Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1111 – Leaving the Name after the Matter

Chapter 1111 – Leaving the Name after the Matter

Leaving the Name after the Matter

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Luo Xiang’s facial expression seemed somewhat unpleasant. According to what the two said, the attacker was a top-cla.s.s genius who had the power to kill late Earth Immortal expert while being only an early Earth Immortal expert. Plus, it was a one-hit-kill. A talent like him wouldn’t be a n.o.body in One-Line-Sky, but after searching his memories, he couldn’t find a genius amongst the four major powers that matched this attacker. In other words, this white-robed youth didn’t belong to any of the four major powers.

“It doesn’t matter who the attacker was. The point is he has killed the people of Profound Sun Sect openly, which made us his life-and-death enemy. How far can an early Earth Immortal expert and a cripple go? Spread the word now. Given the ability of Profound Sun Sect, it won’t be difficult to find them.”

Luo Xiang spoke. He still had some doubts about that attacker. If these two were telling the truth, a genius like him is truly too rare. But in any case, the fact remained that this man had already become an enemy of Profound Sun Sect. There would be only one outcome after offending the Profound Sun Sect in One-Line-Sky.

“Don’t worry. Neither of them will be able to flee away from us. By the way, what do you think should we do to these two people, Senior Brother Luo?” One disciple asked.

“Kill them.”

Luo Xiang said casually without even giving them a glance, like their lives were as worthless as ants.

“Do-don’t kill us. We have already told you what we know. We can stay here and help you mine Immortal Meta Stones.”

“I am begging you to spare our lives.”

The two of them cried in alarm, knocking their heads to the ground begging for mercy. Although they knew that there was only a slim chance of survival, they were still reluctant to die.


Another disciple harrumphed coldly, he drew out an icy cold sword, and darted a hateful glance at them and slashed at their direction.


At this moment, a burst of sound suddenly came out of the darkness. It was just an air current in the gloom, it was incorporeal and impartial, it struck right at the long sword held by that disciple.


It sounded like two metals had collided with one another. The impact created a spark. The disciple was merely an early Earth Immortal expert, he couldn’t bear the force that originated from the aircurrent. His arm was numb and the long sword flew away from his hand.

“Who is it?”

Luo Xiang was the first to regain his senses, and abruptly turned to his back. All of the disciples of Profound Sun Sect were tensed as they looked at the exact same direction. The person who attacked the disciple of Profound Sun Sect must have had too much guts.

The two cultivators who were kneeling for mercy wiped off the sweat on their foreheads and couldn’t help but heave a long sigh. It was like they had survived a disaster. Although they had no idea what their following fate would be, at least they didn’t have to die now. Then, they looked at the same direction as the others did, not knowing who provided aid to the two of them at this moment.

“Haha! You a bunch of trash. Do you think you can catch me just by yourself? I’m afraid that you won’t be able to find a single trace of me even if you aged to death.”

A voice sounded from the darkness. The volume of the voice was random, it was as if it didn’t come from a living thing. Everyone’s eyes went wide because they couldn’t see a person there. They were all frightened when they could only hear the voice.

“Who is acting like a ghost behind there?” Luo Xiang clamored loudly.

An illumination flickered ahead before a man appeared in the sky. Then the man descended from the air. It made the heart of every Profound Sun Sect disciple twitched because what the mysterious man did could only be done by an Immortal King expert. There wasn’t a single Immortal King in the entire One-Line-Sky, so how could they not be surprised by it?

The person who appeared was a white-clothed youth with good-looking face and an unusual demeanor. After discovering this youth’s cultivation, all of them couldn’t help but sigh in relief. They had no idea what the youth did just now, but since this youth was merely an early Earth Immortal expert, they would never put him in their eyes.


The two cultivators kneeling down exclaimed when they saw Jiang Chen. Their face were full of tears. In their point of view, Jiang Chen had taken the risk this time to rescue them. Thinking about how they were saved by a total stranger twice moved their hearts so much that they couldn’t put it into words.

“You are the man who killed our people earlier?”

Luo Xiang’s eyes were staring at the newly-emerged Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. They were all killed by me. They have harmed my brother and they only got what they deserved.” Said Jiang Chen flatly.

“Haha! You have a bragging mouth, early Earth Immortal brat! I have to say that I’m impressed by your courage of coming here and behave wildly. Tell me, what’s your name? I, Luo Xiang will never kill a ghost without knowing its name.”

Luo Xiang uttered two laughs, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. The gap between the two of them was too great. One was an early Earth Immortal while the other was an early Heaven Immortal. He felt that he had overestimated the opponent which was a humiliation to him, however, he wouldn’t underestimate this opponent because he was told that this man had the ability to kill late Earth Immortal expert.

Jiang Chen’s purpose of revealing himself wasn’t to rescue those two cultivators. It was just a coincidence that they were captured by the disciples of Profound Sun Sect. Jiang Chen had been disgusted by the conduct of Profound Sun Sect.

