Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1089 – Betrayal

Chapter 1089 – Betrayal


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At this point, everyone was shocked. All their eyes were fixed at the sky above. Many of Huang Family’s experts who were smiling a moment ago had their faces paralyzed. In the Immortal World, only those who had reached the Heaven Immortal realm could borrow the spatial current to travel in the air. No cultivator below this level would have the ability to fly. Huang Haoran must have acquired some kind of rare ability to be able to hover in the air temporarily. But what blew their minds more was that Jiang Chen could fly as well, and his speed seemed a lot faster than Huang Haoran and his wings were much more attractive compared to Huang Haoran’s.

“Like I’ve said, flying isn’t a big deal.”

Jiang Chen grinned at his opponent, then attacked with the Heavenly Saint Sword. This slash moved as fast as lightning and it was sharp and dazzling like a light that had just flashed by, leaving a trail of fading brilliance behind.


Huang Haoran uttered a mournful cry as his head was severed off of his body. His corpse fell from the sky and landed with a thud. According to the facts, Huang Haoran shouldn’t be this incompetent, he was a late Earth Immortal expert after all. However, he had consumed much of his strength hovering in the sky, causing his combat strength to plummet. His sparkling wings weren’t Jiang Chen’s Flaming Wings which had already been fused into his body, like one of his body parts.

More importantly, his mind was disorientated when he saw Jiang Chen soar to the sky, making him totally powerless to resist Jiang Chen’s single slash.


Huang Second exclaimed immediately with a shrill voice. Huang Haoran was his biological son and the greatest pride of his life. Today, his son was killed ruthlessly by Jiang Chen while fighting for the glory of Huang Family. How could he actually accept such a tragic result?

“Jiang Chen, I will shred you to a million pieces.”

Huang Second raged. Both of his eyes turned fiery red like a frenzied lion. He immediately flew skywards and lunged at Jiang Chen.

Upon seeing what was happening, Yan Dongliu naturally wouldn’t dare delay his response, he instantly flew in front of Jiang Chen.

“Huang Second, what are you trying to do?”

Yan Dongliu roared, however, he was feeling extremely happy in his heart as he had made the right bet. Jiang Chen had given him too much of a surprise. Now that they had won two fights, the ore mine would naturally become theirs. Additionally, he knew that Jiang Chen’s future would certainly be boundless. He believed that in the near future, it would be the Prefecture depending on Jiang Chen instead of the other way round. Therefore, he couldn’t just watch Huang Second kill this great talent just like that.

“Yan Dongliu, get out of the way! This man has killed my son. I must shred him into a million pieces today!”

Huang Second was overwhelmed with grief and anger.

“Humph! Don’t you forget that this is a compet.i.tion! Huang Haoran died because of his incompetence. Didn’t your family declare to kill Jiang Chen just now? Are you telling me that only you people can kill Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen isn’t allowed to kill any one of your people? Huang Family may be strong, but not in front of me. So stop making excuses now. If you lose, then you lose. If you can’t accept it, get the h.e.l.l out of here!”

Yan Dongliu snorted, unleas.h.i.+ng the majestic aura of being a City Lord. Jiang Chen just stood behind him with a calm face. Yan Dongliu’s act of protecting him didn’t disappoint him. In fact, even if the City Lord didn’t stood up against Huang Second, he would have no problem escaping from this senior.

“Huang Second, Huang Family has lost the compet.i.tion. You should settle the grudges between you and Jiang Chen privately. Today’s a fair battle between two major powers. If you insist in doing so, are you not putting me, the judge of the compet.i.tion in your eyes?”

Nie Yiyuan’s tone turned colder. Many of them could see that he was taking the side of Prefecture. In Yan City, Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had always been the neutral party, but the situation had already changed. Now that the Prefecture had gotten the ore mine, their overall strength would certainly become way more powerful than Huang Family sooner or later. If he didn’t choose to stand on the Prefecture’s side now, he would be out of his mind.

“Second Brother, come down.”

Said Huang Ying coldly. Now that Yi Yuan a.s.sociation had stood on the Prefecture’s side, it would be favorable to them if a fight broke out.

Huang Second gnashed his teeth. He understood that it was virtually impossible to kill Jiang Chen with Yan Dongliu protecting him. He would have to suppress his desire to take revenge for now.

“Little beast, I absolutely won’t forget today’s matter.”

Huang Second darted a reptilian glare at Jiang Chen, threatened to take revenge on him, and flew back to Huang Family’s camp.

“Let’s go.”

Huang Ying glanced at the ore mine. Even though he seemed extremely reluctant, he could do nothing about it. He then ground his teeth and led his people back to Yan City. If there was only the Prefecture’s forces here, he would probably do whatever it takes to s.n.a.t.c.h the ore mine. With the interference of Yi Yuan a.s.sociation, he had no choice but to honor the agreement. Otherwise, his family would suffer greater losses.

Yan Dongliu and Jiang Chen descended from the sky. Jiang Chen had returned to his brilliant-looking and youthful appearance. If one didn’t witness his beast form just now, one wouldn’t be able to link that scary killing scene to him.

