Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1115 – The Eight Immortals of One-Line-Sky

Chapter 1115 – The Eight Immortals of One-Line-Sky

The Eight Immortals of One-Line-Sky

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Cloudmist City!

Seeing it from a distance, this towering city was shrouded in fog and it looked like a fairyland. Cloudmist City could be regarded as the barrier of Skycloud Pavilion. Once one arrived in Cloudmist City, one had truly entered the territory of Skycloud Pavilion. Whether it was in the aspect of its scale or its imposing manner, Cloudmist City could throw Yan City to the bottom of the comparison list.

In the Immortal World, every city would have their own major power. There was no exception to Cloudmist City and Yan City. Anyone who entered Cloudmist City must pay a tax – one low grade Immortal Meta Stone. It was the condition before one could step into the city.

To any ordinary expert, especially Earth Immortal experts, one low grade Immortal Meta Stone wasn’t anything significant, but due to many people coming and going out of the city, the tax had become a hefty sum of income for the city. In other words, whoever had the control of the city had control over its wealth.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan paid two low grade Immortal Meta Stones and were granted permission to enter the internal part of the city. They were wealthy people now. There was nothing much to talk about Jiang Chen after he received the inheritance of Ouyang He. His fortune would dominate lots of things. Han Yan on the other hand had also become wealthy. Most of the Immortal Meta Stones seized from the ore mine was kept in his bag of holding.

“Do you all know about this? It seems like something has happened to Profound Sun Sect.”

“Of course. Someone has raided a stronghold of theirs at night, killed more than a dozen outer sect disciples, robbed a large amount of Immortal Meta Stones and destroyed the ore mine. That man is too audacious. I think his name is called Jiang Chen. Profound Sun Sect has already given the order to kill. Anyone who can capture him or provide information about him, will be rewarded by the sect handsomely.”

“It isn’t as easy as it sounds. I heard that not even the elder of the inner sect, Elder Xie could catch up to this Jiang Chen. That man is too mystical. The news said that this man was only an early Earth Immortal expert, but he had a Forbidden Technique that allowed him to transform and tremendously enhance his combat power.”

“He’s very powerful, and audacious enough to have the nerve to even kill the people of Profound Sun Sect and destroy their ore mine, causing them to suffer a heavy loss. They will never let this matter go for sure, even the order to kill was issued. It only showed how much the Profound Sun Sect wanted Jiang Chen dead now.”

“Having the power to fight against Heaven Immortal while merely being an Earth Immortal, and he was also able to escape from a late Heaven Immortal expert’s pursuit? I have never heard of such a monstrous genius before. None of us have. When has such a figure emerged in One-Line-Sky?”


As soon as they entered the city, their ears were filled with these news. Every place was discussing things about him. It seems like the commotion Jiang Chen made the day before yesterday wasn’t a small one. It had caused a stir in the whole One-Line-Sky.

“Little Chen, it seems like you have become famous again.”

Han Yan said with a light chuckle. This was Jiang Chen. Wherever he went, he would always get all of the attention.

“The news spreads faster than I expected. It seems like Profound Sun Sect is truly infuriated this time. However, this is also fine as this is what I wanted.”

Jiang Chen revealed a slight smile at the corner of his mouth. The news of Profound Sun Sect issuing the order to kill had spread across the whole One-Line-Sky with the fastest speed. In this way, Jiang Chen’s name would be spread to everyone as well, and the people of Skycloud Pavilion would certainly notice his conduct.

“I heard that Skycloud Pavilion has s.h.i.+fted its attention to Jiang Chen. Someone is surely going to recruit this genius to join the pavilion.”

“I also heard that the Young Master of Cloudmist City, Fu Hui has already declared to befriend Jiang Chen. He is an inner sect disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. His cultivation has already reached a terrifying extent, intermediate Heaven Immortal realm.”

“That’s a normal thing. Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect are both enemies to each other. Jiang Chen has caused the Profound Sun Sect to suffer a tragic loss, which is worth celebrating to the Skycloud Pavilion. Naturally, they will welcome an unusual genius like Jiang Chen. Therefore, it isn’t a surprising thing at all for Young Master Fu Hui to befriend Jiang Chen.”

“Tomorrow is the birthday of the City Lord. I suppose that Young Master Fu Hui is already in Cloudmist City now.”


The noise of discussion was non-stop. All these news had been absorbed by Jiang Chen’s ears. The smile on his face intensified.

“Little Chen, it seems like everything that happened was just as you expected. Skycloud Pavilion is starting to notice you. I wonder if you can make friends with that Young Master Fu Hui?” Said Han Yan.

“Don’t worry. I will reach my goal in no time.”

Jiang Chen had a composed face. Regardless of what time it was, his face always looked calm. Everything was under his control from the moment he raided the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. The emergence of Fu Hui was just a springboard for him to get closer to Skycloud Pavilion.

“Ah Yan, let’s go over to that tavern in front and have some drinks. Perhaps we can learn more about the news of One-Line-Sky by eaves dropping on other people’s conversation.”

Said Jiang Chen. The two of them walked towards the tavern that was not far ahead. Both of them had just made it to the Immortal World and knew nothing about One-Line-Sky. Now that they had arrived at CloudmistCity, they could hear all kinds of news. Wherever there were people, there would be conversations and gossips about any big event that happened in One-Line-Sky.

