Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1108 – The Experience

Chapter 1108 – The Experience

The Experience

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The four disciples of Profound Sun Sect were killed in a casual way. Jiang Chen’s expression remained unchanged. He helped the badly injured Han Yan to one direction, ignoring the other people around.

“May I ask what young master’s name is? We have to thank young master for saving all of us today. We will certainly remember young master’s name and kindness.”

At this time, an Earth Immortal expert cupped his fists at Jiang Chen’s back and said. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was their savior and that was no ordinary kindness. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s sudden emergence today, it was imaginable what they would face next. They would become the lower cla.s.s slaves of the Profound Sun Sect until they die.

“Just run for your lives.”

Jiang Chen said without turning his head, then vanished with Han Yan in their line of sight. The reason Jiang Chen did this wasn’t to save them. He wouldn’t risk offending a big sect like Profound Sun Sect because of several people that he didn’t know. He wasn’t a fool. There were cruelty everywhere in the Immortal World. Compa.s.sion wouldn’t solve everything as there were too many people who needed help. Even the true savior of the world wouldn’t be able to save everyone. This was the law of the jungle. People would die every day and many were dying currently.

The main reason that Jiang Chen interfered was because of Han Yan who was his life-and-death brother. He was even willing to offend all the major powers in One-Line-Sky for his sworn brother.

In a valley a few hundred miles away.

The scenery of the mountains was captivating. Birds were singing. The fragrance of flowers filled the air and streams were flowing back to the sea incessantly. It was no doubt a nice place. Jiang Chen had brought Han Yan to this remote place to treat his injuries.

He had given Han Yan a set of clean clothes, then took out some vulnerary pills and channeled as much wood spiritual energy into Han Yan as he could.

Han Yan had been injured badly. Not only was one of his arms cut off, his origin had also been damaged slightly. But of course, his injuries were considered nothing compared to Ouyang He’s. At least, Jiang Chen was able to heal such injuries in a short period of time.

However, it was incomparably hard for the arm to regrow. If it was back in Saint Origin World, it wasn’t a problem for Han Yan to regrow his arm at all even if he was still a peak Great Saint at that time. In the Immortal World, due to the restriction of the world’s law, Human Immortal couldn’t even fly, let alone regrow an arm.


As the wood essence surged through Han Yan’s body, he couldn’t help but let out sighs of relief due to comfort, like a river that had dried up for a long time suddenly meeting the rainfall. Knowing that Jiang Chen was healing his body, he quickly circulated his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline to the maximum.

Han Yan’s physique was extraordinary and powerful. It was the physique of an Ancient Divine Devil which he inherited from an existence who was on par with the Heavenly G.o.d experts in ancient times. If he was replaced by an ordinary person, he would’ve already died from the horrendous torture earlier on.

With Jiang Chen’s pills and wood spiritual Qi and the power of his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, it wasn’t hard for him to achieve full recovery.

Two hours later, Jiang Chen stopped the channeling. Han Yan took a deep breath and opened his eyes. His eyes had returned to its usual vigorous expression. Although he still seemed a little weak, it was many times better than before.

“Little Chen, I had never thought of meeting you here. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I would’ve been played to death by those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Profound Sun Sect.” Said Han Yan in a surprised tone.

“It’s good that you are alright. Your injuries will heal itself gradually. I’m thrilled that we were able to meet in this Immortal World so quickly. Oh ya, Ah Yan, was it because you had some rare encounter that helped you to ascend so quickly?” Jiang Chen asked.

“There was no rare encounter. After you and Big Yellow ascended, Tyrant, Xiao Yu, Sister Ning and I have put all of our attention in advancement. At the last moment, my Ancient Divine Devil bloodline had a great effect. Eventually, it took me three years to reach the peak of the realm, and then ascended.”

Said Han Yan. “Little Chen, how have you been in these past three years?”

“What? Three years? I have ascended to this world for merely twenty days. Are you mistaken?”

Jiang Chen eyes went wide all of a sudden after hearing what Han Yan said. It gave him the urge to spurt out blood. He was sure that he had only been in this new world for twenty days. So, where did the three years come from?

“How could that be? I have already ascended to this world roughly half-a-month ago. How could you be here for only twenty days?”

Han Yan was dumbfounded. Both of them tried to calculate the time and found out that the difference was only three days. How could that be possible? Han Yan knew that he had practiced hard in those three years.

“I know now. It seems like there is a huge difference between the Immortal World and the world beneath. The law of this world is very different than the Mortal World, including the law of time. Some fundamental changes must have taken place once one ascends to this world from Saint Origin World.” Jiang Chen realized what was happening now.