“Big Brother Jiang, you’re amazing!”

Yan Qingcheng came to Jiang Chen’s side with a delightful look, staring at Jiang Chen with a pair of infatuated eyes. If it wasn’t because of the trace of rationality that existed in her mind, she would’ve straightaway put her arms around Jiang Chen.

Yuan Chengjun was absorbing everything with his eyes, it increased his hatred for Jiang Chen even more. Today, the failure of killing Jiang Chen disappointed him greatly. Anyone would be able to see that Yan Qingcheng had already fallen in love with Jiang Chen. To put bluntly, as long as Jiang Chen was here, he would never have a chance.


Yuan Hong couldn’t help but sigh deeply. He knew his son pretty well, but there was nothing he could really do about it.

“Big Brother Jiang, you have really surprised me. How can a genius that excels in all aspects like you and make people speechless, emerged in a small place like Yan City? If it wasn’t for you today, our Prefecture would’ve lost its chance completely. Today, you have turn the tables around, allowing our Prefecture to gain control over the ore mine. In accordance to our previous agreement, I should give you 20 percent of the mine, however, I have decided to give you 30 percent now. Yi Yuan a.s.sociation will get 20 percent and the Prefecture will get 50 percent.”

Yan Dongliu said forthrightly. The others had no opinions in a decision like this. It was obvious that Yan Dongliu was using the extra 10 percent to build a good rapport with Jiang Chen. Spending more fortune on a genius like Jiang Chen would surely be worth it.

“I didn’t think that Big Brother Jiang has such powerful combat strength despite only having a half-step Earth Immortal cultivation base. Furthermore, he’s able to hover in the sky. If we didn’t see this with our own eyes, none of us would ever believe it.”

“That’s right. Master Jiang is truly the lucky star of the Prefecture. When he entered the Prefecture not long ago, he was able to cure City Lord’s cold poison by concocting the Ardent Yang Pill. Today, he has helped the Prefecture acquire another tremendous fortune. To me, it’s just too unbelievable!”

“Haha! Having Alchemist Jiang as a member of the Prefecture, he will certainly pave a better way for us in the future. Sooner or later, Huang Family is surely going to be defeated.”


Everyone in the Prefecture’s side was smiling pleasantly. All the tension had disappeared. Each of them started to looking at Jiang Chen in a more pleasing way. Almost every one of them wanted to praise or at least flatter this young man. No one wouldn’t want to befriend such a genius.

Jiang Chen had become the spotlight while Yuan Chengjun was hiding somewhere behind people’s shadows, like a dull rat. He was once the number one genius of the Prefecture, but with Jiang Chen’s presence, no one paid him extra attention.

“Haha! Congratulations, brother Yan. Congratulations on being the owner of this ore mine. I think we will be able to start mining it any time.”

Nie Yiyuan walked over to Yan Dongliu and said with a smile.

“That’s right. When I return, I will send someone here to start mining right away, you can also send your people to keep track on the progress. As promised, you will be getting 20 percent of it, not any amount less.” Said Yang Dongliu.

“Very well. Then its decided. We will start mining Immortal Meta Stones tomorrow.”

Nie Yiyuan cupped his fists at Yan Dongliu and left with his people.

That night in the Prefecture was filled with laughter, singing and dancing. The Prefecture had never been so lively before. In the middle of the garden, a dozen of tables were placed for the banquet. This was a celebration feast and Jiang Chen was attraction in this banquet.

However, Yuan Chengjun and Yuan Hong were absent in the party. Despite their importance in the Prefecture, it seemed like they had been forgotten by everyone. No one had ever noticed their absence; the whole feast was held because of Jiang Chen.

Somewhere in the Prefecture was a courtyard that seemed pretty dull and silent compared to the lively atmosphere in the garden. There was a father and son sitting in the room with a dark face.

“Dad, I can’t accept what has happened.”

Yuan Chengjun suddenly stood up from his seat.

“What else can you do then? With you present strength, you won’t be able to kill Jiang Chen. I advise you to put all of your attention on cultivation instead of focusing on a girl.” Said Yuan Hong.

“Dad, as long as Jiang Chen is here, we won’t have a status in the Prefecture. Today, that Yan Dongliu held a feast in the garden, but he didn’t even came to invite us personally despite our absence, all of their attention has been placed on Jiang Chen. To them, we have already become nothing despite all the hard work that you have contributed to the Prefecture.” Said Yuan Chengjun.

After hearing what his son said, he couldn’t help but frown. It would be impossible to deny that he didn’t feel any discomfort for being treated as such.

“Dad, given your strength, it would certainly be possible for you to form a new force in Yan City, it’s pointless to follow the Prefecture anymore. Since Yan Dongliu is being ruthless to us, he shouldn’t blame us for being cruel to him in the future.”

A look of ruthlessness flashed past Yuan Chengjun’s face.

“What are you thinking?”

Yuan Hong looked over and asked his son.

“I have already discussed this with the Huang Family. We will eliminate the Prefecture together. At that time, the Prefecture will be ours and we shall share the Immortal Meta Stones equally.”

Yuan Chengjun’s eyes glittered with a cold light.

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