Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1110 – Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (2)

Chapter 1110 – Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (2)

Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (2)

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The night curtain blotted out the sky very quickly. There wasn’t a single starlight in the dark sky. This was a night where a big event would take place.

Apart from the lost arm, Han Yan’s other injuries have already fully recovered. Furthermore, he had gained tremendous benefits from this injury, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation to the peak of mid Human Immortal realm, only a step away towards the late Human Immortal realm. If it wasn’t because of his missing arm, he would have advanced to the late Human Immortal realm by now.

Jiang Chen felt incomparably distressed about Han Yan’s arm. This was after all the Immortal World. If it was back in Saint Origin World, he would have tens of thousands of way of regrowing Han Yan’s arm. Due to the limitations of the world’s law and his mere Earth Immortal cultivation, it was extremely hard for him to regrow any arm even with the help of the wood essence.

However, he wasn’t discouraged by it. There would be a solution regardless of how difficult the situation was as long as he doesn’t give up. He was sure that he would find a way to help Han Yan regrow his arm.

Right now, there was an important task that needed his attention – invading an ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. Since he had arrived at One-Line-Sky, he had to do something big. Otherwise, his trip here would be in vain. This was the right time to use Profound Sun Sect to draw Skycloud Pavilion’s attention. Subsequently, he would become a member of the pavilion, bringing him a step closer to his target.

This was his purpose of coming to One-Line-Sky. Although it wasn’t a perfect plan, it was the most effective at the moment.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged a glance and smiled. Then, they turned into two shadows and vanished in the valley. It had always been cool to do illegal things together with his brother. Too bad, Big Yellow wasn’t with them. Or else, this endeavour would be a lot more fun.

Jiang Chen was travelling extremely fast. He had already reached a few thousand miles within an hour. And this included the fact that he was carrying Han Yan along. Under to Han Yan’s lead, they saw a miniature ore mine ahead. Many tents had been set up outside the hill mine. The inside of the mine was brightly lit, giving a sense of life and vitality to this desolate place.

“Little Chen, we are already close to the territory of Profound Sun Sect now. That hill ahead should be the smallest ore mine of Profound Sun Sect. However, I don’t know whether there are any high-level experts guarding this place.” Said Han Yan softly.

“Ah Yan, I will open the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da for you. And then we will head over there to find out.”

Said Jiang Chen. He then tore an opening on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. To him, this paG.o.da was simply a divine weapon. Under the limit of the world’s law, The spatial force was solidified. No one below the Immortal King realm would be able to rip the void open. These cultivators couldn’t even open their Qi Sea. Therefore most of the Immortals still required spatial rings to store items. What surprised Jiang Chen was that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da wasn’t the least bit affected by the world’s law. It could be opened any time which provided him a great deal of advantage over the others.


Han Yan went into it without hesitation. He had already known about this divine item of Jiang Chen before, but he also didn’t imagine that this item was still useable in the Immortal World. It was best for him to enter the paG.o.da as his cultivation was still too weak; he would be easily detected by the enemies.

Even from afar, they could already hear the sound coming inside of the ore mine. That was the sound of the mining activities. Although this was not a huge ore mine, it was incomparably big compared to the tiny ore mine near Yan City. Otherwise, the Profound Sun Sect wouldn’t select this ore mine.

Outside the mine stood many disciples in Profound Sun Sect’s uniform. Those who were mining inside the mine were the slaves they had captured. All the disciples were Earth Immortal experts as Earth Immortal realm was the basic requirement for one to become a disciple of Profound Sun Sect. These outer disciples had basically no status in the sect.

Currently, in the middle of several tents was an empty land occupied by plenty of disciples. Each and every one of their faces were overflowing with anger as they looked at the four dead bodies lying on the ground. These four people died a tragic death. Three out of the four had their heads and necks detached from their bodies.

“Audacious to the extreme! How dare someone in One-Line-Sky used this means to kill our people?”

“Who did this?!”

“Senior Brother Luo, we can’t leave this matter as it is. I guess that it has to be the doing of the Skycloud Pavilion.”

The leader amongst them was an ordinary-looking youth with very robust physique and had the highest cultivation – early Heaven Immortal realm. Standing next to him was also another early Heaven Immortal expert.

Disciples who reached the Heaven Immortal realm would become inner sect disciples of Profound Sun Sect. In addition, his age indicated that he had a very good talent which was incomparable to experts like Yan Dongliu. Because this wasn’t a very big ore mine, the Profound Sun Sect only sent two early Heaven Immortal disciples to guard this place.

“It is not the doing of Skycloud Pavilion. It’s true that we are constantly fighting with Skycloud Pavilion and most of them were direct conflicts. Additionally, Skycloud Pavilion also enslaves rogue cultivators just like us, but we never had a feud regarding this matter. Besides, both major powers would never act so ruthlessly despite the incessant compet.i.tion between the two. These injuries clearly showed that it was done by a single person. All of them died in a single blow. The attacker’s cultivation and power is definitely above them.”