“Listen up. I will never change my surname or whatever, my name is Jiang Chen. Since I have decided to come here, I will never be a kind person. I have already gotten information about this place. There is only two early Heaven Immortal experts guarding here, however, the two of you are no match for me. I will give you all one chance – pack all the Immortal Meta Stones and give them to me now – perhaps you may have the chance to live after doing so.”

Jiang Chen said very arrogantly and revealed his name without hesitation. It was going to be a direct confrontation anyway, there was no need for him to hide anymore.

“Dammit! He’s even more arrogant than us.”

“What kind of bonehead is this man? It seems like he has come here to rob our Immortal Meta Stones. He’s truly courting death.”

“Senior Brother Luo, no need to trash-talk with this brat. Kill him right away.”


The disciples of Profound Sun Sect were about to cough up blood after listening to what Jiang Chen said. Anyone should know that these were the arrogant disciples of Profound Sun Sect who thought that they were high and mighty compared to most of the people. However, none of them expected that a brat who was even more arrogant than them would suddenly appear.

“Senior Brother Luo, let me handle him. This puny figure doesn’t need your personal involvement.”

A half-step Heaven Immortal disciple stood out and strode towards Jiang Chen.

“Brat, if you kneel down and kowtow now, grandfather may consider leaving you a full corpse.”

That disciple said and glared at Jiang Chen. He was incomparably proud.

Jiang Chen didn’t waste anymore time talking to him. A wave of Qi rushed out of his body. In his hand – a giant blood-red dragon claw – thrust forward, slapping at the target.

“He’s very strong.”

That half-step Heaven Immortal disciple’s facial expression changed slightly. He never thought that Jiang Chen would be this powerful. That giant dragon claw had given him a sense of tremendous pressure. He wouldn’t dare show any negligence in this fight.

This man’s reaction was fast. Both of his hands made a gesture and struck out a brilliant wave of energy that then formed the shape of a sabre, lunging at Jiang Chen’s dragon claw.

*Hong Long!*

The sound of the impact rippled and the land below trembled. Even though he was a half-step Heaven Immortal expert, Jiang Chen’s present strength was on par with a half-step Heaven Immortal. One should know that the True Dragon Palm was incomparable to any ordinary combat skills.

The sabre-shape wave couldn’t resist the True Dragon Palm at all. It was instantly pulverized, as easy as tearing away a withered stump.

*Deng! Deng! Deng!*

That disciple retreated three steps back before he could regain his balance. He felt a stifling sensation on his chest, his blood and Qi were running wild. He couldn’t put this unpleasant feeling into words.


Immediately, the scene caused a commotion. Luo Xiang and the other early Heaven Immortal expert widened their eyes, staring at Jiang Chen in disbelief. What they saw was an early Earth Immortal expert forcing a half-step Heaven Immortal backwards. They would never believe it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“Impossible. This is absolutely impossible.”

The disciple who was repelled by Jiang Chen’s attack couldn’t accept the fact.

“I won’t believe that you are this strong.”

Both the disciple’s eyes went red. An Immortal Weapon appeared in his hand with a clatter. The weapon was similar to a wolf-tooth club. It radiated rays of Immortal light. Anyone could see at first glance that it could deal an incredible amount of damage. Being defeated by an early Earth Immortal brat in front of so many senior and junior brothers was an insult to him. If he couldn’t regained his dignity in this battle, he wouldn’t be able to continue his career in Profound Sun Sect. He would become a laughing stock for all.


Strong Qi waves drifted on the surface of the disciple’s body like a silk sash. The wolf-tooth club was jumping in his hand continuously, producing ear-splitting and buzzing sound. As he bellowed, his entire body thrust forward like an arrow and reached Jiang Chen in a blink. He swiped the indestructible weapon on Jiang Chen’s head. No one could tell how much force this swipe contained. If Jiang Chen was replaced by an ordinary person, that person would most likely be turned into a meat paste. Too bad, his opponent wasn’t an ordinary man.

“I’m done playing with you. Dragon Transformation.”

With a sway, powerful dragon Qi spread out like tidal wave. His whole body transformed into a half-dragon. His combat strength was immediately boosted by ten times. He didn’t wish to delay today’s raid as this was the territory of Profound Sun Sect after all. He would get himself in trouble the moment he drew the attention of some powerful experts here.

*Ka Cha!*

Jiang Chen clenched his dragon fist, creating a cracking sound. With incredible speed, he smashed the wolf-tooth club with his fist.


The club was sent away by Jiang Chen’s punch, including the half-step Heaven Immortal disciple. It was imaginable how fast he was flying away if you could imagine how fast Jiang Chen had made that strike.

Without giving his opponent a chance, the surface under his feet turned black, he caught up to that disciple in a blink. He struck out his sharp dragon claw, penetrating through his opponent’s neck.

A half-step Heaven Immortal outer sect disciple who was about to become an inner sect disciple died tragically in Jiang Chen’s hands before he could even utter a cry.

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