Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1102 – The Fate of Yi Yuan Association

Chapter 1102 – The Fate of Yi Yuan Association

The Fate of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation

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Huang Ying and Yuan Hong yelled simultaneously. Jiang Chen was getting stronger and stronger, so strong that felt powerless and defenseless. With their mind in disarray, counteracting was now impossible. After receiving some backlashes from their previous bouts, they simply couldn’t cope up with the scary technique Jiang Chen just unleashed.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

The sword Qis had turned into images of dragons and wreaked havoc in all places. Huang Ying and Yuan Hong used all their might to defend it but discovered that it was irresistible. Countless of wounds started to appear on their bodies.

“Argh…” Yuan Hong wailed in agony when his arm was ripped off by the sword Qi. The arm wasn’t just detached from his body but was then crushed into powder and vanished in the rain.

Huang Ying’s condition wasn’t any better. Every part of his body was damaged by the sword Qi, turning him into a b.l.o.o.d.y man. At this moment, Jiang Chen appeared in front of him like a fierce tiger. The chilling and emotionless long sword was swiped like a wave and cut off Huang Ying’s head.

At this point, two Heaven Immortal experts of Huang Family had all died. The heyday of Huang Family was destined to become the history of Yan City. From here on, Huang Family would cease to exist in Yan City.

Jiang Chen didn’t kill Yuan Hong. He approached the senior who currently looked like a spent force with no power. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s control, Yuan Hong wouldn’t still be hovering in the sky.

Watching Jiang Chen approaching him, Yuan Hong’s body couldn’t help trembling in fear. It was the fear that came from the bottom of his heart.

“I won’t kill you. Your life should be decided by Yan Dongliu,” said Jiang Chen plainly, then he grabbed Yuan Hong and lifted him like a dog to Yan Dongliu.

The people of the Prefecture hadn’t woken up from their trance due to the previous scenes. Each of them was looking at Jiang Chen like a wooden block. The current Jiang Chen had already returned to his usual kind-looking human-form, but neither of them would forget his ferociousness and ruthlessness.

Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen, still in an obsessed way. A man like him would always fascinate women.

“City Lord, I think his life belong to you,” said Jiang Chen.

“Kneel down, animal!”

A member of the Prefecture went to Yuan Hong’s side and stamped his knee. Yuan Hong couldn’t stand the force and fell to his knees with a puff, and faced Yan Dongliu. Yuan Hong’s eyes were filled with shame and did not dare met the City Lord’s eyes.

Looking at the grieving Yuan Hong, Yan Dongliu was in pain. This was a scene that he did not wish to happen, but it had been concluded and he had to accept the truth. He knew very clearly that he would be in Yuan Hong’s situation if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen today.

“Brother Yuan, how did I, Yan Dongliu, treat you normally?” asked Yan Dongliu.

“Why are you talking so much for? I have already done it anyway.”

Yuan Hong smiled. He didn’t want to explain any more about it. There were some mistakes which needed a heavy price—the worst price one had to pay, his son’s and his death.. Though he felt guilty to Yan Dongliu, it was pointless to say any more about it. If he pleaded for mercy, it would only show how cowardly he was. He knew that he was going to die for sure today, so he had to keep some dignity before his death. He didn’t want to beg Yan Dongliu and Jiang Chen like a dog before he died.

“But I can’t kill you with my own hands. You can be cruel to me, but I don’t want to be ruthless to you.”

Yan Dongliu let out a sigh and turned away, looking painful.

Having understood what the City Lord meant, the person beside the City Lord neared Yuan Hong.

“City Lord doesn’t want to know an animal like you and killing you will only dirty his hands. What you did is unforgivable. Old man will send you to reunite with you son now,” said that man. Then, a long sword stabbed at Yuan Hong’s glabella.

Yuan Hong died instantly. His body flopped to the ground. The battle was finally over. The traitors had gotten what they deserved and the enemies were being wiped out. Apart from losing the experts who were with Yan Qingcheng earlier on, the Prefecture had suffered no other losses. So to speak, today was a great victory to them.

But Yan Dongliu couldn’t feel happy about it. His mood was bound to sink after being betrayed by his sworn brother. The people was afraid that this trauma wouldn’t heal itself in the matter of one or two days.

A while later, he began to regain his senses, but his red eyes showed that he had shed tears a moment ago. Men would never drop tears unless they were touched to the core. It seemed that this incident had made Yan Dongliu really sad.

Under the lead of Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng, every one of them saluted Jiang Chen, not wanting to get up for a long time.

They were grateful for Jiang Chen’s life-saving kindness. There was no other things the people of the Prefecture could think of to express their grat.i.tude other than this way.

“Alright, alright. There are still things undone here.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, signaling them to rise. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen’s demeanor was imposing and superior.

“Our Prefecture can’t repay the kindness Alchemist Jiang has done for us. So Alchemist Jiang is free to take as much percentage of the ore mine as Alchemist Jiang wants,” said Yan Dongliu solemnly.

