Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1095 – The Desperate Qingcheng

Chapter 1095 – The Desperate Qingcheng

The Desperate Qingcheng

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“Your pretentious act is really disparaging!”

Yan Qingcheng said coldly. The others also had an angry look on their faces. It seemed like Yuan Hong did have a good foresight, or else they wouldn’t be able to deal with the present situation.

“Since ancient times, the winner is always the king and the loser is the villain. As long as we destroy your Prefecture, Yan City will become Huang Family’s. Who will care about the method used?”

Huang Ying chuckled, avoiding the question for his own integrity. What he wanted was the result. As long as he could succeed, he would do whatever that was needed. In this cruel and compet.i.tive Immortal World, not much moral principles existed. Eventually, people would only respect the strongest major power.

“Humph! Huang Ying, don’t think that our Prefecture is a fragile target which you can easily oppress. Even if you have brought all the experts of your family here for a raid, so what? My dad will be here soon.”

Yan Qingcheng snorted coldly. She didn’t fear Huang Family’s forces as Yuan Hong was with them. She knew that this uncle, a true Heaven Immortal expert was enough to confront almost all things.

“Uncle Yuan, quickly send the distress signal back to my father. Ask him to bring reinforcements now. Since Huang Family wants to declare war against us, we will gladly accept it.” Yan Qingcheng looked over at Yuan Hong.

“I have already sent the distress signal. I believe that City Lord will be here soon. Big Miss, I’m sorry.” Yuan Hong said abruptly.

Yan Qingcheng was stunned as she couldn’t grasp what Yuan Hong was trying to say. What did Yuan Hong mean by saying he was sorry while they were confronting a large group of enemy forces? She raised her head and saw the blood-red eyes of Yuan Hong.

“Uncle Yuan, you…” Yan Qingcheng yelled.


In an instant, Yuan Hong struck out an energy seal and wrapped it around Yan Qingcheng. Her facial expression changed drastically. She couldn’t have thought that Yuan Hong would attack her at this critical juncture. She resisted it with all of her might, but the gap between them was just too great.


Yan Qingcheng spurted out a mouthful of blood. Her mouth was pale white. She had already been taken control by Yuan Hong’s energy strike, making her immobile.

“Yuan Hong, what are you doing?”

“Dammit! What’s happening? Why did Yuan Hong attack Big Miss?”

“Elder Yuan, what the h.e.l.l are you doing? Why did you attack Big Miss?”


Everyone in the Prefecture’s camp was shocked. None of them had imagined that this thing would happen. In their point of view, Yuan Hong was their biggest reliance. They thought that as long as Yuan Hong was here to defend against Huang Family’s forces, it would be enough for them to hold until the City Lord arrived here. However, the thing that happened now confused all of them.

“Yan Qingcheng, do you think that the Prefecture could still stand a chance?”

Huang Ying said contemptuously.

This sudden development also shocked all the experts of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation. By now, even an idiot could tell what was happening. Yuan Hong has already joined Huang Family and had turned against the Prefecture. It explained why Huang Family had the audacity to raid the ore mine at this hour.

No one would have thought that Yuan Hong would betray the Prefecture because they knew that Yuan Hong and Yan Dongliu had been together for so many years. They thought that it would be impossible for either of them to turn against each other. However, this impossibility had just happened now, catching everyone by surprise.

“Uncle Yuan, you……”

Yan Qingcheng stared at Yuan Hong and shook her head helplessly. She couldn’t believe that this was the real thing. That sadness and despair that she was feeling right now was beyond anyone’s comprehension. She felt that her heart was slowly being sliced off by a knife upon witnessing that their most trusted man had betrayed them all.

“Qingcheng, you should put the blame on you and your father. Ever since that Jiang Chen arrived at the Prefecture, all of your attention has been placed on him. We, father and son ended up being ignored despite all the contributions and dedications we have given to the Prefecture. So, we found another pathway ourselves. As soon as Yan Dongliu is killed, the Prefecture will be ours. And you, Qingcheng, as long as you serve me well, I will ensure you good treatment from then on.”

Yuan Chengjun said with a smile, finally revealing much his malevolent side.

“Utterly shameless. I’m truly wrong about you, Yuan Chengjun.”

Yan Qingcheng looked over at Yuan Chengjun. She had always regarded him as her brother. The relations.h.i.+p between them started since young as they grew up together. Such relations.h.i.+p wasn’t comparable to any ordinary relations.h.i.+p; her eyes were currently filled with absolute hatred.

Yuan Chengjun had betrayed them and conspired with the enemy. This aspect alone made the difference between him and Jiang Chen a hundred thousand miles wide. Back when Jiang Chen was coerced by Huang Xiong, instead of joining them, he went straight to Han Village all by himself to save the villagers. This was what made him a true man.

“d.a.m.n you, Yuan Hong, Yuan Chengjun! Both of you surely don’t know what shamelessness is. The City Lord has trusted you two so much, but all he got in return is your revolting betrayal.”

An elder swore angrily. His eyes had already turned bloodshot. The others also reacted the same way. They were supposed to harvest the Immortal Meta Stones happily, and thought that they would be safe with a Heaven Immortal expert guarding them. To their surprise, this Heaven Immortal senior and his son were just pure jackals that devour humans without spitting out the bones.


As soon as the old man’s voice faded, a cold light appeared in front of him all of a sudden, stabbing his heart. The attacker was Yuan Chengjun, and the thing that impaled the elder’s heart was his sword.


The elder spewed out a mouthful of blood, his body was trembling and twitching uncontrollably. His blood-red eyes that were filled with hatred and despair were glaring at Yuan Chengjung. The elder wasn’t able to die in peace.

“This is the outcome of insulting my dad.”

Yuan Chengjun pulled out his sword and the elder fell to the ground. The elder was a half-step Heaven Immortal expert. He wasn’t supposed to be killed by Yuan Chengjun, but because he was clouded by his emotions just now and didn’t think that Yuan Chengjun would attack him, he was caught off guard when Yuan Chengjun launched his strike.

“Yuan Chengjun, you beast!”

Yan Qingcheng got emotional when she saw that an elder of her Prefecture died in Yuan Chengjun’s hands. She wouldn’t be as emotional if the elder died fighting against Huang Family. She knew that such death was an absolute humiliation to the elder. In other words, the elder wasn’t able to pa.s.s away in peace.

Every expert of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation was just looking at the scene quietly. None of them spoke a word, this scene was not related to them anymore.

On the other hand, the experts of Huang Family felt exhilarated, seeing the internal killing in the Prefecture’s camp, it felt way much better than killing the people of the Prefecture with their own hands.

“Humph! This is what happens to those who are stubborn. For the rest of you, I will give you a chance to join us now. Other than that, your outcome will be just like his.”

Yuan Chengjun gazed sharply at the remaining higher ups of the Prefecture.

Yan Qingcheng was in total despair right now. What was left in her eyes was hopelessness and tears. Despite knowing these two men for a long time, she now felt unfamiliar with them. At this moment, she had finally understood why people say that a human mind was difficult to predict.

She knew that the Prefecture was finished. Everything would be over today. Yuan Hong has already joined Huang Family, which made them have a total of three Heaven Immortal experts, leaving only Yan Dongliu alone in the Prefecture. How could the City Lord stand against three of them? She now prayed that her father and Jiang Chen wouldn’t appear here because that would be no different than going to h.e.l.l.

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