“You mean one day in the Immortal World is equivalent to one year in Saint Origin World?” Han Yan started to comprehend the situation as well.

“That’s right. It has to be it. It’s because of the difference in the law of time. This can be the only explanation for our situation.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Only the difference in the laws of time could cause this sort of variation.

“If it is what you said, then it has already been nearly twenty years in Saint Origin World. In other words, Tyrant, Xiao Yu and Sister Ning should have ascended into this world too.” Han Yan got a clear picture of it now.

“It must be so. It seems like the day of us uniting again is getting nearer, but the Immortal World is just too large to know which corner they have arrived at after their ascension.”

Said Jiang Chen delightfully and somewhat worriedly. After all, the Immortal World was way more dangerous compared to Saint Origin World. Perhaps they were the famous figure in Saint Origin World. However, they had to start from scratch the moment they arrived in this new world. Han Yan’s encounter was a clear example for this. This was also what made Jiang Chen worried for Yan Chenyu and the others now.

“Little Chen, weren’t you together with Big Yellow when you ascended? Why isn’t he with you now?” Asked Han Yan.

“The two of us were forcefully separated at the end of the pa.s.sageway. At that time, I was attacked inexplicably by some expert in the Immortal World. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Immortal Mark, I would’ve died.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, he had no idea where Big Yellow was at now.

“What? You have just ascended to the Immortal World and knew nothing in this world. How could some expert try to kill you?”

Han Yan was astounded. This wasn’t his first or second day of being here. He also knew that Human Immortals were nothing in this world. No experts would put any Human Immortal in their eyes. Plus, Jiang Chen was just an ascendant at that time. Who would dare plan to kill an ascendant even before he arrived here?

“I have already guessed who that expert was. Do you still remember Nan Bei Chao?” Jiang Chen smiled.

“You mean there is a Nan Bei Chao in the Immortal World?”

Han Yan’s expression was tensed. He would never forget someone like Nan Bei Chao. Back in Qi Province until the Void Triangular Domain, they had met this man. He was Jiang Chen’s sworn enemy, his arch-enemy.

“That’s right. Those Nan Bei Chaos’ were just clones of the original. If I’m not mistaken, the real Nan Bei Chao is in this Immortal World. The degree of his strength is beyond your imagination. I’m afraid that he also has a certain status in this world, but that’s fine. The conflict that hasn’t been resolved in Saint Origin World will be resolved here. It’s only a matter of time. With such a powerful enemy in this world, I won’t be lonely anymore.”

Jiang Chen revealed a hint of a smile. His heart was full of antic.i.p.ation while thinking about the real Nan Bei Chao.

“Ah Yan, it seems like your Ancient Divine Devil bloodline is doing great. You have already advanced to the mid Human Immortal realm in roughly half-a-month’s time. However, mid Human Immortal experts are nothing but more than a fart in this world.”

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan’s shoulder and said. Han Yan’s ability to advance to the mid Human Immoral realm from early Human Immortal realm proved that he had a powerful bloodline, but Human Immortal was just too weak in One-Line-Sky.

After listening to what Jiang Chen said, Han Yan forced a smile. How could he not know how weak Human Immortal was? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have encountered those incidents earlier.

“Little Chen, you are truly the scary one. I initially thought that you were somewhat slow in advancing to the Earth Immortal realm in three years’ time. However, I have only found out that you are merely three days ahead of me. Plus, you can already kill late Earth Immortals with ease. Comparing you with me, I’m just too far away from your current level.”

Han Yan shook his head, but he understood Jiang Chen incomparably well. He wouldn’t feel extremely surprised no matter how high Jiang Chen had reached or how fast he had grown, Jiang Chen had created too many miracles back in Saint Origin World.

When these two brothers reunited again, naturally they have lots to talk about. Jiang Chen asked plenty of things about his family. Now that Martial Saint Dynasty had already conquered the entire Saint Origin World, it had been as stable as Mount Tai, in other words, Jiang Chen could worry less about the situation of his family.

Subsequently, he told Han Yan everything that he had encountered since his ascension. Most were related to the matters in Yan City. He didn’t say anything about Ouyang He and Tian Muyun, it was not because he didn’t trust Han Yan. He just felt that it wasn’t necessary to tell Han Yan those things.

“By the way, Ah Yan. How did you fall into Profound Sun Sect’s hands? What has actually happened?” Asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“I heard that the Profound Sun Sect has opened up several mines. So they have been looking for rogue cultivators from remote areas to be taken as slaves for the mines. Unfortunately, I was captured by them. Given my cultivation, I was totally no match for them. I won’t talk about the process. If it wasn’t because I have encountered you today, the repercussion would be unimaginable.” Han Yan smiled wryly.

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