Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1093 – The Crisis of the Prefecture

Chapter 1093 – The Crisis of the Prefecture

The Crisis of the Prefecture

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“Eh? What’s this?”

Jiang Chen’s divine sense twitched all of a sudden when it noticed a pale glowing crystal at the corner of the spatial ring. It was the size of a fist and emitted traces of demonic Qi.

“It’s actually an early Heaven Immortal demon soul. This is really an unexpected harvest. Ouyang He surely didn’t put this soul into his eyes and had probably casted this soul aside. However, a Heaven Immortal realm demon soul will be of great use to me. With how solid my foundation is now, it’s the perfect time to utilize this demon soul to advance my cultivation. I think there won’t be any problem to advance my cultivation now to early Earth Immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. A Heaven Immortal realm demon soul was useless to Ouyang He, but it was truly precious to Jiang Chen. After refining this demon soul, he would surely advance to the true Earth Immortal realm and would no longer be a half-step Earth Immortal.

Without hesitation, he retrieved the demon soul from the spatial ring and started to refine it in his room. Of all the things that Ouyang He had given him, the demon soul was the thing that he needed the most. Once he advanced to the early Earth Immortal realm, his combat strength would become much stronger.

Under the circulation of the dragon transformation art, the demon soul was refined at a high speed. To him, refining a demon soul was extremely an easy matter. The Heaven Immortal realm demon soul had energy that was beyond any ordinary Earth Immortal realm demon soul. Even though this amount of energy was negligible to Ouyang He, it was surging inside Jiang Chen’s body like waves.

Every expert should act according to one’s ability. When one reached a certain level, one should do what was supposed to be done at that level to advance further. Given Jiang Chen’s present condition, he wouldn’t dare refine a Golden Immortal realm or Divine Immortal realm demon soul. As for an early Heaven Immortal realm demon soul, it suited him well.

After the advancement of his dragon transformation art, every following advancement required 50 000 dragon marks. Now that his body had a total of 250 000 dragon marks, he needed to have 300 000 dragon marks to advance to the early Earth Immortal realm.

As the dragon transformation art was being circulated, the demon soul was continuously being refined while the number of dragon marks kept soaring inside his Qi Sea. One thousand, two thousand……

Jiang Chen’s way of advancement had always been terrifying. No one could possibly accept this kind of advancement. After only one hour, the demon soul was already fully refined and 70 000 dragon marks had been condensed, making a total of 320 000 dragon marks. His current cultivation base had already advanced to the early Earth Immortal realm. With 20 000 extra dragon marks, it made his combat strength even stronger. Now, he only needed 30 000 more to hit the mid Earth Immortal realm.


An incomparably powerful Qi wave rushed out of his body. His current strength was many folds greater than before.

“My cultivation base has already reached the early Earth Immortal realm. I can kill any late Earth Immortal expert with ease now. With my full effort, I can even kill any half-step Heaven Immortal. If I transform, I could probably also kill an early Heaven Immortal expert. Humph! If Huang Family continues to offend me, don’t blame me for being ruthless to them.”

A hint of smile was seen at the corner of his mouth. In this huge Immortal World, his current cultivation was naturally insignificant, but in this small Yan City, no one else could defeat him anymore. Huang Family had always regarded him as a thorn in their flesh, but after advancing to early Earth Immortal realm, Huang Family was no longer qualified to be his enemy.

The next morning.

The meeting hall of the Prefecture was packed with people. Every one of them were the higher ups of the Prefecture. Yesterday’s battle was a great victory. Today, the prefecture was going to send people over to start mining the ore mine. As this was a crucial event, only those who were trustworthy could undertake this task.

Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong were sitting on top ,while Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun were seated below them. The rest of the higher ups occupied the two rows.

Yan Dongliu swept across the hall but he didn’t see Jiang Chen around. Then he asked. “Why hasn’t Alchemist Jiang come?”

“Father, daughter has gone over to his courtyard and found that he was in seclusion. So daughter didn’t interrupt him.” Said Yan Qingcheng.

“En, well, Alchemist Jiang has made a great contribution to the Prefecture. So regarding the matter of mining, he naturally won’t be required to be present. I have promised to give him 30 percent of the ore mine and I will make sure that I will fulfill my promise. Everyone, mining is the top priority of the Prefecture now, so who do you think is the right person to lead this activity?” Said Yan Dongliu.

“Isn’t that obvious. It will be Miss Qingcheng of course. Miss has been handling all the affairs of the Prefecture all these years. She should be the one leading this activity.”

“I agree. This is a crucial event and big miss can’t be excluded from it. This Old man is willing to go along with Big Miss so that I can immediately help Big Miss whenever Big Miss needs it.”


Yan Qingcheng had a very high reputation. Most of them in the hall agreed that she should be in charge of the mining. With her taking charge of the operation, most of them wouldn’t need to worry about it.

