Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1094 – The Late Night’s Attack

Chapter 1094 – The Late Night’s Attack

The Late Night’s Attack

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Yan City, Huang Family!

Standing above the martial arena of Huang Family was a dozen black-clothed men. The killing intent that was casually released by this group of people could quiver people’s heart. The expert with the lowest cultivation base among them was a late Earth Immortal realm. All of the half-step Heaven Immortal experts of the family were present here.

Huang Ying and Huang Second were the true Heaven Immortal experts. Currently, their faces looked incomparably grim as they stood in front of the line, overlooking all of the experts. Huang Haofei and Huang Haoming were both looking belligerent. Yesterday, not only did they lost the ore mine that was supposed to be theirs but also a genius, Huang Haoran. To Huang Family, it was an unprecedented loss. The three of them had been good and close brothers. Now, the three Huang’s males were reduced to only the two of them. It was conceivable how bad they felt at that time when they witnessed their brother being killed by Jiang Chen.

Both of them now hated Jiang Chen to the very core, but there was nothing that they could do about it because even Huang Haofei would’ve died under his hands. Given their current strength, they absolutely weren’t qualified to take revenge on Jiang Chen. As such, today was their great chance. They would erase the Prefecture off the map and kill Jiang Chen to avenge their brother’s death.

“Everyone, Yuan Hong has already sent the news that they are already there at the ore mine. Yuan Hong has already joined our side, we should head over to ore mine to join them now and seize control of the ore mine. We will capture Yan Qingcheng and force Yan Dongliu into submission. We all know that Yan Dongliu’s daughter was the apple of his eye and his flesh. If something were to happen to her, Yan Dongliu will certainly do anything to save her. Although such an act isn’t morally accepted, but we are forced to do so. As long as this method can conquer Yan City and retain Huang Family’s existence, we’ll do whatever it takes.” Huang Ying said coldly.

Everyone on the scene expressed great understanding to what he said. They all knew that this wasn’t going to be any kind of righteous act, but now that the mine had fallen into the Prefecture’s hands, they felt compelled to do so. If they didn’t take advantage of the situation now, it wouldn’t take long for the Prefecture to improve their overall strength and overtake the strength of their forces. At that time, Huang Family would face its end.

Naturally, they wouldn’t allow this to happen. It would be an unbearable loss if they lost the family which they had established.

“Dad, say no more. Tonight is going to be Yan Dongliu’s and that Jiang Chen’s end. We must shred that Jiang Chen into a million pieces today in order to avenge Sixth Uncle and Haoran’s death. With Yuan Hong joining our forces, we have three Heaven Immortal experts now. That Yan Dongliu will certainly be no match for us even if he can grow two more heads and four more arms. After tonight, the entire Yan City will be ours.”

Huang Haofei said with gritted teeth. Whenever he mentioned Jiang Chen’s name, all his anger would flare up inside of him. His hatred for Jiang Chen had exceeded the hatred that he had for the Prefecture.

“Alright, let’s move to the ore mine now.”

Huang Ying ordered. A group of experts then disappeared swiftly into the rainy night. Every place they pa.s.sed turned the air into fog. Every droplet of rain that was an inch away from them evaporated into fog.

Inside the ore mine, everyone was still as spirited as before. They were constantly mining the s.h.i.+ny Immortal Meta Stones with smiles on their faces.

“Haha! I have never thought that there’s such a great treasure outside Yan City. I wonder how many Immortal Meta Stones can be mined from this huge mine. If it hadn’t been for the movement of the mine itself, we wouldn’t have known it.”

“That’s right. This mine is full of sparkling Immortal Meta Stones. Every stone has unlimited gloss on it and is considered a superior item to anyone. This time, our Prefecture has really become rich. With so many Immortal Meta Stones, it’s only a matter of time before our entire forces surpa.s.ses Huang Family’s. It’s time for us to take the lead after so many years of conflicts with Huang Family.”

“However, all of these was because of Master Jiang’s effort. He’s young, extremely talented and monstrous. If it wasn’t for Master Jiang, this ore mine would’ve become Huang Family’s.”


The experts of the Prefecture were mining the precious stones and were chatting happily with each other, their topic would surely involved Jiang Chen. It seemed like Jiang Chen’s popularity in the Prefecture was just ranked behind Yan Qingcheng now.

Yan Qingcheng felt very delighted in her heart after hearing what these people said about Jiang Chen. After knowing Jiang Chen for a period of time, her fondness for him had grown even more. This was what people said about the romantic period of a female youth. Once a girl allowed herself to fall in love with someone, that love would only grow deeper and deeper.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, a loud noise rumbled into the mine from the outside, shaking the interior of the mine. Despite being inside the cavern, they were able to feel the strong shockwave clearly.

“Not good.”

Yan Qingcheng’s expression suddenly changed. She whirled and headed for the exit. The rest halted their operations and followed her. Several of the Yi Yuan experts also knitted their eyebrows. All of them were selected experts. They could sense that someone had come to make trouble outside.

On an empty land outside the ore mine, the rain was heavier than before. Yuan Hong and Yuan Chengjun and some higher ups of the Prefecture were guarding the ore mine. Standing opposite of them was a few dozen black-clothed men. They were no doubt the experts of Huang Family.

Yan Qingcheng’s expression darkened when she saw what happened. But fortunately, they had already prepared for this by bringing Yuan Hong here. Or else, they wouldn’t be able to deal with the current situation.

“Huang Ying, what are you doing here in the middle of the night? You have already lost yesterday. This ore mine has nothing to do with the Huang Family anymore.”

Yan Qingcheng said sharply.

“Haha! Miss Qingcheng, how could our family give up on such a great wealth so easily, right?” Huang Ying let out two laughs.

“Patriarch Huang, we, the Yi Yuan a.s.sociation has never interfered with the conflicts between you and the Prefecture, but your abrupt act today is totally not putting our a.s.sociation in your eyes. We were the judge of yesterday’s battle. The fact remains that you have lost the compet.i.tion. Could it be Patriarch Huang could not accept defeat?”

Wu Chang of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation spoke bluntly. The thought of Huang Family robbing the ore mine in this way had never crossed his mind. In his point of view, this Huang Ying must be out of his mind. One should know that such an act would not only offend the Prefecture directly, it would also make Yi Yuan a.s.sociation their enemy. Where did the Huang Family got their audacity to confront the two major powers?

“Elder Wu, calm down. Our family will never make Yi Yuan a.s.sociation our enemy. The Prefecture has agreed to give you 20 percent of the Immortal Meta Stones. I, Huang Ying will grant you 30 percent of it. We won’t cause Yi Yuan a.s.sociation any trouble. This is a matter between us and the Prefecture.” Said he.

After hearing this, Wu Cheng couldn’t help but frown. He wanted to say something more, but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. As a businessman, all he sought for was profits. Now that Huang Family had sent all of their powerful experts to seize the ore mine, they should play it safe by staying out of it, or else the whole scene would turn ugly and it wouldn’t bring them any benefits at all.

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