In the tavern, both of them chose the seat beside a window and ordered two pots of Immortal World’s wine. They listened to the others’ gossip while enjoying the liquor.

Unsurprisingly, much of the gossip was related to him. They could hear things about Jiang Chen and the Profound Sun Sect from time to time.

“Right, there’s another big event that is going to happen in One-Line-Sky. It is a grand ceremony of One-Line-Sky. At that time, all the eight Immortals of One-Line-Sky will be present. This is a biannual big event.”

“Yes. How can I forget about this big event, the grand ceremony that is held once every two years? The Eight Immortals will converge on the Peak of One-Line-Sky Mountain for a compet.i.tion to determine the strongest amongst them. Unfortunately, after so many years of holding this ceremony, neither victory nor defeat could be determined.”

“Unfortunately, the pavilion master, Ouyang He has already fallen two years ago, resulting in the loss of one Immortal amongst the Eight. Then, the vacancy was filled by the disciple of Ouyang He, Tian Muyun. He has also become the new pavilion master. I wonder if he possesses the same momentum as Ouyang He.”

“He shouldn’t be as bad. Tian Muyun is a legendary figure in One-Line-Sky. He has outgrown his own master and his cultivation is no longer under Ouyang He’s. Under his leaders.h.i.+p, Skycloud Pavilion has been thriving just like before.”


The news about the Eight Immortals shook Jiang Chen’s soul. This was new to him. He had no idea what the Eight Immortals were like, but judging from those people’s respectful tone, these figure must be extraordinary.

Jiang Chen stood up from his seat, came to another table with three seats already occupied by three men. He found an empty seat and straightaway sat on it.

“Three brothers, this bill is on little brother today.” Said Jiang Chen in a forthright manner.

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, the three of them changed their view of Jiang Chen immediately. Every one of them was a rogue cultivator. They liked anyone who was forthright. Plus, this tavern was very popular here and not everyone could come in here. They would naturally be delighted if they were treated to a few drinks.

“Little brother is?” One man asked.

“Little brother has just arrived in One-Line-Sky and is unfamiliar with everything around here. I just heard three brothers talked about the One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals and some grand ceremony, and I became very interested with the subject. I wonder who those Eight Immortals were that brothers are talking about.” Asked Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Little Brother doesn’t even know about the One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals? It seems like you really have just arrived in One-Line-Sky. In that case, old brother will tell you more about these Eight Immortals.”

One of them burst out into laughter. The One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals wasn’t a secret and everyone was free to discuss about it.

“There are four major powers in One-Line-Sky. They are Skycloud Pavilion, Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu Family and Yun Family. The One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals are the peak experts among the four major powers. There are two peak experts for every major power. The average cultivation of theirs has already reached the half-step Immortal King realm. They are Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng of Skycloud Pavilion, Xuan Yangyi and Dugu Sheng from Profound Sun Sect, Huangfu Yaotian and Huangfu Qun of Huangfu Family and Yun Zhonghe and Yun Zhonglong of Yun Family. These eight experts represent the highest existence in One-Line-Sky and are called the One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals. The eight of them will compete to find out the number one expert in One-Line-Sky in a grand ceremony that is held once every two years. It’s a pity that the number one place has never been determined. The previous representative of Skycloud Pavilion was Ouyang He, but unfortunately, he had already fallen two years ago, so his position was replaced by Tian Muyun. Although Tian Muyun is still young, he has a powerful cultivation. At this grand ceremony, many of us will be re betting on this new representative.”

A middle-aged rogue cultivator spoke, telling everything about One-Line Sky’s Eight Immortals in detail.

“That’s right. Tian Muyun’s life is a legend. After being accepted by Ouyang He as a disciple, his path has been soaring. He has become a conqueror in One-Line-Sky from being a nameless person. He has created plenty of miracles. He truly makes other people admire him. If I can be like him, I will be able to rest in peace when I die.”

Another man said, his tone was full of admiration for Tian Muyun.

“Enough, why don’t you take a p.i.s.s on yourself and look at yourself in the mirror. Take a look at your own conduct. You sure are shameless for comparing yourself to Master Tian.”

One man retorted unceremoniously.

“d.a.m.n! Can’t I imagine for a while?”

The man rolled his eyes.

“Master Ouyang really has gotten a good disciple.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, finished his cup of wine in one gulp and tossed twenty low grade Immortal Meta Stones and left with Han Yan.

So it turned out that Tian Muyun had done quite a good job here.

This had created a sad mood in Jiang Chen, but this was also the reality. No one would care about your past. In this world, the one who succeeds would always dominate. Despite Tian Muyun’s crooked and impudent act, he was the one who succeeded and he had received both fame and fortune because of that.

If Ouyang He knew about this, Jiang Chen was afraid that this old man’s soul wouldn’t be able to stay in peace even in the netherworld.

“Little Chen, where are we heading now?” Asked Han Yan.

“Let’s go directly to the Prefecture, I want to meet that Fu Hui.”

Said Jiang Chen, then he strode towards the direction of the Prefecture without turning his head.

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