only head over to the Skycloud Pavilion after this event ends,” said Jiang Chen.

These One-Line Eight Immortals caught his interest. After all, the eight of them represented the strongest in One-Line-Sky. Tian Muyun was the one who piqued Jiang Chen’s interest the most. He would like to see what Tian Muyun looked like and what kind of demeanor this so-called legendary pavilion master had.

“That’s also fine. The grand ceremony is open to all. Countless of experts would be attracted to attend the event every time and witness the power of the Eight Immortals. Anyway, there’s no need to rush until the event. But does Brother Jiang know that the grand ceremony this time is different from all the previous times?” said Fu Hui.

“Oh? How is it different?” inquired Jiang Chen.

“In the previous grand ceremonies, the Eight Immortals would compete to become the number one in One-Line-Sky. So, it’s just an intense battle within them every two years, but there was no particular reward for the winner except the t.i.tle. In this grand ceremony, there will be a grand prize. Whoever gets the first place will win this grand prize.”

Fu Hui lowered his tone as if he was afraid to reveal this to anyone else besides Jiang Chen.

“What’s the grand prize?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up and immediately, he became interested in it. A prize that could attract the Eight Immortals must be something very special.

“There are only very few people who know about this. I heard this from an elder in the pavilion, but this matter will be disclosed sooner or later. Despite the icy and cold environment above the mountain, a supreme treasure named Regenerative Lotus is grown in the summit. According to them, it will take ten more days for it to mature and grow the true core of the lotus. Currently, the four major powers have already sent their peerless experts to guard that treasure on the mountain. Without a doubt, the grand prize for this grand ceremony will be that Regenerative Lotus. Whoever can suppress all opponents in the battle, that person will obtain that treasure. Our pavilion master, Master Tian, is also determined to obtain this prize. I think that their battle will be very exciting!” said Fu Hui. His eyes were glittering when he mentioned about the Regenerative Lotus.

“For G.o.d’s sake! How can such an unparalleled and divine herb grow on the mountain by itself? This is truly astounding!”

Big Yellow was filled with excitement. He was a person who was very susceptible against true treasures. He couldn’t stand it when others mentioned a great treasure.

Jiang Chen also felt similarly shocked just like Big Yellow. He knew exactly what the Regenerative Lotus was. As a renowned alchemist in his past life, he had learned about almost every herb. The Regenerative Lotus was a peerless divine herb that existed only in legends. Apart from the harsh condition for it to grow, one needed a certain extent of luck. In other words, depending merely on the condition of the environment wasn’t enough. The most important thing was still one’s fortune. Every birth of a Regenerative Lotus needed the combination of the Heaven and Earth’s spiritual Qi. Every birth of it was a miracle.

Being a peerless divine herb, it naturally had its own medicinal effect.

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