Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1101 – Dragon Sword’s Storm

Chapter 1101 – Dragon Sword’s Storm

Dragon Sword’s Storm

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Jiang Chen was too powerful, it had gone beyond their expectation, but that didn’t scare them. After all, their forces outnumbered them and their attacks weren’t the strongest of all. They believed that as long as they sent the most powerful attack together, Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance and would end up dead eventually.

However, such thoughts would be very soon crushed by the reality.

“Everyone , listen up, kill them. Eradicate Huang Family!”

Naturally, Yan Dongliu couldn’t stay stunned for long. Today was the final battle between the Prefecture and Huang Family, which was going to decide the ruler of Yan City. Even though Jiang Chen was keeping the three Heaven Immortals busy, they couldn’t underestimate the overall strength of Huang Family’s forces. A bloodshed was inevitable tonight. So, they might as well play along in this intense battle.

While it was true that Huang Family’s force was more powerful than the Prefecture’s, it wasn’t a match for the Prefecture’s forces because of a Heaven Immortal expert, Yan Dongliu was with them. Although Yan Dongliu had been affected psychologically earlier on, he wasn’t the enemy that the other Huang Family experts could handle.

“Kill them!!!”

Screams reverberated through the night. The cruelest battle had finally begun in this rainy night after so many years of conflict. There would be a clear winner today. Whether it was in Saint Origin World or Immortal World, a battle such as this would always be the cruelest. In this battle, either it was the enemy die or you die. Jiang Chen had already experienced this kind of battle too many times, and comparing those battles that he had encountered to this – it was nothing at all.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Both sides clashed with one another and wails were heard immediately. Red blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from the wounds continuously. It combined with the rain water, becoming the saddest and most beautiful color in this darkness. It was b.l.o.o.d.y and cold.

The forces of Huang Family lackedfighting spirit because Jiang Chen was able to handle three Heaven Immortal experts. It had brought them tremendous pressure dealing with an expert like Yan Dongliu. Therefore, it was hard for them to fully exert their power under such condition.

As for the Prefecture’s side, they were all prepared to die in this battle. A moment ago, Jiang Chen had given them great hope, boosting their fighting spirit enormously. Comparing them to Huang Family’s forces, it was like the difference between north and south.

Additionally, Yan Dongliu was just too strong. He was able to kill the enemy’s half-step Heaven Immortal experts as easily as slaughtering chickens.

Above the sky, another intense battle was going on. Huang Ying and the other two had struck out their most powerful attack. They had already tried this for several times, however, all of their attacks were blocked by Jiang Chen. No, they weren’t blocked, they were deflected by Jiang Chen’s attack instead.

That’s right. The fact remained that even with the three of them combining, it didn’t give them any advantage over Jiang Chen, even until now, no scratches were found on Jiang Chen’s body, they were the ones who got shoved backwards by their enemy’s attack instead, causing their blood and Qi to roll disorderly. They were now feeling very unpleasant which they couldn’t put into words.

“I will not play with you guys anymore.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent was stifling. With a sound of ‘Hua La’, the dazzling Heavenly Saint Sword materialized. Dragon marks rippled on the surface of the metal and howled continuously, making it look like a true dragon.


Jiang Chen moved, his Flaming Wings fluttered at maximum speed, so fast that he seemed to have bent the time dimension. He appeared before Huang Second in a blink and slashed forward.

“Not good.”

Huang Second knew the danger, he could feel Jiang Chen’s power. This strike carried more power that he could ever imagine. This was Jiang Chen’s full-force strike. It contained the power of 320 000 dragon marks and the Heavenly Saint Sword.

As Jiang Chen was moving too fast, Huang Ying and Yuan Hong didn’t have the time to respond. After all, this was their first time cooperating. There wasn’t much tacit understanding among them. If the three of them perfectly understood each other, three early Heaven Immortal experts could surely fight against Jiang Chen.


In this desperate moment, Huang Second raised his combat weapon and defended the attack, colliding with the Heavenly Saint Sword hard. The collision of the two metals created huge sparks that not even the rain could extinguish.


Huang Second was sent flying a hundred meters away and threw up blood . To him, the strike just now was like a meteorite cras.h.i.+ng down on him. He couldn’t bear the force at all.

In this instant, he had suffered severe injuries and half of his combat power had been expended.

However, before he could even regain his senses, Jiang Chen appeared before him like a shadow and made a hack at him once more. This time, it seemed like this strike was much stronger than the previous.

“Save me Big Brother!”

Huang Second exclaimed. He could feel the threat coming from Jiang Chen. That was the threat of death. All of his escape routes were eliminated by Jiang Chen. There was no way for him to flee. This time, he wouldn’t be able to defend against this sword strike even with all of his power. He would be killed instantly.