“In that case, Qingcheng, Chengjun, both of you will go together. The operation this time will be supervised by the two of you.”

Yan Dongliu looked over at Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun.

“Brother Yan, Huang Family suffered a terrible defeat yesterday and I’m worried that Huang Ying won’t give up on the ore mine. If they plotted against us behind our backs, Qingcheng and Chengjun won’t be able to deal with them. Why not I go along with them so that I can safeguard the ore mine.” Yuan Hong spoke suddenly.

“City Lord, Elder Yuan’s right. He’s a Heaven Immortal expert. With him going along with the two of them, the ore mine will certainly be safe.”

“Yes, Huang Family definitely won’t give up on this. Anyone should know that this ore mine involves a great deal of fortune. It’s the key for the two major powers in Yan City. If Huang Family launched some kind of secret attack, we will surely regret not being prepared. But with Elder Yuan’s supervision, everything will become safer.”

“The factor of Huang Family must be taken into account. Therefore, it would be best if Elder Yuan can tag along.”


After hearing that Yuan Hong was going to accompany the two youngsters, the rest of the higher ups expressed their approval on this decision. Yan Dongliu and Yuan Hong had been friends for many years. They could be described as buddies who had been through a lot together. Therefore, no one including Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng doubted Yuan Hong’s intention.

“Alright. In that case, this matter will need to trouble you for a while brother Yuan.”

Yan Dongliu cupped his fists at Yuan Hong. After so many years of being his old friend, he had regarded Yuan Hong as his own brother. So there wasn’t much formalities between the two of them. In his point of view, Yuan Hong must be feeling guilty because of his son’s defeat which motivated him to take the initiative in guarding the ore mine. This was a very normal act and Yan Dongliu didn’t have any reason to refuse it.

However, he had failed to realize that this decision would put the entire Prefecture into an irrecoverable situation.

Yuan Hong and Yuan Chengjun exchanged a glance and smiled. The situation was going as what they had expected. Everything was under their control now.

Without making any delay, a big squad set out towards the ore mine under the lead of Yuan Hong, Yan Qingcheng and Yuan Chengjun. The squad of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation were already there when they arrived.

The leader of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation’s squad was a fiftyish old man. He had a strong cultivation base – half-step Heaven Immortal realm. It wasn’t a big squad. There were only five or six people in the squad. As a matter of fact, the Prefecture should be the only party to mine this ore mine. But due to Yi Yuan a.s.sociation owning 20 percent of the total Immortal Meta Stones, they had come to invigilate their operations and know how much Immortal Meta Stones was mined.

“I had never thought that the Prefecture’s squad would be personally led by Elder Yuan. It seems like the Prefecture attaches a lot of importance to this mine.”

The leader of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation looked over at Yuan Hong and cupped his fists. In any case, Yuan Hong was still a Heaven Immortal expert. A top figure like him would be respected wherever he went, and no one would dare to disrespect him.

“Elder Wu, please.” Yuan Hong said with a smile.

“After you, Elder Yuan.”

The elder of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation quickly gestured back. He was called Wu Chang. He had a strong position in Yi Yuan a.s.sociation and was trusted by Nie Yiyuan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sent on this mission.

Several tents had already been set up around the ore mine. To Immortal experts, it was extremely easy to set up tents. As soon as the ore mine was excavated, the mining operation could be carried out instantly. Yan Qingcheng and Wu Cheng brought their people into the mine to check the condition inside, while Yuan Hong and Yuan Chengjun stayed in the tent.

“Chengjun, are you sure you want to do this?”

Yuan Hong still hesitated. He could feel that Yan Dongliu still trusted him a lot, it would make him feel guilty if he did something that would betray his old friend.

“Dad, why are you still hesitating at this time? Our plan has already been executed. Tonight, Huang Family will launch an attack to take over this place.”

Said Yuan Chengjun viciously.

“Very well, in that case, father won’t consider it anymore.”

Yuan Hong gritted his teeth and shook off all of his doubts. There were some things which you couldn’t reverse once it had already been decided.

The night time!

At night, even the moon disappeared from the sky and rain started to drizzle outside. A night like this would never bring comfort to people as it was full of dreariness and suppression. However, the inside of the ore mine was as bright as day time. No lights were needed because the glitter from the Immortal Meta Stones was enough to illuminate everything.

The experts of the Prefecture were filled with enthusiasm as they were mining the crystal clear Immortal Meta Stones, the inside of the mine was filled with their laughter, as if the weather didn’t affect them at all.

However, Yan Qingcheng suddenly felt somewhat agitated, as if something bad would happen, however, she had no idea what the thing would be. She just felt that something was wrong and was about to happen.

But then again, she didn’t pay too much attention to that because no matter what happens, Yuan Hong was here. This old friend of her father was powerful enough to deal with almost anything. Even if she didn’t trust her own ability, she trusted this uncle of hers very much, however, this would bring the Prefecture into the maw of the enemy.

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