Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1099 – The Biggest Unforeseen Event

Chapter 1099 – The Biggest Unforeseen Event

The Biggest Unforeseen Event

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Sensing the killing intent from Jiang Chen, Yuan Chengjun’s face turned uglier. Despite his arrogance, he knew that he was definitely no match for Jiang Chen. He had seen how the Huang brothers died under Jiang Chen’s hands, which made him s.h.i.+ver uncontrollably.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t kill me. As long as I make a shout, my dad will hear me and you will be finished.”

Yuan Chengjun feigned, sounding brave. He was pretty confident in his dad. He believed that Jiang Chen would face the same outcome as long his dad was here, however, he had overlooked one point – how the h.e.l.l did Jiang Chen slipped through the three Heaven Immortal experts and got into the ore mine without arousing their notice?

“Very well. Go ahead and shout. Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.”

Jiang Chen shrugged and said indifferently.

His confidence made Yuan Chengjun’s heart pound faster. The confident Jiang Chen got, the terrified he felt, Jiang Chen had already become a demonic being in his eyes.

“Dad, dad……”

Yuan Chengjun used all of his might to shout. Although he didn’t know whether Yuan Hong would be able to hear him, there was nothing else he could do besides shouting. He couldn’t fight Jiang Chen because he had already lost all of his courage.

A shout from a late Earth Immortal expert was supposed to be an ear-splitting sound that even people from a hundred miles away could hear it. However, no movement was detected outside even when Yuan Chengjun started to lose his voice.

This ore mine had already been fully sealed by Jiang Chen. Yuan Chengjun had already fallen into Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Power Spheres, preventing his voices from getting out regardless of how hard he shouted.

“Don’t-don’t kill me Jiang Chen.”

Yuan Chengjun started to plead for mercy. He finally understood that Jiang Chen’s ability was more than he could handle. He was like an ant that could be crushed any time.

Looking at Yuan Chengjun’s timid and shaky appearance, Yan Qingcheng’s disgust for him intensified. A man like him possessed no spirit and dignity at all. Comparing him to Jiang Chen was like day and night.

“You can’t live. Your dad as well. I will kill you in front of your dad, then kill your dad. So that you two will know that there’s no good end for traitors.”

Said Jiang Chen as he strode towards Yuan Chengjuan. Every step he made trembled Yuan Chenjun’s heart, like a heavy hammer pounding on his chest.

“I’ll go all out with you, Jiang Chen!”

Watching Jiang Chen getting closer to him, despair was plastered all over his face. Then all of a sudden, he turned frenzied, drew his sword and slashed at Jiang Chen’s direction.


Jiang Chen sent a casual slap to meet the sword, hurling the sword away from Yuan Chengjun’s hand. Then, he strode forward and grabbed Yuan Chengjun in the neck and lifted him up. Yuan Chengjun struggled uncontrollably in the air, like a small chick that was totally powerless and defenseless.

“Big Brother Jiang, you are amazing!”

Yan Qingcheng showed a smile at last, her gaze was full of admiration.

“Don’t worry. The Prefecture will be fine. After tonight, the Prefecture will dominate the whole Yan City.”

Jiang Chen smiled at Yan Qingcheng. After that, he walked out of the ore mine with Yuan Chengjun on his hand. Yan Qingcheng was a smart person. She dragged the corpses of the Huang brothers with her hands and followed Jiang Chen. Today was supposed to be the last night of the Prefecture, and she had been in the state of despair, however, by following behind Jiang Chen, hope started to glow in her mind. Although she was still clueless how Jiang Chen would deal with the three Heaven Immortal experts, Jiang Chen’s presence made her feel that Heaven Immortal experts weren’t as scary anymore.

Outside, it was still a desperate scene. All the experts of the Prefecture had virtually lost their hopes. Yan Dongliu was overwhelmed with anger, causing his combat power to drop significantly. Huang Ying wouldn’t delay any longer. He was about to launch an attack on them at any second.

“Everyone in the Prefecture, listen closely. I will give you all one last chance. Anyone who wants to live should come and join us now. Otherwise, all of you will have to die.”

Huang Ying’s body was enshrouded with killing intent. He was giving his enemy one last chance. If they didn’t cherish this opportunity, he would launch an all-out attack on them, eradicating them once and for all.

“Beast with the surname Huang and surname Yuan, do whatever you want! It’s going to be death anyway.”

Someone in the Prefecture bellowed. Their faces were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger and resoluteness. It seemed like none of them wanted to leave here alive.

“Alright. Since you all are being so stubborn, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Listen up, people, kill them all.” Huang Ying gave the decisive order.

“I don’t think any one of them will die today.”

Just after Huang Ying’s voice faded, another voice sounded from the ore mine. All of them turned and saw Jiang Chen walking out of the ore mine, carrying Yuan Chengjun on his hand, followed by Yan Qingcheng who was hauling two bodies.

*Thud! Thud!*

Yan Qingcheng hurled the bodies to Huang Ying’s direction.


Yan Dongliu couldn’t help but feel excited upon seeing his daughter still in one piece.

An incident like this was totally unexpected, particularly the death of the Huang brothers.

“Fei Er, Ming Er.”

The higher ups of the Huang Family exclaimed. Looking at the two great geniuses of their family lying on the ground unmoving, it gave them the urge to spurt out blood. Then, they s.h.i.+fted their gaze to Jiang Chen. It went without saying that the two brother’s death was caused by Jiang Chen, but what shocked them more was how did Jiang Chen slip through their line of sight and got into the ore mine. This ought to be an impossible task.

“It’s Alchemist Jiang, this is great.”

“Master Jiang surely is powerful. He was able to sneak into the mine unnoticeably and killed the two great geniuses of Huang Family. Haha! This is exhilarating, truly exhilarating!”

“Amazing! It seems like Master Jiang’s means are way beyond our imaginations.”


Everyone in the Prefecture’s camp was utterly impressed by Jiang Chen. Moments ago, they were too tense. They didn’t even notice that Jiang Chen had left their sight.

“Jiang Chen, were you the one who killed them?”

Huang Ying gritted his teeth and said. His body seemed to be trembling due to his surging anger.

“Of course, killing them was like slaughtering chickens.”

Answered Jiang Chen flatly.

“Save me, dad.”

The way Yuan Chengjun looked at his own dad was like looking at a life-saving straw, his life had already fallen completely under Jiang Chen’s control. The only person who could save him now was Yuan Hong. If his own dad couldn’t even do that, he would no doubt end up just like the Huang brothers. He would never believe that Jiang Chen would be so kind to spare his life.

d.a.m.n! How did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d got into the the ore mine?

Yuan Hong’s expression turned incomparably unpleasant all of a sudden. Yuan Chengjun was his own son. If Yuan Chengjun died, anyone could imagine how his father would feel. Everyone in the scene had totally overlooked Jiang Chen’s existence, thinking that this young man wasn’t worth paying attention to, however, none of them thought that this young man would bring the greatest change to this incident.

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