Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1109 – Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (1)

Chapter 1109 – Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (1)

Night Invasion of the Ore Mine (1)

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Thinking about the encounters of the past few days gave Han Yan the feeling of going through h.e.l.l. It was a kind of inhuman devastation. He could never imagine that a first cla.s.s existence of Saint Origin World would receive this kind of treatment after he had just arrived. Fortunately, he had met Jiang Chen, otherwise, he would’ve already lost his life.

“Is Profound Sun Sect very strong?” Asked Jiang Chen with a frown.

“Of course, the Profound Sun Sect is one of the four major powers in One-Line-Sky. No one will dare to offend this tyrant.”

Said Han Yan. He had been in One-Line-Sky all these days. Although he had been treated like a slave, he had gained quite a lot of information about One-Line-Sky. Putting the other things aside, he had no doubt about the four major powers that symbolized One-Line-Sky.

“Four major powers? Ah Yan, I have just arrived in One-Line-Sky. Tell me more about the situation here.” Said Jiang Chen.

“There are four major powers in One-Line-Sky. They are the two big sects and two aristocratic families. The two big sects are Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect while the two aristocratic families are Huangfu Family and Yun Family. You know that there will be fierce compet.i.tion when there are different powers. Naturally, the four major powers aren’t getting along with each other. Among them, Skycloud Pavilion and Profound Sun Sect don’t have good relations.h.i.+p with one another, whereas the Huangfu Family and Yun Family are the enemy of each other. The four that tortured me earlier were just outer disciples of Profound Sun Sect.” Said Han Yan.

“So those Earth Immortals were only outer disciples. Sure enough, the major powers of One-Line-Sky isn’t comparable to a small place like Yan City. I have come here for the Skycloud Pavilion, but didn’t expect to offend Profound Sun Sect first.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Those major powers didn’t concern him at all. There was only one target in the Skycloud Pavilion- Tian Muyun. He never had any grudge against the pavilion. Plus, it was the major power built by Ouyang He’s blood, sweat and tears. He could never destroy the empire that belonged to that old man.

Since he had already offended the Profound Sun Sect, he had to change his plan, find ways to approach Skycloud Pavilion and borrow their strength to fight against Profound Sun Sect. Furthermore, he had to eliminate Tian Muyun. After that, Skycloud Pavilion would prosper under his management, which would allow Ouyang He to finally rest in peace.

“You have enemies in Skycloud Pavilion?” Asked Han Yan.

“Sort of. We have to find a way to get into Skycloud Pavilion. Said Jiang Chen.

“Do you have any plans?”

Asked Han Yan. He had no idea what kind of enmity he had within him, but he would always support whatever Jiang Chen decided to do unconditionally.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled with wisdom.

“Today, I have killed four Profound Sun Sect disciples. This matter won’t stay silent for long. It is very simple for Profound Sun Sect to find information about me because a lot of people had seen my face. You mentioned that Skycloud Pavilion has the worst relations.h.i.+p with Profound Sun Sect. Both of them are hostile to each other. So, killing the people of Profound Sun Sect will make me a friend of Skycloud Pavilion. As soon as this matter is spread, some people will start to notice us, but this is not enough yet. We still have to do a lot more. We can’t let this matter go just like this after all the torture they had used on you.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of a cold smile. New plans began to race in his mind.

“I’ll proceed with whatever your plan is. My current cultivation base is just too weak. Plus, I have injuries and I’m short of one arm now. It is impossible for me to survive in this world with this kind of state. I’m afraid that I will only be a burden for you.”

Han Yan forced a smile. He desired to fight alongside Jiang Chen, but the reality made him feel helpless.

Seeing Han Yan’s somewhat despairing face slightly saddened Jiang Chen. He patted Han Yan’s shoulder. “Ah Yan, you are the true inheritor of the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline. Even the geniuses of those super major powers in the Immortal World may not necessarily outperform you in talent. Regarding your injuries, I will find a way to help you recover it. There is no end to cultivation. At least for us, there is still a very long, long way to go, and inevitably, there will be various setbacks in the process that we must confront with a strong heart. No matter what difficulties we encounter, our minds should never be shaken.”

Jiang Chen’s words ignited the hope in Han Yan’s heart once more. The despair in his eyes vanished in a flash. Then, he looked towards Jiang Chen and nodded solemnly. “Little Chen, what you said is true. This setback is nothing to me. I’m the inheritor of the Ancient Divine Devil. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in One-Line-Sky or in the Immortal World, we'll create our own glorious empire just like what we did back in Saint Origin World.”

“Haha! That’s right brother!”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud and gave a high five to each other. Although they were still very weak, this boundless Immortal World was destined to be thrown into chaos because of their presence.

“Ah Yan, you said that Profound Sun Sect have opened up some ore mines and have you guys be the slaves of these mines. Do you know where the location of any of the mines is?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“I don’t have a clue about it, but according to what they said, we were supposed to arrive there before nightfall. I estimate that it shouldn’t be very far from where we are at just now and I know the general direction of it. Little Chen, you are not thinking of invading their ore mine, are you?”

Han Yan stared at Jiang Chen in surprise. His brother’s audacity might have gone a little too far.

“Of course, since we are already their enemies, we should initiate some bloodshed, isn’t that right?” Said Jiang Chen casually.

“It will be a great pleasure to get rid of their ore mine, but this is just too dangerous. To any major power in the Immortal World, an ore mine is their lifeblood. They will certainly have a great deal of defense and high level experts guarding the mines. With our current strength, I’m afraid that going there is no different than sending ourselves to h.e.l.l.”

Said Han Yan. Although it was very exciting to eradicate their enemy’s ore mine, the danger of such an act was imaginable. A single carelessness would put them in eternal d.a.m.nation.

“Don’t worry. I know what to do. Didn’t you say that Profound Sun Sect has opened a few ore mines instead one? I believe that those ore mines have different grades just like the Immortal Meta Stones. Of all the ore mines, we will pick the lowest grade, that means that the defense won’t be as tight as the others. Additionally, we will observe it secretly, strike when there’s a chance, stay put and wait if there isn’t.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. His face was overflowing with confidence.

“Well then, we will execute our plan after nightfall.”

Han Yan nodded. He could use the remaining time to get a full recovery.

“Anyway little Chen, what’s your current cultivation now? I saw that the late Earth Immortal expert couldn’t even stand a single blow of yours.” Asked Han Yan with curiosity.

“My current cultivation is early Earth Immortal realm. With my combat strength, I can kill any opponent who is two levels above me, which means that I can easily kill any mid Earth Immortal, late Earth Immortal and even half-step Heaven Immortal expert. If I use my half-dragon form, I can even kill an early Heaven Immortal expert. Plus, I have my Flaming and dragon wings as my trump card. With my flying ability, it’s very simple for me to kill any early Heaven Immortal expert.”

Said Jiang Chen. He had nothing to hide before Han Yan.

Killing an early Heaven Immortal while only being an early Earth Immortal? Han Yan would never believe it if this didn’t come from Jiang Chen’s own mouth. He was a little shocked because he had known Jiang Chen not only for one or two days. Back in Saint Origin World, Jiang Chen’s power and fame was unsurpa.s.sed.

“You are truly abnormal. Any place you go will never have peace. It seems like One-Line-Sky was destined to become bustling because of your arrival.”

Han Yan said with a smile. This was no prediction, it was the fact.

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