“Like what we agreed, 30 percent of it. The others will belong to the Prefecture’s,” replied Jiang Chen.

The fact was that these Immortal Meta Stones here weren’t a big deal to him anymore. Ouyang He had given him a huge fortune, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make good use of all these stones. Plus, his cultivation base was still low which he still needed low grade and medium grade Immortal Meta Stones. He knew his own how many he would consume and the fortune given by Ouyang He was just enough for him to advance to Great Luo Golden Immortal.

At this time, several experts of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation who had been watching the battle walked forward. The leader, Wu Chang, was having an incomparably grim face. The way he looked at Jiang Chen was filled with fear and shock. Like the other people, none of them had ever put Jiang Chen in their eyes. In their point of view, the Prefecture was supposed to be finished today, but never had they thought that Jiang Chen had become the greatest variable in the critical juncture.

Now that the Prefecture had defeated its enemy, Yi Yuan a.s.sociation naturally must find a way to get along with the Prefecture.

“Congratulations on City Lord for eliminating the great enemy today!”

Wu Chang squeezed his face into a smile and held his fists at Yan Dongliu.


Yet, before he could reach Yan Dongliu, a flash of cold light flicked. Then, before he could even react, he died on the spot when his head was severed. The attacker wasn’t a stranger, it was Jiang Chen.


The scene immediately caused an uproar. Not only were the people of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation stunned, but also were the people of the Prefecture. Everyone was looking at Jiang Chen in disbelief, not knowing why Jiang Chen would suddenly attack the leader of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation’s group.

“Jiang Chen, y-y-you, why did you kill our people? Our a.s.sociation has never interfered with Prefecture’s business.”

A man said angrily, but didn’t dare to attack. He had no courage in front of Jiang Chen, because that would be seeking death.

“Yes for last time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Yi Yuan a.s.sociation will face the same outcome as Huang Family tomorrow. For all of you here, either you yield to us or die immediately.”

Jiang Chen glared at them unemotionally.

“Jiang Chen, you…”

That man was more infuriated, but before he could finish his words, Jiang Chen swiped his sword ruthlessly.

This had frightened the rest of them. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was no longer a man. He was a demon, a frenzied and cruel demon.

“I…we yield.”

A few of them exchanged glances and decided to surrender. Otherwise, they were afraid that death would only be the way. They wouldn’t dare to regard Jiang Chen’s words as a joke because an incisive and ruthless killer didn’t seem like a joker at all.

“Alchemist Jiang, why did you attack the people of Yi Yuan a.s.socation?” asked Yan Dongliu, puzzled.

“Foolish question. Isn’t this obvious? Now that Huang Family is eradicated, it may seem like the Prefecture is dominating Yan City, but I can’t protect the Prefecture for a lifetime. I will leave Yan City in the near future and head to One-Line-Sky. If I leave, the greatest major power will not be the Prefecture but Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. Although they focus on business, you should know how wild Nie Yiyuan’s desires are. He is a very smart person. The reason he didn’t take part in the compet.i.tion between you two major powers because he always liked to sit on the fence and get profits at the expense of the other party. Now that Yuan Hong was killed, it meant both the Prefecture and Huang Family have suffered great losses. Once I leave this place, Nie Yiyuan will launch an attack to the Prefecture and become the greatest ruler of Yan City.”

Jiang Chen darted a glare at Yan Dongliu. The City Lord might have some mental issues for not being able to understand this simple reason despite his intelligence.


Listening to Jiang Chen’s explanation, Yan Dongliu and the members of the Prefecture couldn’t help but inhaled in a breath of cold air. Everybody suddenly felt enlightened. Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had always been in the neutral position all these years, but it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t attack the Prefecture when the chance presented itself. Besides, the emergence of this ore mine would definitely motivate them to take down the Prefecture to gain more profits.

Moreover, for a figure like Jiang Chen, he definitely wouldn’t stay in Yan City because this city was just too small for such a great figure.

It explained why Jiang Chen would attack the people of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. This was an act of rooting out the potential threat of the future before he left. Now, the people of Prefecture didn’t know what else to do besides feeling grateful to Jiang Chen again.

Yan Qingcheng’s smile disappeared. Most of the details didn’t enter her ears except for the line when Jiang Chen said he would leave in the near future. This had made her heart sink.

“City Lord, if one wants to survive, one needs to be ruthless. The same applies to a major power. If you aren’t cruel enough, you will become other people’s prey and stepping stones. Eradicating Yi Yuan a.s.sociation will be the last thing I will do for the Prefecture., said Jiang Chen.

“Alchemist Jiang is right. My foolishness has almost caused me to make a big mistake again. In which case, we will return to Yan City immediately and annihilate Yi Yuan a.s.sociation once and for all.”

Ruthlessness flashed past Yan Dongliu’s eyes. What Jiang Chen said strongly reminded him something which he had forgotten. Being merciful in the law of the jungle would only bring harm upon himself.

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