Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1100 – Completely Dumbfounded

Chapter 1100 – Completely Dumbfounded

Completely Dumbfounded

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No one on the scene was able to think that there would be such a great turnaround for this crisis. The supposedly calm and predictable scene had suddenly turned somewhat tensed. Whether it was Huang Family or Yuan Hong, none of them had included Jiang Chen in their plans, which explained why they didn’t notice Jiang Chen’s movement.

“Jiang Chen, release my child.” Said Yuan Hong grimly.

“Release him? Do you think that’s possible? For a father and son like you two, the only outcome for you is death. You may think that I’m using Yuan Chengjun to blackmail you? Well, you are thinking too much about that. When I decided to deal with you, I won’t need any blackmailing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have killed those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they were worth more than your son. The reason that I haven’t killed Yuan Chengjun yet is that I want you to watch him die. I want you to feel the agony and know the price and outcome for betraying your own people.”

Every word that Jiang Chen said was like a blade stabbing at his heart.

“You dare?”

Yuan Hong’s Qi fluctuated. It seemed like he was about to lunged forward at any second, however, the fact that his son was still in Jiang Chen’s hand made him hesitate. He still believed that Jiang Chen would never kill his son. Yuan Chengjun must be the biggest trump card of the Prefecture right now. If Jiang Chen killed this only hostage, the Prefecture would lose any right to bargain with them, and the thing that would await them was their stormy attack.

In fact it wasn’t just Yuan Hong that didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would really kill Yuan Chengjun, but also the people of Prefecture. After all, Yuan Chengjun could still be used to force Yuan Hong into submission.


However, Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, then he exerted force in his palm. There was only the sound of a bang and Yuan Chengjun was killed by a single palm strike before he could even let out a wail. Yuan Chengjun’s head was smashed into pieces, blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from it. The dead body was then thrown like a trash to Yuan Hong’s feet.


The scene forced everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. No one thought that Jiang Chen would be so vicious, and be so decisive in killing. It was brutal, cruel and domineering. His confidence had shaken the spirit of the people of the Prefecture. They now started to gain some understanding about Jiang Chen. This young man might seem harmless during normal days, but when it came to killing, he would never even blink once. Moreover, Jiang Chen was still able to remain calm and composed in every critical situation and always created miracles. So, they all hoped that he could continue creating miracles for them.


Yuan Hong roared in pain. Both of his eyes were stained with blood. His hands were trembling uncontrollably as he tried to touch his son’s body, however, he couldn’t muster the courage to do so. Then, a burst of anger rushed out of his body.

“I will kill you, Jiang Chen!”

Yuan Hong turned into a light ray and lunged at Jiang Chen at lightning speed.

“This d.a.m.ned b.a.s.t.a.r.d! All three geniuses of our family were killed by him. Let’s attack together! We will shred him into a million pieces!”

Huang Ying was also filled with fury. The death of his son made him almost lose his sense. The same thing happened to Huang Second whose son, Huang Haoran had died under Jiang Chen’s hands a day ago. Whenever he saw Jiang Chen, a vengeful anger would churn inside of him, causing him to release his killing intent involuntarily. Simultaneously, all three Heaven Immortal experts lunged towards Jiang Chen’s direction.

“This is bad.”

Yan Dongliu knew the strength of Heaven Immortal experts. With three Heaven Immortal experts launching their attacks on Jiang Chen, he would never stand a chance. The City Lord wanted to help, but found out that it was already too late. At this moment, the people of the Prefecture turned nervous.

“Haha! Bring it on, but we shouldn’t hurt any innocents.”

Jiang Chen laughed, then rushed skyward as his Flaming Wings fluttered. Despite being attacked by three Heaven Immortal experts simultaneously, he still didn’t put them in his eyes; it was better for them to fight in the void. Otherwise, the shockwave of the battle would cause some unintended injuries and even death to the people of the Prefecture, which he didn’t wish to see.

The three of them were overwhelmed by vengeance. They didn’t care what Jiang Chen was doing. They flew skywards when they saw Jiang Chen flew.

*Hong Long……*

The three experts launched their most powerful attack together. The colorful energy waves lit up the entire night sky, filling the atmosphere with frightening destructive waves. Later, a large net made out of three kinds of energy charged at Jiang Cheng from above. This was a devastating attack. Any Earth Immortal who was struck by this would die for certain.

However, despite having just advanced to the early Earth Immortal realm, there was a total of 320 000 dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body. Therefore, this attack didn’t concern him at all.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time, so he attacked using the Five Element Combat Dragon Seal in his first move. Dragons of different elements, Gold, Wood, Water, and Fire sparkled at the same time. The entire void was filled with the roars of true dragons, it was as if the world had suddenly become a dragon world. Every dragon was full of boundless destructive energy, then all of them collided with the huge giant web.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth trembled. The huge collision was like a tremendous thunder. All of the destructive energy waves spread all over the void. The huge energy net was supposed to be indestructible, but under the attack of Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal, it was pulverized instantly, like a waste paper that couldn’t even handle a single blow.

*Deng Deng Deng!*

Three experts staggered several steps back before regaining their balance.


The three of them exclaimed and stared at the majestic-looking Jiang Chen in disbelief. The incident had slightly calmed their surging anger, restoring some of their rationality. To them, being forced back by Jiang Chen’s single blow was just like a dream. They would never have thought that Jiang Chen had already reached such a powerful extent.

“My G.o.d, Master Jiang has actually become so strong! Anyone should know that those three were all early Heaven Immortal experts. Despite combining their attacks, they were still sent staggering backwards by Master Jiang’s single blow! I wouldn’t have believed this if I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes.”

“It’s terrifying. Truly terrifying! Is he still human? Have you all noticed that Master Jiang wasn’t even affected even after using the Forbidden Art for three consecutive battles, let alone receiving any backlash? This is literally a miracle, there is actually a Forbidden Art that can raise one’s combat power by tenfold.”

“I don’t think that Master Jiang is using a Forbidden Art. It’s some kind of transformation technique that allows him to transform any time. That explained why he wasn’t affected by it, and this is what made Master Jiang so terrifying.”


The people of the Prefecture had become excited. There was no way that they wouldn’t get emotionally boosted. Jiang Chen had undoubtedly created another miracle at the most critical time and had given them hope once more.


Yan Dongliu laughed loudly. He had been ready to attack, but he never expected that Jiang Chen would be able to gain the upper hand even if it was one versus three fight. The combat strength of Jiang Chen right now made him speechless for a moment.

Yan Qingchen looked at Jiang Chen feeling more obsessed. When a person could turn the tides around and the world upside down, he would be a true hero. In her heart, Jiang Chen had already become that true and great hero that has an indomitable spirit.

“How did this brat became so powerful?”

“It seems like he has advanced to another level, early Earth Immortal realm, but even so, it should be impossible for him to fight Heaven Immortal opponents. Additionally, the three of us were sent staggering backwards altogether.”

Huang Ying and Huang Second started to scrutinized Jiang Chen once more. They wouldn’t dare be neglectful anymore.

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