Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1096 – Blood Rain

Chapter 1096 – Blood Rain

Blood Rain

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Huang Family’s motive was obvious. They had come today not only to seize control of the ore mine, but also to eliminate Yan Dongliu and the forces of Prefecture, and Jiang Chen. Yan Qingcheng knew that Huang Family’s hatred for Jiang Chen was even greater than the hatred they had for the Prefecture.

“Bah! Ungrateful son of a b*tch! The Prefecture has wasted so much resources on the two of you for all these years. Even if I die today, I’ll make sure that you’ll die along with me.”

A pa.s.sionate elder swore loudly at Yuan Chengjun, then lunged at him with his Immortal Weapon. This elder was also a half-step Heaven Immortal expert. He launched a full-fledged attack even if it would cost him his life as well. It seemed like the elder had already lost hope, but was unwilling to die in vain. So, he would rather sacrifice himself to destroy one of them.

However, the elder clearly wouldn’t succeed in such a situation. Even if he had the ability to use his death to destroy Yuan Chengjun, Yuan Hong wouldn’t just stand there and watch his son being killed.


An incomparably powerful Qi wave surged out of his body like a sharp blade, landing heavily on the elder’s body. The attack came from Yuan Hong. The elder couldn’t resist it at all as the two of them were not on the same level. The elder was sent flying by the attack. Everyone could see the deep dent in his chest. It had to be a very serious injury. Although it wasn’t enough to take his life, it had completely incapacitated the elder.

At this moment, Yuan Chengjun struck like a lightning. The sword was swiped, severing the elder’s head off the body. Blood gushed out like a fountain, turning the whole rainy scene cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y

Yuan Chengjun was too violent. He had already become the demon in the darkness in the eyes of the Prefecture. The elder that he had just killed was the senior that had cradled him before when he was still young, but he just slaughtered that elder like a sheep, absolutely merciless.

Looking at the two dead experts, Yan Qingcheng was in total despair. She couldn’t help but shed tears. She now understood that this was the reason that Yuan Hong, a person who rarely comes out of the Prefecture come along with her.

It turned out that Yuan Chengjun had already been plotting against Jiang Chen, colluding with Huang Family. If it wasn’t because of her trust in Jiang Chen, she would’ve misunderstood Jiang Chen long ago and made the wrong call.

The atmosphere was incomparably stifling. The droplets of rain suddenly dropped in temperature all of a sudden, making every expert of the Prefecture s.h.i.+ver. They were trapped like those helpless wild animals. They now felt angry and afraid, Yuan Chengjun was ruthless despite them being his respectable seniors in the past. No one wanted to die, death was a terrible thing to anyone.

In the Prefecture, Yan Dongliu has just received the distress signal sent by Yuan Hong. He acted immediately by a.s.sembling all the experts including Jiang Chen. Today was going to be a crucial life-or-death battle between them and Huang Family. So they naturally needed to use all the forces that they had in this fight.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen was an expert that was even scarier than an ordinary half-step Heaven Immortal expert. Firstly, he had an insane combat strength that could kill a half-step Heaven Immortal expert, secondly, he had the ability to fly which would be very helpful to their forces.

“What happened, City Lord?”

Someone asked.

“I just received the signal from brother Yuan that Huang Family was attacking the ore mine in the middle of the night, seemingly wanting to seize control of the ore mine. We have to act now. I’m afraid brother Yuan won’t be able to fight them for so long.”

Said Yan Dongliu grimly.

“Dammit! I knew that Huang Family will never let this matter go. I have never thought that they would make such a move so quickly. Fortunately, Elder Yuan followed the group. Or else, Big Miss will be in real danger.”

“Huang Family is going too far with this. They couldn’t accept the defeat. However, our Prefecture isn’t an enemy they easily offend. Tonight’s going to be a life-and-death battle, we’ll see who’s stronger.”


Every expert of the Prefecture was filled with bursting Qi and killing intent. The victory of yesterday’s battle had fueled their fighting spirit tremendously.

However, they wouldn’t have thought that the scenario that they were about to face would be so hard.

“Both the Yuan father and son have gone together?” Jiang Chen asked with a frown.

“That’s right. If Yuan Hong hasn’t gone together with them, they won’t be able to handle the attack of the Huang Family.” Said Yan Dongliu.

“This is bad. I’m afraid that both of them have already joined Huang Family. Qingcheng must be in grave danger now.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically. The situation was pretty obvious to Jiang Chen. Given Yuan Hong’s status, he would never take the initiative to guard the ore mine. Moreover, Huang Family had launched their attack on the first day they started the mining operation, which seemed too much of a coincidence. Also, he was already suspicious of Yuan Chengjun’s defeat to Huang Haofei yesterday. The only explanation for these incidents was that both the father and son had already been conspiring with Huang Family without the Prefecture’s knowledge.

Perhaps the people of the Prefecture trusted the father and son more than they Jiang Chen trusted. Besides, there was a spy in the Prefecture. He had already been observing the strange behavior of Yuan Chengjun and had regarded him as an enemy long ago.

“What did you say? Alchemist Jiang, is this a joke?”

Yan Dongliu’s expression darkened. He and Yuan Hong had been through life and death challenges. What Jiang Chen said really displeased him.

“I’m not in the mood to joke around with you all. If I were you, I will immediately rush to the ore mine, otherwise, it will be too late.”

Said Jiang Chen coldly, then he fluttered and propelled himself towards the direction of the ore mine with the Flaming Wings.

Yan Dongliu didn’t dare delay any longer, he immediately followed behind Jiang Chen. The rest of the higher ups also moved at their full speed towards their destination.

In fact, Jiang Chen was really not interested in the feud between Huang Family and the Prefecture from the very beginning, but as the matter developed, he was involuntarily sucked into such a storm. Plus, after learning the incidents about Ouyang He and Tian Muyun, he despised the act of betrayal even more. Due to him being incapable of taking revenge on Tian Muyun, he would express all of his anger on the father and son.

In addition, Yan Qingcheng was likely to be in real danger now. Although he didn’t have the thought of having a relations.h.i.+p with this girl who admired him a lot, he would never watch her fall into the wrong hands.

On the way, Yan Dongliu and the other experts’ expression were turning incomparably grim, making the atmosphere around extremely suffocating. What Jiang Chen said had baffled them because they would never believe that Yuan Hong would betray them. If what Jiang Chen said was true, the Prefecture would certainly plunge into an unprecedented and irrecoverable crisis.

The rain around the ore mine was heavier than the other palaces. Huang Family and Yuan Hong were standing together. A dozen corpses laid in front of them in a disordered way. The droplets of rain were incessantly beating the dead bodies. Blood was flowing everywhere, making the whole scene look gruesome and scary.

That was the scene that Yan Dongliu and the others saw when they reached the ore mine.

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