Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1098 – I Won’t Be Lenient to Kill You

Chapter 1098 – I Won’t Be Lenient to Kill You

I Won’t Be Lenient to Kill You

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“Sister Qingcheng, as long as you agree to marry me, I will make sure that no one will bully you in the future. I will love you dearly.”

Yuang Chengjun was staring at the mournful-looking Yan Qingcheng and spoke with a very gentle smile.

“Bah! You animal! My father and I have been blind. Even if I, Yan Qingcheng die today, I won’t marry a beast like you.”

Yan Qingcheng was disgusted by Yuan Chengjun’s face. That was a hatred that was stirred from the bottom of her heart. She had never hated someone so much.

“Humph! Yan Qingchen, what’s so good about that Jiang Chen. He isn’t even comparable to me. We have grown up together. You should know my feelings for you. Are you telling me that I’m inferior to that Jiang Chen who had just arrived here several days ago?”

Yuan Chengjun retorted angrily at Yan Qingcheng, he felt that his pride was hurt and was insulted severely. How could he, an extraordinary genius be inferior to Jiang Chen? Besides, Yan Qingcheng treated this new guy so well, which made him feel very unpleasant. The most depressing thing that he felt was not having the chance to kill Jiang Chen earlier on.

“You betrayer! How dare you compare yourself with Big Brother Jiang! Big Brother Jiang is a man with love and righteousness. You are merely a shameless little person. Comparing you to Big Brother Jiang will only be an insult to Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng said with a cold smile. Although her cultivation had been sealed and she was powerless now, she still had her arrogance with her. She knew that the Prefecture was going to be finished soon. Thus, her life or death didn’t matter anymore.

“Brother Yuan, aren’t you being too inferior? It’s has been so long, can’t you even handle a woman?”

A mocking sound was heard from behind. Two people appeared, they were Huang Haofei and Huang Haoming. They decided to come in here to watch a good show, but had never thought that Yuan Chengjun couldn’t even get rid of a woman.

“Brother Yuan, why are you wasting so many words on her? Now that Yan Qingcheng is under your full control. You can do whatever you want. As long as you want it, she will become your woman any time.” Said Huang Haoming complacently.

Yuan Chengjun got angrier after being teased by these Huang brothers. His eyes went bloodshot, glaring at the beautiful and delicate body of Yan Qingcheng. The lasciviousness was stirring inside of him. Erotic expression began to glow in his eyes.

“You! What do you want to do?!”

Yan Qingcheng was frightened and made two steps backwards. Both of her arms were hugging her shoulders insecurely.

“Qingcheng, since you refused to obey me, don’t blame me for using force. You will become Yuan Chengjun’s woman.”

Yuan Chengjun said, taking another step forward and grabbing Yan Qingcheng’s shoulder, tearing off a side of her sleeve, revealing her jade-white skin. Yuan Chengjun’s s.e.xual desired was stirred up to an uncontrollable state. At this time, he had turned into a starved wolf and Yan Qingcheng was his prey.


Yan Qingcheng yelped. No matter how talented or how composed she was, she had never encountered such an incident before. She was in total disorder now, like an injured rabbit trying to find a place to hide but couldn’t do so.

“Yuan Chengjun, get your hands off of me!” Yan Qingcheng panicked.

“Didn’t you like Big Brother Jiang very much? Too bad, your Big Brother Jiang won’t come and save you now.” Yuan Chengjun face had a sneer.

“Sorry, I’m already here.”

As soon as Yuan Chengjun’s voice faded, another voice sounded from behind. Everyone turned and saw a white-clothed youth that came out of nowhere, standing at a close distance. If it wasn’t Jiang Chen, who else could it be?

“Jiang Chen!”

The Huang brothers exclaimed, not believing their own eyes. One should know that there were three Heaven Immortal experts standing outside. Even if Jiang Chen had very amazing ability, he wouldn’t be able to sneak through them unnoticeably.

“Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng couldn’t help but shed tears when she saw Jiang Chen.

“Release Qingcheng now, or else you will die miserably!”

Jiang Chen ignored the Huang brothers and gazed at Yuan Chengjun. At the same time, he turned into his dragon form. Given his current cultivation base, he wouldn’t need this form to kill them, but things were getting critical outside, he didn’t want to waste any time.

“How did you come in?” Asked Yuan Chengjun.

“No one will be able to stop me if I want to come in.” Said Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, what’s with the arrogance? You will only die for showing up today. As long as you dare to attack here, it will arouse the attention of everyone outside. At that time, you will be trapped.”

Huang Haofei said coldly. As a matter of fact, the three of them felt an inexplicable sense of fear when they saw Jiang Chen’s dragon form. They had seen Jiang Chen’s scariness before. The picture of Huang Haoran’s death was still lingering in their minds.

“This place has already been completely sealed by my domain. The three of you will die for sure. Not even the G.o.ds can save you now.”

Said Jiang Chen. His body flashed and appeared between Huang Haofei and Huang Haoming, he then clamped both of their necks with his sharp dragon claw in lightning speed.

Both of their expressions changed drastically. At this instant, they could feel a trace of death Qi from him, it was the unprecedented threat of death.

“You, you have advanced again?”

Huang Haofei said with difficulty. He could tell that the current Jiang Chen was even more powerful than the time he fought Huang Haoran. Fighting Jiang Chen with their present cultivation would only end up them being dead. They wouldn’t have the room to resist at all.

*Ka Cha!*

Jiang Chen didn’t want to continue this nonsense with them. With the exertion of force in his hands, both necks were snapped by his claws, cutting away their life force. After that, he threw them aside without even looking at them, and strode towards Yuan Chengjun.

Both Huang brothers were snapped to death before they could even launch a strike at Jiang Chen. They died like ants being crushed by a mere finger, causing Yuan Chengjun’s gooseb.u.mps to rise. An unprecedented fear was stirred in his heart. He had never felt death being as close as now.

“Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng took the advantage of Yuan CHengjun being in a daze and ran towards Jiang Chen. She looked at Jiang Chen with an aggrieved face, but her heart was overflowing with happiness. Being saved by the man she loved was the greatest happiness. At the moment, she had forgotten all the danger that she was in. Her eyes were now occupied by this moderately tall man who provided her with a sense of security every time.

Seeing Yan Qingcheng running towards Jiang Chen, it made Yuan Chengjun even more disappointed. If he focused on controlling Yan Qingcheng just now, he would’ve been able to blackmail Jiang Chen with her. But now, nothing was left. It would be an easy task for Jiang Chen to end his life now.

“Are you alright?”

Jiang Chen smiled at Yan Qingcheng, then took out a robe and draped it over her shoulder.

“I’m alright.”

Yan Qingcheng shook her head hard. She s.h.i.+vered slightly, thinking about the scene just now. If Jiang Chen didn’t appear on time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Jiang Chen raised his head and looked over at Yuan Chengjun, his eyes were filled with distaste. “For someone like you, there are no other words to describe you other than revolting. Therefore, I will never be lenient when it comes to killing people like you.”

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