“Not even the G.o.ds can save you now.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. There was no way for Huang Ying to be faster than him. Huang Second would already be dead the moment Huang Ying reached here.


A mournful cry echoed through the long stretch of sky. Huang Second was no match for Jiang Chen. His body was slashed into two. Blood was spurting out from all directions as his body fell from the sky.

“Second Brother!”

Seeing what had happened, Huang Ying let out forceful and angry roars that made him look like a barbaric beast. He had now fallen into a frenzied state. His brother, son and nephew were all killed by Jiang Chen. This young man’s emergence had changed Huang Family entirely. He had thrown their entire family into an irrecoverable state.

Huang Ying wanted to rush forward very much and shred him into a million pieces, but the rationality inside of him developed fear towards Jiang Chen. Even if he refused to accept it, none of them could change the fact that Jiang Chen was stronger than them now.

Both Huang Ying and Yuan Hong were feeling remorseful right now. They regretted not killing Jiang Chen when he first arrived in Yan City, he was just a puny late Human Immortal expert at that time. If they insisted in killing this man, today’s disaster wouldn’t have taken place.

However, the fact was that they didn’t think that a person could grow this fasts. Jiang Chen had only been in the Prefecture for a very short period of time, but he was still able to advance from late Human Immortal to early Earth Immortal. Two advancement had taken place within this short period of time. Is this Jiang Chen still human? not even those monstrous geniuses were this abnormal.

“Good! Alchemist Jiang is truly ferocious. Even Huang Second is killed by him. It seems like the other two won’t be his opponents as well. Alchemist Jiang has truly become the savior of our Prefecture.”

Huang Second’s death almost made Yan Dongliu cry because of over-excitement. They were supposed to meet their end, but Jiang Chen had created a miracle for them, all by himself. It made him feel that it was the wisest decision ever that Yan Qingcheng had tried all efforts to get Jiang Chen to join their Prefecture.

“Master Jiang is no doubt a monstrous talent amongst the monstrous talents, the genius of the geniuses. Killing an early Heaven Immortal expert while only having an early Earth Immortal cultivation base. This is the fortune of our Prefecture!”

“Big Miss really has a sharp eyesight. If it wasn’t for her efforts of getting Master Jiang into our Prefecture, we would have perished tonight.”

“That’s right. Master Jiang is also a great alchemist. Our purpose of letting him join our Prefecture was to work for the Prefecture, but none us thought that Master Jiang would be our savior as well.”


The experts of the Prefecture were getting extremely excited. The following battles were almost reaching its end. None of them could stand Yan Dongliu’s single blow. After the death of Huang Second, Jiang Chen immediately gained the upper hand. It was conceivable that Huang Ying and Yuan Hong were no longer a match for Jiang Chen. The conclusion had already been decided.

Each and every expert left in Huang Family’s forces looked deathly pale. They initially thought that the joint attack of the three Heaven Immortal experts would eliminate Jiang Chen first, then helped them kill the remaining forces of the prefecture, but the real situation obviously happened in the opposite way. Now, even Huang Ying and Yuan Hong were facing a life-threatening situation, let alone talking about helping them.

Above the void, after killing Huang Second, Jiang Chen thrust at Huang Ying with his Heavenly Saint Sword without saying another word. After killing a Heaven Immortal; the sword trembled more intensely, as if it thirsted for another b.l.o.o.d.y killing.

“Brother Yuan, we must work closely together, otherwise we will be finished today.”

Huang Ying said to Yuan Hong who wasn’t very far away.


Yuan Hong nodded forcefully. He wasn’t a fool. Huang Second’s death had already rung a warning bell to them. Jiang Chen was too strong to defeat. A single carelessness would cause them to die like Huang Second.

“Haha! What’s the point of you two combining together? With your current combat power, you have already lost the qualification to fight me. You will certainly die when I kill you. Dragon Sword’s Storm.”

Jiang Chen bellowed and swiped the Heavenly Saint Sword. For a moment, countless of sword Qi soared up to the sky. Every sword Qi was coiling like a true dragon.

The Dragon Sword’s Storm was a technique invented by Jiang Chen using the dragon transformation art and Heavenly Saint Sword. Today was his first time using this skill, although he didn’t know how powerful it was. This skill wasn’t any weaker than the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Because this skill was combined with the power of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was imaginable how destructive it was be.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Dragon roars trembled the sky. Everyone could see the innumerable dragon images swirling around. The vicinity was completely filled with the sword Qi, turning it into a sword domain and an enormous cage that could imprison everything. Huang Ying and Yuan Hong were now trapped inside this sword domain.

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