Senior Brother Luo spoke. His name was Luo Xiang, an inner sect disciple of Profound Sun Sect. Although he didn’t have a very high status in the sect, he was a lot more respectable than any outer sect disciple.

“Then who could it be?”

Most of them were confused. Anyone should know that except for Skycloud Pavilion, no one in One-Line-Sky has the audacity to offend Profound Sun Sect directly. Huangfu Family and Yun Family had already been competing against each other. It would be strange for them to point their spearhead to Profound Sun Sect. Even if they had really decided to attack our sect, they wouldn’t be interested with only a few outer disciples.

“This case must be resolved regardless of whoever it was. No one should easily touch the people of Profound Sun Sect. Those who offended our sect will only have one outcome – death.”

Luo Xiang said in an incomparably harsh tone. In One-Line-Sky, Profound Sun Sect was indeed qualified to speak in such a manner.

“Move on! Faster!”

At this time, two disciples of Profound Sun Sect were pulling two wounded cultivators towards their group.

“Get on your knees.”

One disciple was incomparably strong. With an exertion of force, he pressed the two people to the ground. Apparently, the two of them had been scared to death. All they could do was to kneel down as the disciple ordered.

“Senior Brother Luo, these two men were the slaves rescued by that mysterious person, however, they were recaptured by us when we were searching for them.” Another disciple spoke.

This was clearly seen by Jiang Chen. These two slaves were no doubt the people who were with Han Yan earlier. After killing the four disciples, all of them were free to flee. Unfortunately, these two failed to escape from the evil drip. However, this was quite normal. In One-Line-Sky, whenever Profound Sun Sect was determined to find someone, they would eventually find it.

“Little Chen, it seems like they are looking for us.” Said Han Yan.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m going to let them know anyway.”

Jiang Chen smiled, seemingly unconcerned.

Every disciple on the scene zeroed in on the two slaves, causing them to tremble in fear and didn’t dare lift up their heads. They were already very clear about their fate. They had heard the means used by Profound Sun Sect. There would be no chance for them to live the moment they fell into the hands of this sect.

“Tell me, who was the one that saved you two and killed the disciples of our Profound Sun Sect?” Asked Luo Xiang.

“He-he’s a youth in white robe.”

A man spoke in a quivering voice. He wouldn’t dare show the slightest bit of carelessness while speaking to Luo Xiang.

“What kind of youth? What’s his name? Someone asked.

“I don’t know. I have asked for his name, but he didn’t say.”

That man answered, his forehead was already covered with beads of sweat.


A foot was stomped on that man’s face, pressing him so hard to the ground that he spurted out blood.

“Spare my life, spare my life…”

That man was extremely frightened. He had been suffering the torture of Profound Sun Sect all this while. After being granted the chance to escape, he was captured by them once again. His current mental state was already on the brink of collapse.

“Describe everything that has happened during the day. Or else, I will make you bear a suffering that is worse than death.” Another disciple said maliciously.

“Okay. I will tell you. There was a white-haired youth amongst our group. He was merely a mid Human Immortal expert, but he continuously scuffled with the geniuses of Profound Sun Sect along the way, which caused him to suffer tremendous torture and lose one of his arms. Before we reached that valley, a white-robed youth emerged all of a sudden and saved that white-haired youth. In other words, he knew that white-haired youth. He seemed twentyish and had a cultivation of an early Earth Immortal.”

The man was trying hard to recall the scene, fearing that one wrong word would bring him endless torture.

“Bullsh*t! How could an early Earth Immortal expert kill a late Earth Immortal disciple of our sect? It seems like what you said is completely not true.”

Someone shouted. They would never believe that the four outer sect disciples of their Profound Sun Sect were killed by an early Earth Immortal youth.

“Geniuses, what I said is true. I won’t dare tell something that isn’t true. That man was no doubt an early Earth Immortal expert, however, his means was incomparably violent. None of the four disciples was a match for him. If you don’t believe me, you can try and ask him.”

He pointed to another slave.

“That’s right. This was exactly what happened earlier. After killing the geniuses of Profound Sun Sect, he left with the white-haired youth without leaving his name. We have already told you all that we know. We hope that you all can spare our lives. We are willing to stay as slaves and mine Immortal Meta Stones.” The other man spoke hastily.

“Senior Brother Luo, what do you think?”

A disciple of Profound Sun Sect looked over at Luo Xiang who was the leader here. Logically, these two men wouldn’t dare lie to them, however, it was extremely rare for someone to kill a late Earth Immortal expert while only having an early Earth Immortal cultivation.

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